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Top 10 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Sell: Embrace Sustainability in Your Dropshipping Business

Stephanie Asi De Castro

As we hear news of floods, ice storms, and shortages of drinkable water, we can’t help but feel responsible for doing our part in helping reduce emissions and waste. 

These days, most of us make an effort to be part of the solution instead of the problem, and it shows in how we shop. Half of online consumers think of the environment when choosing products to buy. 

What’s more, is that not only are we more environmentally aware, we are also more open to getting into this green habit so much so that we are willing to pay a premium for sustainable items.

The green movement is on a high, and there’s no stopping it. As we celebrate this year’s Earth Day, you can only expect a bigger spotlight on this environmental movement.

Have you ever considered starting a small business with a line of eco-friendly products? Selling dropshipping products might seem counterintuitive for this cause, but the truth is, people will always need things.

Instead of choosing plastic and polyester, they want wood and cotton, so make sure that you’re abiding by these new trends and giving people lifelong products that they can love and take care of instead of constantly replace. 

Not only will you be doing the earth a favour, but you can spread the word of eco-friendly long-lasting products. Plus, it’s a lot easier than you think. The answer lies in dropshipping.

Dropshipping eco-friendly products

Let’s clear a few things first. What exactly is dropshipping

To put it simply, dropshipping lets you sell trending products without physically stocking up your inventory and taking care of the shipping. Traditionally, if you had a store, you would have to do all these yourself. 

But that’s where the beauty of dropshipping lies. When an order is placed, the products from your supplier are shipped directly to the customer. The items are on your website, but your dropshipping suppliers handle the stock and the delivery. It is a revolutionary concept that has allowed a lot of people to easily get into business. 

Whether you choose to focus on a niche or have a broader focus and sell anything eco-friendly from kitchen essentials to home decor, you’ll find tons of demand for these products. 

What to sell? Think Sustainability. 

The interest for the search term “eco friendly” remains high and continues to do well as this Google Trends data shows. Even a quick scroll on Facebook and Instagram will show how much people love eco-friendly products. 

It’s important to let your potential customers know that what you’re selling is sustainable, but be wary of greenwashing. Keep it real and honest. 

It’s okay to market your goods as eco-friendly, but make sure you won’t be overdoing it. Authenticity goes a long way, and savvy shoppers can spot what’s real and what’s not from a mile away. 

With that said, let us give you some ideas of what eco-friendly items you can sell.

1. Clothing made from recycled materials


Did you know that 85% of textiles end up in landfills every year? It makes you wonder how quickly you toss out your clothes to make way for new ones. Fast fashion may be giving us more affordable clothes to wear and lets us stay on top of the trends, but it’s not helping the planet. Surely, many of our clothes have ended up in landfills.

What’s slow fashion?

It’s a good thing then that many are now choosing to support the slow fashion movement these days. Slow fashion or eco-fashion is the exact opposite of fast fashion. 

It’s ethically made and sustainable. Think fabrics made from natural materials like Tencel that come from tree pulp, silk from silkworms, and linen from flax. You can also find organic cotton, hemp from the cannabis plant, and bamboo plant fibers that are great for their moisture-wicking properties. Eco-fashion also comes in the form of fabrics from recycled materials like polyester or rPET, which is found in recycled plastic water bottles. 

Take for example the shirt above that’s made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester (rPET). It has also been made using as little water as possible to minimize carbon emissions. 

2. Reusable shopping and produce bags


One of the simplest things you can do if you want to be more eco-conscious is to start bringing your own shopping bags to the grocery store. This is a no-brainer. Just stuff them into your bag and pull them out when it’s time to haul your groceries. No need to use those plastic bags anymore.

Of late, reusable shopping bags have become a separate category in itself. There are now different types to choose from. 

The most common is the foldable bag that’s usually waterproof and sturdy enough even for your heavy items. Reusable produce bags for transporting your veggies and fruits are also incredibly impactful(and popular for it). These come in different sizes and materials like mesh and muslin, so you can ditch the plastic.

Produce Bags from Spocket

For shoppers who like to keep things organized, you’ll love trolley bags that fit most grocery carts and keep your items separate. What about frozen items, you say? Reusable freezer bags are now a thing as well. 

3. All-natural skincare


By 2027, the self care industry is projected to reach up to 54.5 billion dollars from 34.5 billion in 2018.  So why not aim for a slice of that pie?

Typically, natural skincare essentials make use of ingredients like essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to nourish the skin. Most of them are handmade and produced in small batches. They usually come in sustainable packaging, too.

You can find a wide array of ethical skincare products like natural soaps, shampoos, lotions, face oils, night creams, and moisturizers. But did you know there’s a natural deodorant, too? Keep yourself smelling fresh all day with this aluminum-free deodorant. It only contains a blend of essential oils, baking soda, and some coconut oil. 

Now don’t think that just because it’s skincare we’re only talking about products for women. There’s something in it for men, too. All-natural beard oils and balms are all the rage now. Make sure not to miss out on this market, too. Check out products for the men out there that may just be the niche you’re looking for.

4. Eco-friendly kitchen and cleaning products


In the past, when you say cleaning supplies, chemical-laden scrubs come to mind. But now, you don’t have to rely on harsh, harmful ingredients to keep your home spotless. Many have discovered that these can be made from natural components and they clean just as well if not better than those toxic cleaners.

Case in point: This all-purpose cleaner that works on countertops, floors, tiles, and other surfaces. The best part? It’s absolutely chemical-free!

You can also make washing the dishes an all-natural affair with these 100% biodegradable loofah dish scrubs that can replace foam sponges. Finish it off by drying the dishes or wiping off spills using these Swedish dishcloths made from cellulose and cotton. You’ll also be happy to know that both of these are compostable. 

Aside from cleaning supplies, you can also go for eco-friendly kitchen products for your kitchen essentials. Use these wooden spatulas made from coconut shells when serving your favourite dishes! They have less environmental impact on both materials and production.

Check out the other eco-friendly kitchen and home products from this supplier here.

5. Compost bin


An undeniable eco-friendly kitchen product is the very misunderstood compost bin, you can put your kitchen waste and food scraps to good use by composting! While it can sound intimidating to make your compost, it’s really not that hard! especially when you have an adorable bin like this.

This stylish iron compost bin lets you make your own hassle-free compost. Just make sure you mix kitchen waste (greens) with browns such as sawdust for successful compost and use it to enrich the soil of your houseplants or gardens. 

You can add this to your digital store together with other composting supplies and create a composting starter kit.  

6. Travel utensils


Caring for the planet doesn’t stop when you have to travel! Tote around this reusable cutlery set whenever you leave the house so you don’t need to use and dispose of plastic utensils. 

Makers of sustainable utensils like these have you in mind because aside from a spoon and a fork, it also comes with a knife and chopsticks. No matter what cuisine you’re having, you have the right utensils to enjoy it. A reusable straw is also part of this set so your drinks are covered, too! 

They’re lightweight and made of wood so there are no harmful chemicals in their production, and it makes them easy to reuse and throw into the compost afterward. 

7. Eco-friendly baby products


Zero in on eco-conscious moms with sustainable baby products. If you know anyone who’s ever had a baby or you have a kid yourself, then you’re aware of just how much stuff a little kid can accumulate. 

Help moms reduce waste by offering eco-friendly options for the most frequently used baby must-haves like reusable cloth diapers. But don’t stop there. Give them options like biodegradable disposable bamboo diapers and biodegradable baby wipes as well.

Since babies outgrow clothes quickly, you may also want to go into that. Get rompers, dresses, pajamas, bodysuits, and shirts made of natural fibers. Supplier Salmon Azolla carries a lot of choices for sustainable baby clothes and they look adorable to boot!

8. Eco-friendly home decor


Making your home comfortable and beautiful has become somewhat of a priority this past year, and by offering eco-friendly home decor you capitalize on both trends. 

Curate sustainable knick-knacks for the home with a Scandinavian feel and make your home hygge central. Include a statement piece that ooze a natural and bohemian feel, or incorporate simple handwoven baskets to make storage beautiful and easy. Most of these products also sourced from small foreign suppliers so every purchase has a positive social impact on small artisanal business owners. 

9. Reusable cups and food containers


This one’s been around for quite some time already, but it doesn’t mean the market has been exhausted. A stainless steel number like the one above looks classy enough to bring to work. Think of this one the last container you’ll ever need.

Store your snacks in reusable and eco-friendly containers that you can repurpose again and again, like this reusable silicone storage bag. It’s BPA-free, durable, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe.


Coffee drinkers would be delighted to know that they can also enjoy their cup of joe without harming the planet. Simply use this reusable capsule cup for your coffee machine, and save tons of waste from entering the landfills. 

10. Natural toothpaste


Earlier, we featured a natural deodorant. This time, we have another item for your personal hygiene, natural toothpaste. Essentially, this type of toothpaste is free from chemicals, fluoride, and artificial sweeteners.

But this Coconut Oil Tootpaste goes one step further. With different flavours like Sweet Cinnamon and Cacao Mint, it uses the antibacterial properties of fractionated coconut oil to thoroughly clean your teeth. Pair this with a natural mouthwash for an eco-friendly oral health routine.

Get started

We hope this list inspires you to come up with an awesome lineup of eco-friendly products for your digital store.  You can find all the items above and more in Spocket. Just sign up here to start your free trial and discover exceptional dropshipping products from US suppliers. 


1. What are some eco-friendly Thanksgiving product options?

If you’re looking for some eco-friendly products to add to your Thanksgiving product offering, you’re in luck! We’ve got ten innovative ideas you can use to make the most of one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Find out more below:

  1. Sustainably made Thanksgiving napkins
  2. Reusable tupperware
  3. Reusable coffee pods or filters
  4. Sustainably sourced cotton tea towels 
  5. Eco-friendly burlap wine sacks
  6. Bamboo fashion
  7. Bamboo tableware
  8. Stainless steel gifts
  9. Eco-friendly skincare and makeup gifts
  10. Felt harvest decorations

The key to boosting your product offering (and hence dropshipping sales) during Thanksgiving is in staying on-brand. And if your store is dedicated to eco-friendly, sustainable products; your Thanksgiving products need to be too!

2. How to market sustainable and green products for Thanksgiving?

A proper marketing strategy for sustainable and green Thanksgiving products is essential if you want the season to be a success. Marketing ensures you are targeting (and reaching) the relevant audience for your eco-friendly dropshipping business. Here are our top tips for successfully marketing your sustainable dropshipping products this Thanksgiving.

1. Draw on the powers of social media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to effective business marketing. So, put it to good use! Share your eco dropshipping products on any (and all) of the major social media platforms in a visually engaging post. And don’t forget to include details surrounding what makes the product sustainable. This will help your dropshipping store to attract new customers and keep your existing customers engaged at the same time. 

Remember to make the most of those green and sustainable hashtags too. This will boost visibility tenfold. 

Another effective marketing tactic you should take advantage of is incentives! Incentivize your social media following to like and share your eco dropshipping Thanksgiving posts in the run up to the event. Competition giveaways and exclusive discounts as a thanks for sharing your post lead to substantially improved visibility fast.

2. Consider ad campaigns 

If your marketing budget extends to ad campaigns, targeted advertising is a great investment. Campaign tools that you can use throughout the Thanksgiving period such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads will further your reach to those specifically shopping green and sustainable Thanksgiving products. 

3. Email marketing

Your customer email list is priceless when it comes to Thanksgiving marketing. Email marketing cements a long-lasting relationship with your existing customer base. And actively touching base with your customers during Thanksgiving can help you improve sales. So start putting together an email marketing campaign for your green and sustainable products right now! 

3. Are there specific trends in eco-friendly Thanksgiving products?

Given that Thanksgiving and eco-friendly products are both trending upwards in the current market, combining the two could result in a resounding success. People want products that have been made to last. They want products that have been ethically made. And they want products that are Thanksgiving-orientated. If you can tick all three boxes, you’ll be on to a winning formula.

Also, sustainable, eco-friendly, or green Thanksgiving clothing and homewares are definitely proving popular. So, if your eco-friendly dropshipping store extends to either of those categories, add some related products to your catalogue now!

4. How to source eco-friendly products for an online store?

You’ll need to partner with a reliable dropshipping supplier if you want to source eco-friendly products to sell online. And that is where we at Spocket are on hand to help! At Spocket, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you can access the products you need to succeed. And we’re also determined to minimize the risks that dropshipping poses.

So, once you’ve created a sprocket account and installed the plug-in, use the search bar to find eco-friendly products from reliable dropshipping providers year-round.  

5. What is the consumer demand for environmentally friendly Thanksgiving items?

Shopping for environmentally-friendly products is one way in which households can make a small change that will lead to a big impact when protecting and preserving our plant. And so, the popularity of environmentally-friendly products continues to climb.

So, when it comes to environmentally friendly Thanksgiving products, consumer demand is increasing too. Meet that demand and you’ll plug a gap in the market ahead of your competitors. Which is a win-win for your dropshipping store! 

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Stephanie Asi De Castro

Stephanie Asi de Castro is a content creator and digital marketing professional. She has worked with brands from various industries such as automotive, telco, eCommerce, health and wellness, and lifestyle. When she's not chasing deadlines or looking after her kid, you can find her fiddling with her humble fountain pen collection.

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