Understanding Pinterest Age Demographics: Insights for Targeted Marketing


Pinterest, a major social commerce platform, has a diverse user base that makes it a valuable target for digital marketing strategies. Understanding the demographics of its users is essential for effectively engaging and marketing to different segments.

Demographic Distribution

Pinterest's audience primarily consists of younger adults, with significant user engagement among millennials. Approximately 58% of Pinterest users are between the ages of 18 and 34. This age group is not only active but also highly influential in the digital consumer space​​​ (Sprout Social)​.

Gender and Age Correlation

The platform shows a notable gender skew with a significant majority of users being female. Specifically, 76.2% of Pinterest’s audiences are female​ (Omnicore Agency)​. This demographic is crucial for brands that are targeting female consumers with products or services aligned with common Pinterest topics like home decor, fashion, and DIY projects.

Comparative Analysis with Other Social Media Platforms

Pinterest's user base is distinct from that of platforms like Facebook or Instagram, though there is some overlap, especially in the 25-34 age range which is also a significant demographic on Instagram​​.

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Geographical Insights

While Pinterest is based in the U.S., a substantial 80% of its users are international​ (Omnicore Agency)​. This global reach provides a broad audience for international marketing campaigns and cross-border e-commerce strategies.

Implications for Marketers

Marketers can leverage this demographic information to craft targeted content that resonates with specific user groups. For instance, the predominance of women in the 25-34 age bracket suggests a focus on trends and products that appeal to millennial females, such as luxury goods and high-end fashion, which these users tend to spend more on compared to other platforms​ (SocMed Mktg & Mgmt Dashboard)​.

Future Trends

The demographic trends on Pinterest point towards continued growth among younger users, with the platform increasingly being used for planning and inspiration across various categories. Marketers should watch for evolving trends and preferences within these demographics to stay ahead.


The age demographics of Pinterest provide a roadmap for marketers looking to enhance their digital marketing strategies. By understanding these demographics, businesses can better position their products and content to meet the desires and needs of Pinterest's diverse user base.

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