Navigating the Landscape: Social Media Usage Statistics by Age in 2024


Understanding social media usage across different age groups is essential for marketers aiming to create effective, targeted advertising campaigns. This article explores the latest trends and statistics for social media use by age in 2024.

Social Media Usage Across Age Groups

In 2024, Millennials continue to dominate social media usage in the U.S., followed closely by Generation Z. Millennials (ages 28 to 43) account for 68.8 million of the social media users, while Gen Z (ages 12 to 27) make up 60.7 million users. This trend highlights the continued engagement of younger cohorts with digital platforms​ (Smart Insights)​.

Top Social Media Platforms by Age

  • 18 to 29 years: This age group favors YouTube (93%), Instagram (78%), and Snapchat (65%), with these platforms seeing high engagement rates among young adults. This demographic's preference for visually engaging and quick-content platforms underscores the importance of video and image in modern digital strategies​​.
  • 30 to 49 years: Adults in this bracket prefer YouTube (92%) and Facebook (75%), reflecting a slightly more varied media consumption that includes both video content and social networking​​.
  • 50 to 64 years: This group's usage is also led by YouTube, followed by Facebook, showing a consistency in platform preference across older age groups but with a lower overall engagement in newer platforms like Instagram and TikTok​..

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Implications for Marketers

The data suggests that marketers should focus heavily on video content for younger audiences while maintaining a robust presence on Facebook for reaching older demographics. Understanding these preferences allows for more tailored content that aligns with the habits and interests of each age group.

Trends and Predictions

Social media usage is expected to continue growing, with platforms like TikTok and Snapchat gaining further traction among younger users. Meanwhile, the role of Instagram and Facebook remains significant, serving as key players in social connectivity and brand engagement​ (Smart Insights)​.


The landscape of social media continues to evolve, with distinct preferences across different age groups shaping the future of digital marketing strategies. Marketers must stay informed of these trends to effectively engage their target audiences.

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