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Case Study

These are the results from one client's store.

Purchases are mainly coming from Instagram and Google ads.

Instagram Strategy:

CBOs with lookalike audiences & retargeting (Purchase, ATC, VC, Initiate Checkouts). Each CBO contains a maximum of 8 ad sets. Each CBO is priced at $50 - $60.

After trying many different hacks/strategies, this is the strategy giving us the best ROAS so far.

1 day click, Instagram feed + story.

Nothing crazy, just basics done well.

We are using Zipify pages for the best sellers as it clearly increased the conversion rate.

Currently testing snapchat ads as well. We're currently experimenting with many other strategies and I'll write about how it goes in a few weeks. This is not a dropshipping store. They are manufacturing their own products.

You know what's awesome about this?

Their trademarked best seller cannot be found on Aliexpress or any other website. Therefore, they can carefully choose their retailers and not suffer from competition.

We've also been running Instagram ads to cold traffic for more than 6 months (and we still do) for the same product with great consistent results.

This is nearly impossible to achieve with Aliexpress products.

Good news is:

They trust me to find dropshipping stores to sell their products. Which means YOU could have the opportunity to sell their winning products & analyse their store. However we don't want to harm their brand by having their products sold by people who are not serious about building a business.

We also don't want too many potential competitors having access to their website and resources.

This is why I decided to only share that opportunity with Dropshipping Elite Gold Members.

I personally don't know any guru/expert doing that for their students/community.

Experts like GSG, are charging $300 for the opportunity to look at their old and currently inactive stores (Amazing value nonetheless. He definitely knows what he is doing) so my offer is more than fair.

Join Dropshipping Elite GOLD & get access to this supplier’s store + winning products.  Please see the details in the Conclusion chapter below. 


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