The Growth of US Ecommerce: Trends and Forecasts


The US ecommerce landscape has continued to expand, with 2023 witnessing record-breaking sales figures. This article explores the historical growth, the pandemic's impact, quarterly performance in 2023, future projections, and factors influencing this growth trajectory.

Historical Growth of US Ecommerce (2013-2023)

From 2013 to 2023, US ecommerce sales saw an impressive growth, soaring from $260.4 billion to over $1.117 trillion. The most significant increase occurred in 2020, with a jump of 42.7% from the previous year, largely due to the pandemic-induced surge in online shopping​.

Impact of COVID-19 on Ecommerce

The pandemic accelerated ecommerce adoption dramatically, with 2020 marking a historic peak in online sales growth. This shift was part of a broader change in consumer behavior towards online shopping​.

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Quarterly Performance Analysis in 2023

In 2023, ecommerce growth showed resilience, with sales hitting a record $324.82 billion in Q4 alone. Despite a slowing growth rate compared to previous years, the year ended with ecommerce accounting for more than a fifth of total retail sales​ (Digital Commerce 360)​.

Future Projections and Trends (2024-2027)

Looking ahead, ecommerce is expected to continue its upward trajectory with projected sales of $1.26 trillion in 2024 and reaching up to $1.72 trillion by 2027. This growth suggests that ecommerce will increasingly represent a larger slice of the total retail pie, expecting to account for 20.6% of total US retail sales by 2027​​.

Factors Influencing Future Growth

The growth of ecommerce is supported by technological advancements, evolving consumer behaviors, and a robust digital infrastructure that is becoming increasingly integrated into everyday shopping practices.


The future of US ecommerce looks promising with steady growth anticipated. The landscape is evolving, driven by consumer preferences and technological innovations.

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