The Dominance of Email Clients in 2024: A Market Share Analysis


Email remains a cornerstone of professional and personal communication globally. This article delves into the most popular email clients as of January 2024, exploring their market share and influence on the digital landscape.

Market Share Overview

As of early 2024, Apple Mail leads the email client market significantly, followed by Gmail. The dominance of these two platforms showcases their central role in daily communications:

  • Apple Mail holds a commanding 58.07% of the market share​ (Backlinko)​.
  • Gmail follows with a significant 29.67%, illustrating its strong presence in the market​ (Backlinko)​.
  • Other email clients like Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, and Google Android hold smaller portions of the market, with Outlook at 4.30%, Yahoo! Mail at 2.55%, and Google Android at 1.62%​ (Litmus)​.

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Historical Trends and Changes

  • Apple Mail has consistently maintained a lead, thanks to its integration across all Apple devices and user-friendly interface. Its market share has seen slight fluctuations but remains dominant.
  • Gmail has experienced growth, attributed to its robust features and integration with Google's ecosystem, appealing to both personal and business users.
  • Outlook has seen a decline in personal use market share but remains popular in business environments due to its comprehensive suite of office tools.
  • Yahoo! Mail and Google Android have generally maintained a stable but smaller segment of the market.

Impact of Email Client Market Share on Users and Businesses

The market share of email clients directly affects business decisions, particularly in marketing strategies where reach and engagement are crucial. Businesses often prefer 

platforms that offer broad accessibility and robust security features, making Apple Mail and Gmail preferred choices.

Future Predictions

Emerging trends suggest a growing importance of mobile optimization and interactivity within email services. As more users access email on mobile devices, the emphasis on mobile-friendly design and responsive interfaces is likely to increase​ (Mailbutler)​​.


Understanding the market share of email clients is crucial for both individual and corporate decision-making. As the digital communication landscape evolves, staying updated on these trends is essential for maximizing engagement and efficiency.

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