Harnessing the Power of Online Video Consumption for E-commerce Growth


The growth of online video consumption has reshaped how consumers interact with content across the web. With statistics suggesting that nearly all internet users engage with video content weekly, businesses have a significant opportunity to capitalize on this trend to drive e-commerce growth.

Current Statistics on Online Video Consumption

The average internet user now spends around 21 hours per week viewing digital video, with a majority viewing on mobile devices. As of 2024, video consumption not only dominates leisure activity but also shapes consumer expectations and preferences in e-commerce​ (Marketing Scoop)​​​.

Most Popular Types of Videos

Music videos remain the most viewed type of content online, watched by nearly half of all internet users each week. Other popular categories include comedy, live streams, tutorials, and product reviews, highlighting diverse interests that marketers can target. The high engagement with tutorial videos suggests a strong demand for content that educates and informs​ (Marketing Scoop)​.

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Implications for E-commerce

Understanding these consumption patterns enables businesses to tailor their marketing strategies more effectively. For instance, the prevalence of tutorial videos indicates a prime opportunity for brands to create instructional content that showcases their products. Similarly, the popularity of product review videos suggests that consumers are looking for authenticity and validation before making purchases​ (Marketing Scoop)​.

Sector-Specific Impact

Video content's impact varies across different sectors, with notable effectiveness in areas like education, product demonstrations, and influencer marketing. Statistics show that 93% of businesses that utilize branded video content on social media attract new customers, underlining the power of video in enhancing brand visibility and engagement​ (Techjury)​.

Strategic Recommendations

To leverage video effectively, businesses should focus on creating high-quality content that aligns with their target audience's preferences. This involves understanding the most popular types of videos and the platforms where these videos perform best. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram remain pivotal, but emerging preferences for video formats on platforms like TikTok and Pinterest should not be overlooked​ (Thrive Internet Marketing Agency)​​ (HubSpot Blog)​.


The dynamic landscape of online video consumption presents a fertile ground for e-commerce growth. By integrating strategic video content into their marketing strategies, businesses can enhance engagement, increase conversions, and build lasting relationships with consumers.

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