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The Art of Finding Winning Products
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Winning Products

Introduction to Winning Products

What makes a product a winner? What should you look for when you're selecting a product? What characteristics of a product tell you that it'll make you great sales?

There are certain checkboxes you need to tick off before you select a product for your store—you cannot just choose a product because it looks good, or because it is cheap.

You need products that your audience wants to buy on the spot after seeing your advertisement on Facebook, Google, Instagram or Snapchat.

You need products that make people say 'Shut up and take my money'.

Such products usually do at least two of the following:

People want to eliminate pain, and solve problems. This is one of the biggest motivators for why people buy products. People buy vacuum cleaners because their pet sheds a lot of hair. They buy anti-theft backpacks because they're afraid their belongings will be stolen.

Products that solve a problem immediately catch the eye of people who are suffering from the problem. These are easy sells because the need is already there, and your product satisfies it.

Ever see a product that was so cool, and so irresistible that you had to buy it? A cat journal with a personalised tarot set? A customised street sign that you can use for your house?

A product that is unique and is attractive enough to grab someone's attention through an ad works great when you are dropshipping! 

If your product can be found in Walmart or can be purchased on Amazon, you're probably not going to make lots of profit off it. The product becomes commonplace, and is probably available for cheaper in those marketplaces.

Choose a product that is not readily available on big, famous marketplaces! 

You want your product to make people stop scrolling and click. But would a generic water bottle achieve this effect? The answer is NO.

You need a product that is new, one that the audience is seeing for the first time. You should be selling a product that has not been advertised much and thus, looks new to the audience's eyes!

Selling a product is not easy. There are many challenges that make your job difficult, like:

  • No one knows your brand.

People have never heard of your store, and are not going to trust it instantly. If your product is generic, they will simply find a more reputable marketplace to buy it, instead of your store.

No one knows you—so you need to select a product that makes them stick with you, and a store that assures them that they can trust you. 

This will not only guarantee sales, but will also help build your brand.

  • People are not looking to buy a product and are busy.

When you're scrolling Facebook, for example, you will ignore ads. So will other people who see your ads.

This is because the product they saw was not attractive enough to catch their attention. But when the product is unique and desirable—they will stop.

  • A lot of competitors are selling the same product.

If you are advertising a product that a large number of stores are already selling, chances are your audience has already seen it, or bought it.

You're not offering any special, which makes your brand forgettable.

  • People are not interested in your product.

You might have a product that you think is AWESOME, but people might just not be interested in it.

This means that the product is going to cause you losses, even though it seemed like a good bet. You need to check if your product is viable before staking your money on it.

Like I said, choosing a product is difficult business. There's a lot that can go wrong. You could pick any product from AliExpress and start selling it today: but remember, making sales is easy, making a profit at the end of the year is difficult.

If it were really that easy, would so many ecommerce stores fail?

You cannot expect people to whip out their credit card and buy a product because they saw it in an ad. You wouldn't do it. Your friends wouldn't do it.

So why would others?

You need a product that overcomes all the above challenges, and convinces people that the product is worth buying despite the obstacles. You need an unsaturated niche that is exciting to your audience.

And so, choosing a product at random is a recipe for disaster.

This ebook will run you through all the steps to finding the right product and developing the knack for finding products that work like magic for you.


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