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The Art of Finding Winning Products
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Etsy Product Reviews

How to use Etsy Product Reviews to Find Top Products

Let's do a rewind on your dropshipping life to date. Because you're probably never going to look back again.

You've been constricted to inexpensive, Chinese products that 500 other stores have also been selling. You're struggling to get people to pay more than 0.02 seconds of their attention to your Facebook ads.

Diagnosis: You've spent too much time waiting, and too little time researching products.

All of this is going to change once you decide to dropship Etsy products. 

And the best part is: these Etsy products are just a few buttons away with Spocket. Spocket focuses on curating unique, handmade, artisanal products that your customers will love. All you need to do is get Spocket, add products and start selling.

Why dropship Etsy products, you ask?


  1. Better quality products: Etsy only allows handmade, vintage, unique products on their site, which means the products you find here will be more sturdy, carefully made and the opposite of flimsy.
  2. Faster shipping: Since Etsy suppliers are based all around the world, especially in the US and Europe, you can guarantee faster, timely shipping with no delays or disappearances. No ePacket, simple and reliable USPS.
  3. Better communication with suppliers: Who hasn't heard of infamous encounters with AliExpress suppliers? With Etsy's verified suppliers, you know you can rely on, and communicate with suppliers with ease.
  4. Unique products: There are hundreds of artisans of Etsy that sell their products on Etsy exclusively, which means that most of your audience has never seen these products. You will have zero competition, selling these products.

With Etsy suppliers, you can rest assured that your store will never be accused of scamming customers because the products will always leave your customers happy!

And happier customers mean great reviews—never get your ad account banned, never worry about your store's future! Here you can find some of the best selling items on Etsy

The market is saturated to death with AliExpress products. Do something new. Do something better.

Start dropshipping Etsy products and help out Etsy suppliers! Often, the artisans on Etsy aren't the best at marketing their products. That is YOUR job. You can hit two birds with one store (so to say) and make a successful brand for yourself by selling their products!

So how exactly do you find winning products on Etsy?

Easy. By finding a product that is not generic, and then looking up reviews.

When you look at a product, ask yourself: Would I be interested in this product if I saw it on a FB ad?

When the answer is yes, dive into research.

For example, let's assume your niche is cat jewelry. So you decide to go to Etsy and look products up.

And this one comes up:

Would this really catch your eye? They would appear to be just another pair of cat earrings. We have all seen too many of these.

Also: Don't be fooled by the 'Bestseller' label! I have personally been misled by it, and bet on a few non-winning products. Choose products that you actually think will work.

But then, this one comes up:

Now this one is different.

Not because it's has a paw print, but because it will have YOUR CAT'S PAW PRINT. Your own cute, demonic cat.

Check out the review dates. They should be recent, and the timestamps should not be too far away.

For this product, they seem pretty good, which a steady stream of orders and reviews popping up:

A lot of close dates--which means the product is hot and people are regularly buying it!

Now, this is something you will not find on an average store, and the reviews show that there is traffic and demand for the product. Your purpose is to take the product to a bigger audience.

Spocket can make your job easier--you can simply add Etsy products from Spocket’s dashboard to your store. Alternatively, Spocket can also help you onboard a great supplier you want to work with and automate your processes.

Sometimes, the supplier might not want to work with you, but there are so many different suppliers on Etsy, that you will eventually hit jackpot!

One thing you have to note before you start running ads for a product like the custom paw print ring:

The product pictures do not show the BIGGEST USP of the product. The pictures show a ring, which misses the whole point of the product. When you start advertising, you need to make sure that the ad clearly mentions the custom paw print.

You might have the coolest product, with a 100% chance of success, but if you fail to tell people why the product is amazing, you're not going to win sales.

Loads of products have great reviews on Etsy, but only eye-catching ones will work for your dropshipping store. Keep that in mind!

If you had a store in the couple's niche or the fitness niche, a product like this could be fantastic, even though it doesn't have thousands of reviews.

The real trick is finding products that are rare or striking and then finding the right audience 

for it.

This product can be targeted at people in relationships who also love staying fit! Make sure you understand your audience before you advertise.

While dropshipping food is generally met with a frown, if the product sells for you, there are always ways to make it work.

I have sold food products by purchasing some stock beforehand and storing it safely, all because I knew that I could sell it. You do you, and when you find a product that gives you off-the-chart sales, you'll find a way to make it work.

Very few dropshippers actually opt out of the AliExpress model, and this is where you can stand out. Platforms like Spocket can assist you with the automation, by getting your supplier and their products integrated into the system so that order processing gets easy for you.

Stop doing what everyone does, and step out of mediocrity. Sell high-quality products that your customers will love to buy!


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