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The Art of Finding Winning Products
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Best Products Using Facebook

How to Choose the Best Products Using Facebook

What if I told you that you could skip the testing part of product selection for your store and move on to collecting the profits directly?

What if I told you that you could reap the benefits of your competitor's efforts, completely ethically?

You wouldn't believe me, would you?

But you can, by 'spying' on their ads and engagement!

Your competitors are experimenting with products and testing which one works, and by keeping an eye on their results, you can find a winning product without testing it yourself!

Let me show you how.

Step 1: Find a competitor who is doing relatively well.

You will need to find competitors that you can take pointers from. Find competitors that know what they are doing and have the potential to be market leaders, not Chinese dropshippers.

Find the bigger fish in the sea, and follow them.

Step 2: Go to their store, add a product to your cart and abandon it.

Chances are, you'll see an ad for their product within a day or two on Facebook or other social media.

You have to make sure you click on ads, like them and show Facebook that you're interested in the products. This way, you will receive more ads from your competitors.

Make sure you only click on the ads for your niche, and ads that are intriguing or funny, or you'll end up getting a mish-mash of ads from all categories that'll make a pickle out of your research.

For example, I got an ad for this product:

How to Choose the Best Products Using Facebook

This product is the kind that draws attention to itself.

Step 3: Check out the comments and likes.

If a product is doing well and bringing sales in, it probably has high engagement. This ad has 1.9K ads and 906 comments—which means it's a solid winner.

The timestamps of the comments will show you how long it has been since the product ads launched! Sometimes, ads may not have great engagement just because they have been launched a day ago.

Step 4: Think how you can make it better.

Okay, a lot of people will tell you to copy what's successful.

But I say: don't copy blindly. Ask yourself: How can I make this ad better? Can I improve the copy? The creatives? What kind of offer would be more exciting? Could I make a bundle out of it?

Don't change the ad just because you have to do it differently, but IMPROVE it.

Check out their store, and think how you can write the description better, how you can position the product to be more attractive to your audience.

Google wasn't the first search engine. Facebook wasn't the first social platform. These products became successful because they had what the others lacked. They created a more appealing offer that people could not refuse and ultimately, won.

Step 5: Find out more about their other ads and products.

With Facebook, you can essentially find out all the ads the business is running and how they are performing.

Here's how you do it:

First, click on the page that is advertising the product>>Head to Page Transparency>>Click on Go to Ad Library>>And voila!

You can see all the ads run by the page here:

How to Choose the Best Products Using Facebook

However, if you want to see how the ads are performing, you can use a tool such as BigSpy or AdSpy, which will allow you to track the ad performance!

Simply type in the name of the page, for example: Just a dog lover, and you can see all the ads and the number of likes and comments on them:

Dog lovers

Click on Track and you can see how the product fares over two weeks, which is the ideal time period to check how well a product performs in the market!

winning product

At this point, start searching for a supplier or get products made for you through print on demand!

You can use the same concept and add a splash of creativity to your product. For example, you can make this t-shirt with different breeds of dogs or animals like cats and pigs, and they'd still be a major hit.

You need to steadily track your competitors and find out how their products are doing, by creating a solid CSV file of them and tracking their progress.

This is a process that takes time and requires effort—in the end, dropshipping is all about persistence and research

In the next section, I will talk about how you can use Amazon to find the right product for your store and beat it at its own game.


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