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5 User Experience Hacks For Dropshipping

Sajjad Shahid

Customer experience or UX should be everything for a business. But it is still being under-valued and under-estimated by many. Dropshipping UX is no different. Even the smallest orders play a vital role in increasing revenue. If entrepreneurs wish to scale their online business, then they must invest in enhancing their dropshipping UX. 


There are slim chances for you to grow your dropshipping business if you’re unable to provide a user-friendly experience. You must ensure that your customer’s buyer’s journey is hassle-free! 

Assist them in selecting desired or relevant products available on your platform. Allow them to conveniently add their purchases to the shopping carts and proceed to checkout. Also, provide a payment solution that is not only secure but something that your customers are comfortable with. 


Running a successful dropshipping business is easier said than done. Competing with well-established dropshipping businesses is one of the most daunting tasks. However, it’s not like you cannot scale your dropshipping business.

In today’s digital landscape, you need to work twice as hard to provide an unforgettable experience to your customers. It increases customer loyalty and help your brand with positive word of mouth. 

How UX Can Help Boost Dropshipping Business

‘User experience (UX) is everything’ said co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams. He further emphasizes the fact that user experience is undervalued and underinvested upon. 

This is exactly what online store owners do. They spend millions of dollars on researching,  designing, and developing new products,  but forget to focus on eCommerce UX

These are grave issues that eCommerce stores are suffering from. If you are not focusing your energy in creating a flawless user experience, then you will continue to lack behind your competitors.

With that said, let’s highlight how can dropshipping UX help you to boost your dropshipping sales.

boost sales

#1 Page Load Speed

One of the biggest problems that people find annoying is that they have to wait a while for the page to load. It simply kills the user experience of your dropshipping business. Slow website speed is the worst thing you can provide to your customers.  Therefore, if you don't want your customers to shift towards your competition, then you must provide them with fast page load speeds. 

website load speed

Your customers should be able to enjoy a smooth user experience from the moment they land on your product page until they check out. For deeper insights, you can evaluate renowned websites like Amazon to see what kind of user experience they offer to their customers. 

#2 Easy Navigation

Another important aspect of any dropshipping business is having user-friendly navigation. The easier the navigation, the more potential customers you can attract. 

Moreover, a web store with easy navigation allows customers to shop online without whacking their brains out. You must assist them to put products in their carts and then checkout. If you happen to go through websites like Amazon or H&M; you will realize that the simplicity of their system places them right at the top.

dropshipping navigation

What you need to understand is that navigation is not just offering menus. It is all about how customers can ask for help. The little details such as pop-ups and signs that would help the customers any time as long as they’re on your web page. 

It is essential for you to eliminate any step that isn’t mandatory for the customer in order to make the buyer’s journey as smooth as possible. It will undoubtedly create an impact and help you boost your dropshipping business.

#3 Discounts for Customers

You must ensure that your customers are well-aware of your on-going promotions. Make it easy for your customers to become eligible for exclusive discounts. You can offer minimum-spend free shipping or discounts on purchasing in bulk. You can also place these discounts up-front on your landing pages. It will allow your customers to enjoy a better UX.

customer discounts

Here's an example to illustrate this concept. Some customers may view and consider a product without a promotion for more than 10 minutes. Whereas others may make quick decisions if they are able to find a discount on the desired product. You can also offer hidden discounts to customers who shop within 10 or 15 minutes. 

This would encourage customers to make faster purchases. Also, you can provide discounts to customers who share your product's link. They can share it with their friends and family over social media platforms. By doing so, they can earn points to avail more discounts in the future. In this manner, you can provide a satisfying dropshipping UX to your customers as they are leaving with more than what they came for. 

#4 Evoking Customer Emotions 

To provide an exemplary dropshipping UX, it is essential for your customers to relate themselves with your brand's story. Now, customer emotions greatly rely on the kind of story you narrate to them. 

To better understand this concept, weave tales around your products to create a connection with your customers. It’s not about writing long stories to market your brand. But it is about bringing your brand to life by narrating relatable stories. 

customer emotion

This trick helps create a bond with the customer like none other. You can also associate animated characters with your brand to relate to relevant audiences. This hits their emotions as they feel a connection with your product, and realize they must have it. 

Storytelling can help you evoke customer emotions resulting in better user experience. It will help your eCommerce business grow and boost sales drastically.

#5 Email Marketing

Believe it or not, effective email marketing goes a long way. You can implement various UX principles into your email marketing campaigns. Not only it increases the level of empathy with customers, but it also improves your ROI (return of investment). 

email marketing

Your email marketing campaigns must fulfill a purpose i.e. to help people. You must create and send emails that are useful and provide value to the reader. You must ensure your customers happily read your email and don't regret opening it. You must:

  1. Provide value with an excellent first impression using your email subject line.
  2. Be credible by personalizing your email message with the assistance of customer segmentation.
  3. Choose images and the text within the email to complement each other in order to engage the user.

You can also send your customers a welcome email as soon as they subscribe. It plays a vital role in building a strong connection with them. Keep them informed with the latest updates and discounts your business has to offer. 

With your list of email leads, you can execute various email marketing campaigns and encourage your customers to purchase from you again. However, keep it to the mellow side and don’t clutter their inbox. 

Always Test

I’ve mentioned various techniques you can apply to enhance UX and consequently boost your dropshipping business.  A piece of advice, whenever you implement a new strategy associated with user experience, always test it out first. 

Throughout this article, I’ve written about the various tricks you can use to enhance user experience which inevitably will boost your dropshipping business. A piece of advice, whenever you implement a new strategy associated with user experience, always test it out. 

The fact with enhancing UX is that you should never update your website all at once. It will jeopardize things quicker, and you won’t know what alteration isn’t working for your audience. 

Thence, it is necessary for you to discuss things with your UX developer. For instance, implementing changes onto the website is a process. You should take one step at a time so you can quickly identify if anything goes wrong.

You must know what alteration is attracting more traffic to your dropshipping business. Make it mandatory to introduce one small change at a time so that you can view and analyze results yourself. 

Moreover, if your little changes fail, you won’t be as disappointed as you would be if major changes to the website go to waste. Always remember to take baby steps when optimizing UX to boost dropshipping sales.

dropshipping steps

Customer UX plays a significant role in the dropshipping business model. Without providing your customers the right UX, you won’t be able to boost sales or reinforce consumer loyalty. Henceforth, visit and analyze successful dropshipping businesses like Amazon for a better understanding. 

Try to find what can help you provide a better user experience to your customers. Evaluate how you can leverage trends and promotional seasons. Make smaller changes and analyze results. Never rush onto large campaigns. The dropshipping giants have the budget, you may not. It’s not like you can provide a smooth user experience only with large budgets. 

Create a bond with your customers. Customer loyalty acts as a pioneer for word of mouth marketing. According to Hubspot, “Nearly 81% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends over those from the brand themselves.”

With positive reviews about your user experience, you will be able to attract a lot of potential customers and consequently boost your dropshipping business with ease.

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Sajjad Shahid

Sajjad is an eCommerce Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves helping out eCommerce store owners, merchants, and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Sajjad enjoys playing table tennis and cricket over the weekend.

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