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Researching Products with Marmalead

You're probably thinking...What is Marmalead anyway?

It's an Etsy SEO and market research tool, which shows you all the data you need to know before you start selling Etsy products.

Data like:

What keywords should I use? Is this niche popular? How much competition does this product get? What's the average shipping price for this niche?

Basically, all the questions you need answered before you finalize a niche and start selling products.

It's a great complement to your Etsy research and will show you current trends that'll help you make decisions.

For example, right off the bat, you can see the most popular searches on Etsy for the past day, week and month:

Marmalead Product Research

From the popular searches, you can jump to a niche you really like and explore its statistics. For example, if I click on Wall Art, I can view the keywords, engagement, and competition for it:

Marmalead Product Research

It also shows you alternate long tail keywords that people search for and their volume, which also helps you narrow down in the niche.

Wood wall art seems to be a popular search in this niche—you can continue down the rabbit hole till you find a type of product that you are excited to sell!

long tail keywords

When I decided to open my store, this really helped me choose the pet niche, because I could see that it received a lot of engagement, and had potential.

I have also tried niches and products that might not have too much competition—because sometimes it just means that the niche has not been tapped into yet.

Marmalead is an excellent companion to your Etsy research and can help you judge whether a niche is worth getting into. It shows exactly the price products from that category sell on Etsy, so you know what to list it for on your store.

In the next section, we will talk about choosing the best products using Facebook—stay seated, a couple of great tricks are coming your way!


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