Global Internet Engagement: Analyzing Daily Online Time Across the World


In our digital age, the internet is a cornerstone of daily life across the globe. Understanding how much time people spend online can provide insights into consumer behavior, technological adoption, and global connectivity.

Global Internet Usage Trends

Recent studies have shown that internet usage is on a steady rise. As of the second quarter of 2023, the global average time spent on the internet per person was 401 minutes per day, which translates to approximately six hours and 41 minutes​​. This represents a slight increase from previous years, indicating a growing dependency on digital connectivity.

Internet Usage by Country

Internet consumption varies significantly from country to country:

  • South Africa: The highest at 569 minutes daily (9 hours and 29 minutes).
  • Brazil: Close behind with 565 minutes.
  • Philippines: 547 minutes daily.
  • Japan: On the lower end, with only 234 minutes daily.

Global Average: 401 minutes per day.

  • This disparity highlights the digital divide influenced by economic, technological, and social factors​​.
Average time spent on internet by country 2023

Media Consumption

The integration of the internet with other media forms is profound. In the United States, digital media consumption rose to 454 minutes per day in 2023 from 421 minutes in 2021. In contrast, traditional media (like TV and radio) usage has been declining, with an expected drop to 258 minutes daily by 2025​​.

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Impact of Social Media

Social media accounts for a significant portion of internet use. On average, people spend about two hours and 22 minutes per day on platforms like Facebook and TikTok​. This substantial time allocation underscores the importance of social media in communication, entertainment, and information dissemination.

Demographic Variations

Different demographic groups exhibit varied internet usage patterns. Younger generations tend to spend more time online compared to older cohorts. Moreover, accessibility and speed of internet connections also play a crucial role in these variations​​.

Factors Influencing Internet Usage

Several factors influence how much time individuals spend online:

  • Accessibility: Regions with better infrastructure have higher usage rates.
  • Cultural Factors: Some cultures integrate digital technology more deeply into daily life.
  • Economic Factors: Affordability of internet services also affects usage.


The internet continues to be an integral part of life, shaping how people communicate, work, and entertain themselves. Businesses and policymakers must consider these trends to effectively plan and implement strategies that leverage this pervasive digital presence.

The graph above provides a visual comparison of average daily internet usage across different countries, highlighting the stark differences and the global average for context. As we observe these trends, it's clear that the internet's role in society will only grow, influencing various aspects of daily life and business strategies globally.

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