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10 Best Australian Clothing Brands [2024]

Australia is known for its laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and love for surfing, which significantly influence the country’s culture and fashion.

Australia’s apparel market generated USD 21.17 billion in revenue in 2023 and is expected to reach around 22 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. Like most countries, women’s apparel is Australia's largest segment, generating more than half (USD 11.5 billion) of the apparel market revenue.

So, what are the biggest and best Australian clothing brands?

The Top 10 Australian Clothing Brands

  1. Billabong
  2. Quiksilver
  3. Bonds
  4. Cotton On
  5. Rip Curl
  6. Country Road
  7. Zimmermann
  8. Lorna Jane
  9. Spell
  10. Bassike

1. Billabong

Billabong is a top Australian clothing brand that produces casual clothing, accessories, and sports equipment for surfers, snowboarders, and skateboarders.

Gordon Merchant, a legendary surfboard designer and shaper, first established Billabong in 1973. Since then, this affordable Australian clothing brand has developed a huge global fanbase of boardriders.

Boardriders, a group of top surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding brands, acquired Billabong in 2018. Then, New York-based Authentic Brands Group acquired Boardriders in 2023. Boardriders portfolio generated an annual revenue of about USD 1.7 billion in 2023.

Best Australian Clothing Brands: Boardriders Group

Authentic Brands Group added Boardriders’ brands to its roster of household names, which already included Volcom, Reebok, Forever 21, Eddie Bauer, and David Beckham.

Top Australian Clothing Brands: Authentic Brands Group‍

Authentic Brands Group generated USD 29 billion in global annual sales in 2023.

 Famous Australian Clothing Brands: Authentic Brands Group Statistics

2. Quiksilver

Quiksilver is another famous Australian brand. It produces apparel and sports equipment for surfers and snowboarders.

Quiksilver’s dedication to surfing and snowboarding is reflected clearly in the brand’s famous logo, which features a wave cresting over a snow-capped mountain. Interestingly, Quiksilver’s original logo was influenced by a renowned woodblock painting, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Japanese painter Hokusai.

Famous Australian Brands: Quiksilver’s Logo Throughout the Years

With a $2500 loan from his dad, Alan Green founded Quiksilver in 1969. Green began by creating shorts specially designed for surfing to replace the bulky, rash-inducing trunks most surfers used at the time.

As mentioned, Authentic Brands Group in New York now owns this famous Australian surfing brand.

3. Bonds

Bonds is one of the best affordable Australian clothing brands, a staple in Australian closets.

The company produces the “comfiest men's, women's, kids', and baby clothes, undies, and socks at affordable prices.”

George Allan Bond founded the company way back in 1915. Today, Bonds is known for its comfort, quality, and durability.

This top Australian clothing brand is now owned by Hanesbrands Inc., which also owns Sheridan, Berlei, Explorer, Champion, Dunlopillo, and Jockey.

In the year 2023, Hanesbrands had an annual revenue of USD 5.64 billion.

4. Cotton On

Cotton On is another affordable Australian clothing brand that produces everyday fashion for men, women, and children.

Nigel Austin started the business by selling denim jackets out of his Ford Bronco. In 1991, he established Cotton On, which has since grown into a popular clothing brand worldwide.

Today, Cotton On is owned by Cotton On Group, which also owns Cotton On Kids, Rubi by Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Ceres Life, and Typo.

Affordable Australian Clothing Brands: Cotton On Group

The Cotton On Group generated USD 2.2 billion in 2023.

5. Rip Curl

Rip Curl is another famous Australian brand renowned for its surfing sportswear and equipment, casual clothing, and accessories.

Brian Singer and Douglas Warbrick first started Ripcurl in 1969 by producing surfboards. In 1970, the pair started adapting diving wetsuit technology to produce wetsuits specifically made for surfing. Since the 1970s, Rip Curl has grown into one of the world’s leading surf brands. 

In 2019, Kathmandu Holdings Limited — now called KMD Brands Limited — bought Rip Curl in a deal worth USD 350 million. KMD Brands Limited also owns the outdoor brands Kathmandu and Oboz. The group generated USD 1,103 million in 2023.

Top Australian Clothing Brands: Rip Curl 2023 Highlights

6. Country Road

Country Road is a top Australian clothing brand. It produces clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, teens, and children, as well as homeware.

Stephen Bennett started this famous Australian brand in Melbourne in 1974 — the brand is renowned for its timeless simplicity.

Country Road is owned by the Country Road Group, which also owns MIMCO, POLITIX, Trenery, and Witchery. The group's estimated annual revenue is USD 911.1 million.

7. Zimmermann

Zimmerman is a leading Australian fashion house that produces luxury ready-to-wear, resort wear, shoes, accessories, and kidswear.

Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann started the company in 1991. Today, the brand is known for its bohemian elegance. 

Advent International acquired a 70 percent stake in Zimmerman in a deal that valued Zimmerman at USD 1.75 billion in 2023. Zimmerman generated USD 506 million in revenue in the year ending June 30, 2024.

8. Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is one of the best Australian clothing brands for women and produces fitness and activewear. 

Lorna Jane Clarkson and her husband, Bill Clarkson, founded the brand in 1989. It quickly gained popularity due to its stylish and functional apparel and emphasis on women’s empowerment.

Today, the Clarksons retain a 60 percent stake in the company, having sold a 40 percent stake to the private equity firm CHAMP Ventures in 2010. Lorna Jane's estimated annual revenue is currently USD 196.4 million.

9. Spell

Spell is another one of Australia's best clothing brands for women. It produces modern bohemian, or ‘boho,’ clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

Sisters Isabella Pennefather and Elizabeth Abegg founded Spell in Byron Bay, Australia. This top Australian brand is committed to environmental sustainability and uses recycled and eco-friendly materials.

 Best Australian Clothing Brands: Spell and Environmental Sustainability

Spell declared revenues of $22 million in 2019, and according to the founders, the brand’s online store accounts for roughly 80 percent of the company’s revenue.

10. Bassike

Bassike — pronounced ‘basic’ — produces designer clothes and accessories for men and women. This top Australian clothing brand is known for its minimal and — you guessed it — basic style.

Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan founded Bassike in 2006 to provide high-quality, sustainably sourced clothing essentials. 

Bassike has an estimated annual revenue of USD 21.7 million.

Final Thoughts

Australia's clothing brands offer a unique blend of style, comfort, and sustainability, reflecting the country's laid-back yet innovative spirit. From iconic surf wear to luxurious resort collections, these brands showcase Australia's diverse fashion appetite.

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