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woocommerce vs wix

WooCommerce vs Wix for eCommerce - Which is Better? [2024]

Navjot Virk

The choice of the right eCommerce platform is always tough yet the most important choice to make for your business and its growth and success. With so many options available, WooCommerce and Wix stand out as two leading platforms offering unique features tailored to different business needs. Selecting either of the two, WooCommerce vs Wix, will give an edge to your online store if you choose carefully keeping in mind your requirements. 

The following blog compares various aspects of WooCommerce and Wix including ease of use, features, pricing, and SEO capabilities. After the comparison, you will be able to make an informed decision about which platform best suits your eCommerce needs in 2024.

WooCommerce vs Wix: An Overview

Before we analyze and compare the two, WooCommerce vs Wix, let us first understand what these eCommerce platforms are about:

Platform WooCommerce Wix
Description WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin designed specifically for WordPress. It provides a high level of customization, allowing users to create unique and tailored online stores and this flexibility makes WooCommerce a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs and developers. Wix is a cloud-based website builder, that provides integrated eCommerce capabilities and allows users to create and manage online stores with ease. It has a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop builder, and Wix is an excellent option for those who want to get their store up and running without needing extensive technical knowledge.
History and Background It was launched in 2011 as a WordPress plugin. Its open-source nature ensures continuous improvements from a large developer community. It was founded in 2006 and has now become a leading website builder, with millions of users worldwide. It is popular for ease of use and innovative design tools.
Popularity Having one of the biggest online communities, WooCommerce enjoys more than 39% of the market share of content management systems.Having one of the biggest online communities, WooCommerce enjoys more than 39% of the market share of content management systems. Wix market share is 3.8% and ranks as the third most renowned site-building platform after WordPress and Shopify.
Core Features
  • Unlimited Products
  • Customizable Themes
  • Extensive Plugin Library
  • Robust SEO Tools
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Built-in eCommerce Tools
  • Wix App Market
  • Responsive Templates

WordPress vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which is a leading content management system (CMS) that powers over 40% of the web. It transforms the site into a powerful eCommerce store, leveraging the strengths of WordPress. WordPress is known for its flexibility and extensive theme and plugin ecosystem, and it is ideal for content-rich websites, blogs, and simple business sites. The CMS adds extensive eCommerce functionalities when integrated with WooCommerce, making it suitable for robust online stores. This combination allows users to create highly customizable and scalable online businesses, harnessing the best of both platforms.

Prices, Plans, and Payments: WooCommerce vs Wix

One of the major factors that come into play while comparing WooCommerce and Wix for eCommerce is their pricing structure. Here is detailed information for your analysis:



WooCommerce happens to be a very flexible, scalable platform, generally for WordPress. The core WooCommerce plugin is free; however, there are many other components through which costs arise, for instance, hosting, registering your domain, premium themes, and other extensions. You can get hosting anywhere between $5 to$25 per month on average, depending upon the provider you opt for. Other costs will then be premium themes and plugins wherein it may cost $30 to $100, or even more if one wants customizations on advanced features.

Cost Component Price Range Description
Hosting $5 - $25/month Varies by provider and performance level
Domain $10 - $20/year Annual cost for domain registration
Premium Themes $30 - $100 one-time One-time fee for advanced, customizable themes
Plugins and Extensions $30 - $300/year Additional functionalities for enhanced store features
Payment Gateway Fees 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction Standard fee for processing payments
SSL Certificate Free - $100/year Varies depending on the host



Wix is based on a subscription model with varying pricing plans and hence eCommerce is pretty straightforward. All the pricing plans are between the low end of $17 a month to a high of $159 a month, with a good range of domain names, storage allowance, and very basic features of e-commerce. The premium the plan, the more resources and tools it offers. You can choose the plans based on the needs of your online business. Wix also offers a free 14-day trial in which you can choose and try out the platform offering various features before you decide to join the platform. It is this flexibility that makes Wix the best for beginners and those who prefer an easy-to-use integrated e-commerce solution without having to worry about extra hidden costs.

The Wix pricing 2024 is competitive, with transparent tiered plans to fit different budget requirements:

Wix Pricing 2024

Wix Pricing 2024
Plan Name Price(per month) Collaborators Storage Space Site Analytics eCommerce Features Marketing Suite Other Features
Light $17 2 2 GB Not included Basic Not included Free domain, light marketing suite
Core $29 5 50 GB Included Basic Not included Free domain, basic site analytics
Business $36 10 100 GB Included Standard Standard Free domain, basic eCommerce
Business Elite $159 15 Unlimited Included Advanced Advanced Free domain, custom integrations

Wix has so many tiers to fit the needs of diverse businesses; thus, they satisfy basic personal sites and advanced eCommerce features. With each tier, one is allowed more features and greater resources used such as increased storage, bandwidth, and business tools. Let us do quick Wix plan comparisons:

Wix Plan Comparison

Wix Plan Comparison
Feature Business Elite Business Core Light
Free Domain Included Included Included Included
Remove Wix Branding Included Included Included Included
Custom Roles Included Included Not included Not included
Video Hours Unlimited 10 hours 5 hours 30 minutes
Customer Accounts Included Included Included Not included
Customized Reports Included Not included Not included Not included
Events Calendar App Included Included Included Not included
Site Booster App Included Included Included Not included
Customer Care Priority customer care 24/7 customer care 24/7 customer care 24/7 customer care
Lead-Capture Forms 75 25 10 4
Fields per Form 100 75 50 10
Automated Marketing Included Included Included Included
Site Chat Included Included Included Not included
Payment Tools Included Included Included Not included
Plans and Recurring Payments Included Included Included Not included
Complete eCommerce Up to 50,000 products Up to 250 products Up to 25 products Not included
Abandoned Cart Recovery Included Included Included Not included
Automatic Discounts Included Included Included Not included
Accept Pre-Orders Included Included Included Not included
Advanced Shipping Included Not included Not included Not included
Loyalty Program Included Not included Not included Not included
Dropshipping Unlimited Up to 250 products Up to 25 products Not included
Product Reviews 3,000 reviews 1,000 reviews Not included Not included
Branded eGift Cards Advanced Advanced Basic Not included
Back-in-Stock Notifications Unlimited Unlimited 10 per month Not included
Multiple Currencies Primary + 10 Primary + 5 Not included Not included

As already mentioned, Wix offers a free 14-day trial, let us also briefly discuss Wix Free vs Premium. The Wix free plan contains Wix ads, whereas the premium ones are ad-free with more added features, having; a free domain for the first year extra storage, and advanced business tools.


Thus, the pricing structures of both platforms are very different and unique, addressing the needs of different kinds and scales of businesses. WooCommerce is pretty flexible with potentially lower initial costs but gets a little costly with added functionalities. Wix on the other hand, offers clear, all-in-one pricing, but its structured approach may not be suitable for businesses requiring extensive customization options.

Ease of Use: WooCommerce vs Wix

Comparing WooCommerce and Wix in terms of usability is rather a comparison of chalk and cheese since both these e-commerce platforms are tailored to meet the needs of very diverse sets of users.


WooCommerce Set up

WooCommerce, being a WordPress plugin, is very customizable and flexible but requires some level of technical knowledge to launch. The user has to install WordPress, install the WooCommerce plugin, and then run through a setup wizard that sets up the most basic configuration. Once installed, WooCommerce is pretty easy to use via its menu and also integrates well into the WordPress ecosystem. It is perfect for any user who wants extensive customization of his online shop and has some technical background knowledge.


Wix Setup

Wix has a user-friendly interface. You can build a website or an online shop within a few clicks. With even an AI-powered design tool, and drag and drop interface for setup, it lets you just select a template, fill in your content to customize it, and give live modifications in its WYSIWYG editor. Hence, Wix is suitable for every beginner and user who wants to quickly place their store online and not get caught up in the technical aspects.

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Setup Ease Requires WordPress knowledge, setup wizard Intuitive drag-and-drop interface, AI design tool
Ideal User Users with technical knowledge Beginners and users seeking simplicity
Customization Highly flexible, requires technical skills Easy customization with WYSIWYG editor

SEO Capabilities: WooCommerce vs Wix

WooCommerce vs Wix: SEO


Being a WordPress plugin, Woocommerce has a strong SEO capacity. It has built-in support for some of the most popular WooCommerce SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast SEO, thus allowing advanced or higher customized SEO such as XML sitemaps, structured data, and others. You will always have total control of meta tags, URLs, and also other SEO features hence it is ideal for businesses that need fine details in SEO customization.


Wix contains in-built SEO tools. All these SEO tools are very user-friendly and are meant to simplify SEO tasks. It contains features like the auto-generation of XML sitemap, SEO Wiz that is a step-by-step guide, in-built social sharing optimization, and many more. However, unlike WooCommerce, Wix offers relatively limited integrations of apps. It is to be noted that, Wix has limited app integrations compared to WooCommerce, which may restrict advanced SEO functionalities.


The detailed WooCommerce vs Wix SEO comparison is given below:

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Platform WordPress plugin utilizes WordPress SEO capabilities All-in-one website builder with built-in SEO features
Meta Tags and Descriptions Customizable URLs, meta tags, and meta descriptions Customizable URLs, meta tags, and meta descriptions
XML Sitemap Requires plugins for XML sitemap generation Automatic XML sitemap generation
Structured Data Requires plugins for structured data integration Limited options for structured data
SEO Plugins Supports popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, SEMRush Built-in SEO tools, limited app integrations for SEO
SEO Guidance Plugin-driven SEO guidance and optimization SEO Wiz for step-by-step SEO guidance
Social Sharing Optimization Requires plugins for social sharing optimization Built-in social sharing optimization
Server Side Rendering (SSR) Not applicable SSR for improved crawlability
Robots.txt Customizable via plugins Built-in robots.txt customization
SEO Optimization Tools Various plugins for comprehensive SEO tools Built-in SEO tools
User-Friendliness Requires some technical knowledge for plugin management and optimization User-friendly SEO Wiz and built-in tools
Integration Integrates with thousands of WordPress plugins for SEO and other functionalities Limited app integrations for SEO and other functionalities

Extensions and Plugins: WooCommerce vs Wix

WooCommerce Plugins

Continuing on our discussion of a comparison of WooCommerce and Wix for all your eCommerce needs, the available choice of plugins and extensions enhances functionality on your site. As a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce itself has a rich plugin ecosystem that can add any missing functionality to your store. It's also the most popular choice for businesses requiring flexibility and scalability.

Wix has an App Market with a lot of different applications to extend the functionality of your site. It is great for those who appreciate ease of usage over maximum customization.

Wix App Store

Does Wix have a membership plugin?

Wix does offer apps for membership management but it doesn't have the same level of the ecosystem as WooCommerce. For more advanced membership management, WooCommerce is more fully equipped.

Let us compare the Plugin features in Wix vs WooCommerce:

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Plugin Ecosystem Extensive, supported by the WordPress community App Market with a variety of applications
Key Plugins/Extensions
  • Omnisend: Email marketing and automation
  • OptinMonster: Conversion and lead generation
  • MonsterInsights: WooCommerce Analytics tool
  • SeedProd: Page builder
  • YITH Booking: Booking system
  • Custom Elements (beta): Visual extensions
  • Embedded Scripts: Custom script tags (premium plan)
  • Full Page Extensions: Enhanced navigation
Special Features
  • Social Login and Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin
  • PushEngage: Browser notifications
  • Widgets: Third-party widget integration
  • App Integrations: 500+ apps including Calendbook, Poptin, Fera Reviews
Membership Plugin Yes, plugins available like YITH Membership and Memberships for WooCommerce Yes, available through various apps in the Wix App Market

Themes and Design: WooCommerce vs Wix

WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce offers customization options with a wide range of themes for your online stores and targets users with deep technical skills. However, Wix hosts a very user-friendly platform with a list of professionally designed templates to choose from, hence suitable for a beginner or anyone who wants to set up the store without hassle.

Wix Themes

Look at the comparison between both the platforms and design a very functional, visually appealing online store by selecting the most suitable platform for your unique needs in terms of design flexibility, ease of use, and also eCommerce functionalities.

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Theme Variety Over 1,000 WordPress themes are available, offering diverse styles and functionalities suitable for various industries. Over 700 professionally designed templates are categorized by industry, with new templates released regularly.
Customization Themes are highly customizable using CSS, HTML, and PHP. Suitable for users with coding knowledge to achieve specific design requirements. Intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows easy customization of layouts, fonts, colors, and elements without needing coding skills.
Cost Free themes are available on the WordPress theme repository, with premium themes starting from $20, providing affordable options for all budgets. Themes are included in the subscription plans at no additional cost, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to start an online store.
Design Quality High-quality themes from various developers, ensure a wide range of aesthetic options to match different brand identities. Modern and visually appealing design templates with standardized features that cater to industry-specific needs.
E-commerce Focus Built specifically for e-commerce, offering specialized features like product pages, checkout processes, and inventory management tools. Provides basic e-commerce functionalities but is less extensive compared to WooCommerce, suitable for smaller online stores and businesses.
Responsiveness Themes are responsive and mobile-friendly out of the box, offering a seamless experience across all devices. Themes are responsive; adjustments may be required separately for desktop and mobile views after making changes.

Performance and Scalability: Wix vs WooCommerce

 WooCommerce vs Wix Scalability

Every seller wants to take their business to the highest level and that depends on the performance and scalability of the platform. You must learn about the e-commerce business metrics to enhance your store performance. 

WooCommerce allows flexibility in growth with a wide range of plugins/extensions, which indicates scalability and performance. Wix, being a hosted platform, suffers from limitations in scalability and performance with respect to the constraint of its infrastructural setup. Find the key differences in Wix vs WooCommerce scalability:

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Scalability Highly scalable, capable of handling large volumes of transactions. Limited scalability due to being a hosted platform. Growth is constrained within the limits of Wix's infrastructure.
Performance Offers good performance with the right hosting plan, allowing for complex e-commerce transactions without compromising speed. Performance can be impacted due to limitations in customization and extensions.
Flexibility Extensive flexibility to add new features and extensions to enhance store functionality as the business grows. Limited flexibility for extensive customizations and integrations compared to WooCommerce.

Mobile Optimization: Wix vs WooCommerce

Today, mobile optimization of your ecommerce store is a must as over 59% of the world's online traffic is derived from mobile phones. So, WooCommerce requires manual adjustments to achieve optimal mobile performance and grant extensive customization options. Wix on the other hand, offers user-friendly options by automatically optimizing websites for mobile devices. It also offers a very simple mobile editor that is easy and quick to set up. 

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Mobile Optimization Offers mobile-optimized themes and allows testing of themes on mobile devices before installation. Automatically provides mobile-friendly website designs that adjust to fit mobile screens.
Mobile Editor Requires manual adjustments for mobile optimization, offering flexibility but requiring more effort. Provides a mobile editor for customization, but toggling mobile view frequently may impact SEO and site speed.

Security: Wix vs WooCommerce

WooCommerce Security

Protecting your customers’ data and preventing your store from being hacked are the most important aspects of the e-commerce platform. Let’s compare the security of Wix vs WooCommerce

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Security Features Requires additional security plugins for protection against external threats, but provides encryption with SSL certificates. Offers built-in security features, including automated updates and in-house cybersecurity maintenance.
Updates Needs regular updates for WooCommerce core, plugins, and themes to ensure security and functionality. Handles updates automatically without user intervention, reducing maintenance but potentially affecting plugin compatibility.
Wix Security

Customer Support: Wix vs WooCommerce

Wix Customer Support

Good customer support helps gain new customers onboard, set up their sites as fast as possible, and test anything from new features through plugins and themes. Below is the comparison of Wix vs WooCommerce for customer support.

Feature WooCommerce Wix
Support Channels Community-driven support through forums and third-party plugin developers. Offers support via email, phone, and live chat, along with an extensive knowledge base and video tutorials.
Dedicated Support Limited dedicated support, mainly community-based. Provides dedicated customer support with a variety of contact methods and extensive help resources.
Technical Assistance Requires hiring developers for advanced help In-house technical support
Cost of Support Free community support; paid options for premium help Included with subscription plans; no extra cost

Wix vs WooCommerce: Which Is Better?

WooCommerce and Wix are very strong e-commerce platforms in their ways. WooCommerce is flexible with advanced features, most suitable for anyone who wants simple customization and achieve scalability. Wix, on the other hand, is super user-friendly with integrated tools, much more suitable for industry beginners or those who wish for a lot of setup simplicity in terms of ease of use.

In the end, it depends on your business needs. Evaluate your specific requirements in terms of ease of use, design flexibility, e-commerce functionalities, and SEO capabilities to make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals. Both platforms offer the tools and support to help you build a successful online store in 2024 and beyond.

Say goodbye to your old methods of selecting eCommerce platforms - choose what fits your business best!

FAQs On WooCommerce vs Wix

  1. Which platform offers better multilingual support, WooCommerce or Wix?

Wix offers better multilingual support through Wix Multilingual, which covers over 180 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Arabic. WooCommerce free plan users can add one extra language for free while it supports around 24 languages on the advanced plans, or through plugins like WPML.

  1. Is WooCommerce or Wix better for beginners?

Wix is more suitable for absolute beginners due to the drag-and-drop interface and the nature of tools being incorporated directly. WooCommerce is highly demanding in terms of technical knowledge. It is a plugin in WordPress and is available after separate setup and installation.

  1. Which platform is better for SEO: WooCommerce or Wix?

Since WooCommerce is integrated with WordPress, one gets access to wide SEO capabilities through plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math. Wix provides built-in SEO but does not offer lots of customization.

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