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How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the EU

Gemma Henry

In 2022, the size of the global eCommerce market was €2.96 trillion. In 2023, the figure is forecast to rise up to US$3.42 trillion and experts predict that it’ll increase all the way to US$5.33 trillion by 2027. But that upwards trend has the potential to be a double-edged sword for eager dropshippers. 

Yes, the opportunity seems too good to pass on. But, don’t rush onto the dropshipping scene without vetting your suppliers. Unless you sign up to Spocket that is, but more about that later. If you want to succeed and attract and retain EU consumers, you need to offer an eclectic collection of on-trend, high-quality products with fast shipping to boot. 

So, whether you’re thinking about dropshipping as a side-hustle or are opening a dropshipping space right now, you need to think about suppliers. And remember, you’ll need to offer customers high-quality products with fast shipping. 

The best way of achieving that is to use EU suppliers. In this guide we’ll give you the knowledge and resources you need to add dropshipping suppliers from the EU to your cohort, and profit because of it. 

Why use EU dropshipping suppliers?

Over the last couple of years, there’s been a significant increase in the demand for EU products with fast shipping. In fact, 85% of European online shoppers say that a poor delivery experience would stop them placing any further orders with that particular online retailer.

And a 2022 survey revealed that 68% of people aged 16-74 bought or ordered products or services online within the 12 months leading up to the survey. Interestingly, eCommerce in the EU appears to be being boosted by demand from the 25-34 year old age group in 2022. A massive 87% of individuals in this age group confirmed that they had bought or ordered goods or services online in 2022. 

That makes the 25-34 year old age range your main target audience, closely followed by the 35-44 and the 16-24 year old categories. And your target audience demands fast shipping and reliable options. So, to attract and retain your growing customer base, you’ll need to ensure you deliver on this demand if you want to succeed. 

Overall, you and your customers are looking for the following criteria:

  • Fast shipping
  • High-quality
  • Handmade products
  • Better shipment tracking
  • Great customer service 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (i.e., a return policy)

This is where choosing EU suppliers will make all the difference. Let’s learn more.

EU Suppliers Boast Fast Shipping

Although dropshipping Aliexpress appears the cheapest option on paper, compromises on delivery times will have to be made. 

Products from Aliexpress suppliers can actually take several weeks to arrive with your customers. And with Amazon Prime setting the shipping standard, choosing Aliexpress suppliers is likely to knock you out of the competition. 

‍Suppliers Boast Fast Shipping

‍So, by using EU suppliers to ship to your European customers, your products won’t have to travel as far. Nor will they need to rely on international logistics. This means that EU suppliers can get products to your customers quicker than international suppliers. 

Made in EU Products are (Usually) Better Quality

There are innumerable Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers that manufacture and ship high quality products. Unfortunately, the landscape of Chinese dropshipping suppliers is also saturated with those creating high-inventory, low-quality products. So, it’s difficult to tell what the product quality will be ahead of time.

Paired with that, time zone difference and language barriers make righting any issues complicated. And unfortunately, that responsibility usually lies with the dropshipper (ergo you). Any seasoned dropshipper will have their own story surrounding miscommunications, issues with returns, and lost custom as a result of low-quality suppliers. 

All for these very reasons, EU suppliers are fast becoming the preferred source for dropshipping business owners. EU Suppliers are much easier to hold accountable for their shipping times and product quality in the event that issues arise. 

You Can Charge More

Although EU suppliers might charge a higher base rate for their products, you can usually mark these items up higher than Chinese dropshipping items. And that’s because people are willing to pay a little more for high quality, handmade products. So, providing your market these products to their full potential (i.e. mention that they’re handmade, Made in the EU and high-quality in the product descriptions), you should see them do very well.  

Remember, consumers often perceive EU brands to be of higher quality, which is something they're willing to pay more for. Plus, a fast shipping time helps too. The majority of customers are happy to pay a bit more if it means they can have the product in their hands faster. 

A Reliable Return Policy

A returns policy is not only a key selling point, it’s also a good way to build trust with your customers. Plus, if your dropshipping supplier has a returns policy in place, it’ll give you peace of mind. It means you can rest easy knowing that if your customer wants to return their item, your supplier will be cooperative and understanding. 

You won’t lose out on money as a result of refunds, and your customer will feel assured that their happiness is your main priority. Choosing Aliexpress suppliers overcomplicates this process. Returning items will be difficult at best and could result in you having to refund customers out of your own pocket.

Customer Service

And dropshippers should remember the power of good customer service. For example’s sake, let’s say your customer accidentally ordered an incorrect clothing size. 

Once they’ve got in touch to let you know, get in touch with the supplier via Spocket to let them know that the product size needs to be exchanged. It really is as simple as that. 

But, with Aliexpress suppliers you’ll have to go through the headache of initiating a return, ordering the correct size on behalf of your customer, and having your customers return the incorrect item when they receive the right one. Sounds overly complicated, don’t you agree?

Using EU suppliers gives you access to smaller supplier businesses that don’t mind picking up the phone and checking their emails and messages often. This leaves plenty of opportunity for resolving mistakes and exchanging incorrect orders.

What to Look for When Choosing EU Suppliers

So now we've pointed out the key perks of working with EU suppliers, here are five things to look out for while trying to track down the best suppliers for your business: 

  • Reliability: with Spocket, you can check the star rating on a specific supplier’s page. This indicates their supplier order fulfilment success rate. 
  • Testing: Always see whether you can order a sample product to evaluate its overall quality, packaging, and shipping time.  
  • Shipping cost and time: Look for reasonable shipping prices and efficient delivery service.
  • Inventory capacity: How much demand can a supplier fulfil?
  • Return policy and guarantee: Look for dropshipping suppliers that offer at least a very basic returns and refund policy.

How Spocket Can Make Finding Reliable EU Suppliers Easy

As an entrepreneur himself, Spocket’s founder has been where you are now. And so, he is well aware of the challenges dropshipping businesses face. Saba Mohebpour created Spocket with the goal of solving the main problems of dropshipping (ergo lengthy shipping times and high product prices).

And in the interest of solving these common complaints, Spocket takes great pride in its screening process. Only the highest-quality suppliers meet its standards and are approved as a partner. And you should be aware that many of Spocket’s rivals aren't quite so picky in their selection process. 

Spocket’s team has outlined a very strict verification process that each potential supplier must adhere to prior to approval.

Here is a brief overview of requirements needing to be met prior to being approved as a Spocket supplier:

  • A supplier’s products must be high-quality and meet both EU and US standards
  • A supplier must have a good reputation
  • A supplier must be able to provide fast shipping and tracking information
  • A supplier’s products must be competitively priced
  • A supplier is required to maintain an order success rate of 95%
  • A supplier are required to answer any order inquiries 24-48 hours after shipment

Only after a supplier has successfully proven themselves across all of the above criteria will they be approved to supply dropshippers signed up to Spocket. These requirements are in place to ensure that businesses using Spocket can sell high-quality products to their customers while minimising those pesky common ecommerce problems.

Here, we explain how to find EU dropshipping suppliers and why they're a great choice when it comes to guaranteeing the future success of your business.

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Gemma Henry

Gemma has a passion for writing, an enthusiasm for eCommerce, and a flair for creating informative content that drives others to follow their dreams. Her work foundations are built on thorough research to allow you to find all the need-to-know info in one place.

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