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18 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers

18 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers to Elevate Your E-commerce Business

Adeel Qayum

Are most of your customers located in the US? Do you want to make their shopping experience with you memorable? If you answered yes, it's time to work with US dropshipping suppliers.

Whether you sell directly via Shopify, have a shop on Amazon or eBay, or both, choosing US-based dropshipping suppliers can significantly improve your customer experience.

In this article, we’ll highlight the benefits of choosing US suppliers for dropshipping and introduce the 18 best suppliers to partner with for your store.

Why partner with a US supplier for dropshipping?

Choosing a US supplier for your dropshipping business makes sense for plenty of reasons. Working with these suppliers often means:

  • No customs headaches: When you partner with a US supplier for dropshipping, you avoid customs headaches. That's because they manufacture the items domestically and handle any customs duties for imported materials themselves.
  • Faster delivery: A US supplier can often ship out goods faster than one that's miles away across the ocean. Being in the same location allows them to utilize local shipping networks for quick and efficient delivery.
  • Access to popular products: Suppliers in the US may offer products that are currently trending or more in demand by American consumers. Adding these items to your catalog can help boost your store’s appeal.
  • Reliable support: If an issue arises, you can expect US suppliers to provide support promptly. Their presence in the same time zone ensures quick and reliable assistance.

Improved trust and credibility: Partnering with local suppliers shows a commitment to supporting the US economy. As such, customers are more likely to trust and recommend your dropshipping store.

Who are the best US dropshipping suppliers?

Now that we're clear on the benefits, let's look at the 18 best dropshipping suppliers from the USA.

1. Spocket

Spocket is a platform that connects sellers with a vast network of US-based suppliers. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to browse trends and products as well as order samples for quality inspection. Spocket works well with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Wix to make managing your online store easier. 

Shipping info: Spocket is based in Vancouver, Canada, but it teams up with suppliers globally to offer fast shipping to its customers. Shipping times for the US are 4 to 7 business days but can be reduced to 1 to 3 business days if the supplier is located close to the customer.

Best for: Spocket’s user-friendly interface and streamlined purchase process make it an excellent choice for those looking to start selling fashion and beauty products online.

2. Buy2Bee

Buy2Bee gives you access to a selection of high-end clothing for everyone. You’ll find apparel from top brands like Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein for dropshipping. You can link Buy2Bee with your store on Shopify using it app or API (all product images and details sync automatically).

Shipping info: Buy2Bee has warehouses in Milan and US where it stores, packs, and ships the items. US shipments take about 3 to 7 working days, whereas EU shipments require a few weeks to reach their destination.

Best for: Those who want to sell high-end clothing without the hassle of sourcing and keeping inventory.

3. Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale lets you choose from over 30,000 products to dropship directly to your customers. Its catalog is diverse, including everything from bath essentials and candles to electronics, garden tools, home decor, and children’s toys. Sunrise Wholesale also lets you track sales in real time, plus adjusts prices automatically to keep your profits stable.

Shipping info: Sunrise Wholesale ships quickly to both the US and Canada, with most deliveries happening in just 1-2 days.
Best for: Sellers in the US who prioritize fast shipping to provide a memorable customer experience.


CROV connects retailers to a wide range of products from US dropshipping wholesalers that have been carefully checked. You can browse through its catalog of over 35,000 items in 20+ categories to find items to sell. If you need something specific, you can ask CROV's sourcing team to find suppliers that fit what your business needs.

Shipping info: CROV offers fast domestic US shipping that takes 1-3 working days. Customers can pick up your orders from its warehouse in Ontario, CA, or choose door-to-door shipping, which includes all duty and import fees for items from abroad.
Best for: Dropshippers looking to sell unique, high-quality products on Shopify and Amazon.

5. BryBelly

BryBelly offers a huge variety of products, from toys and beauty items to sporting goods and kitchenware. They've been around since 2004 and are based in Indiana. Dropshipping merchants of all sizes can browse through its 3000+ SKUS to fill their catalog with curated, quality products.

Shipping Info: BryBelly ships products fast, usually within 1-3 days. Pricing for most items range from $1 to $10.
Best for: Entrepreneurs without much capital for inventory. BryBelly enables you to offer a diverse product range on your website without the need for upfront investment in stock.

6. Wholesale2b

Wholesale2b simplifies managing your Shopify store with real-time updates on inventory and tracking. It has over 1.5 million products ready for dropshipping in many niches, making it easy to find suitable items for your shop. Categories range from clothing and kitchenware to toys and accessories and more.

Shipping info: Wholesale2b delivers across Canada and the United States, with shipping times typically between 3-7 working days. You get a shipping time report to help you understand how quickly each supplier sends out their products.
Best for: Dropshippers targeting the North American market who need a wide variety of products with reliable, quick shipping.

7. National Dropshippers

National Dropshippers is recognized for its excellence with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This US-based supplier offers a wide range of products, including smartphones, kitchen accessories, fragrances, apparel, and mugs. National Dropshippers operates on a membership fee model to offer products at the lowest possible price without hefty markups.

Shipping info: While specific details aren't provided, shipping within the US typically takes 3-7 working days.
Best for: Entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their online store without high upfront costs.

8. Modalyst

Modalyst is known for selling products from high-end brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and more. Its catalog also features a range of trendy, independent brands for different types of stores. You can choose to sell existing brands or build your own with dropshipping and print-on-demand solutions.

Shipping info: Modalyst offers many products that ship within 4 business days or less.
Best for: Shopify store owners looking to diversify their product lineup with either sought-after brand names or unique items.

9. Sellvia

Sellvia is a US-based dropshipper that offers a wide range of products, including fashion accessories, tech gadgets, and much more. You can explore its catalog without having to register an account. Dropshippers also benefit from Sellvia’s ready-to-use resources such as compelling descriptions and high-quality product photos.

Shipping info: With its own warehouse in California, Sellvia ensures fast shipping of 1-3 days across the US.
Best for:
Entrepreneurs seeking a turnkey dropshipping supplier offering everything from compelling copy to ready-to-use product images.

10. HyperSKU

If you're looking to go beyond generic products, HyperSKU might be the perfect supplier for you. This company specializes in branded products, many of which are stored in its US-based warehouses. You can also take advantage of its private label service to create and sell products under your own brand.

Shipping info: Items from China reach customers in 2-7 business days, but products in US warehouses ship faster.
Best for: Entrepreneurs looking for high-margin products with fast US shipping.

11. MegaGoods

MegaGoods is a US-based dropshipper specializing in consumer electronics, video games, and similar items. It offers a curated selection of over 3000 in-demand products, meaning there are plenty of high-quality items to choose from. You also get shipment tracking and a 30-day guarantee against manufacturer defects on most products.

Shipping info: MegaGoods has a rapid dispatch time of 1-2 days, courtesy of partnerships with major carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.
Best for: Entrepreneurs looking to enter the tech and gaming niche with the backing of fast, reliable shipping.

12. Dropified

Dropified specializes in offering food supplements for US dropshipping. You can sell these as is white label them to sell under your own brand. Dropified has no minimum order requirements and can automatically fulfill orders for your store.

Shipping info: Dropified suppliers ship fast, but delivery can take 7-12 business days.
Best for: Those to automate their dropshipping business across various platforms.

13. FragranceNet

FragranceNet connects you with suppliers of luxury beauty products, including perfumes, skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and candles. With a lineup of over 17,000 items from renowned brands like Clinique and Givenchy, it offers a rich selection for upscale online stores. Additionally, FragranceNet offers an up-to-date and detailed product data feed, making it easy to add items to your online store.

Shipping info: FragranceNet ships from the US, with delivery times ranging from 4-5 business days.
Best for: Those looking to cater to the luxury beauty market in the US.

14. FootwearUS

FootwearUS makes and wholesales stylish footwear. Based in New Jersey, it offers a wide selection of wide-width and fashionable shoes, including high-end brands. Its blind dropshipping service means products go straight from their warehouse to customers with free shipping in the US.

Shipping Info: Orders get processed in 1-2 business days with free shipping to all US addresses.
Best for: Online stores to offer quality footwear with minimum order requirements.

15. Kimmy Shop

Kimmy Shop is the ideal supplier for those looking to dropship a wide array of toys, including RC cars, action figures, dolls, board games, and puzzles. It offers over a thousand toy products and commits to social good by donating part of its profits to charities like Montreal’s Children’s Hospital.

Shipping info: With a warehouse in New York, Kimmy Shop is able to ship domestic US orders within 1-3 days.
Best for: Entrepreneurs eyeing the children’s toys market in the US.

16. FragranceX

FragranceX is a go-to for dropshippers looking to offer genuine and unique perfumes. This US supplier has a catalog of 8,000 fragrances, including a selection beyond what's available in physical stores. Placing an order is easy, and the best part is that your name appears on the invoice and paperwork (not FragranceX').

Shipping info: 1-2 business days for same-state deliveries, 4-5 business days for other orders.
Best for:
Established online stores looking to add authentic, high-quality perfumes to their catalog.

17. Greendropship

Greendropship allows you to sell over 20,000 gourmet and organic food products, including baby products and vitamins. With access to over 800 US brands, it's a comprehensive source for anyone looking to enter this market. Greendropship integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon, making it easy to create a multichannel retail presence.

Shipping info: Suppliers in the US take 1-5 business days to deliver the items.
Best for: Those seeking Amazon FBA support for doing their business.

18. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel offers a wide selection of women's and girls' clothing, including trendy tops, dresses, and plus-size options. This supplier is based in the US and has a deep understanding of the American fashion market. With no minimum order requirement, Tasha Apparel offers flexibility for businesses of all sizes and ships directly from Los Angeles.

Shipping info:
Tasha Apparel partners with FedEx, USPS, and other carriers to offer fast delivery. Most orders reach customers within 1-5 business days.
Best for:
Online stores targeting the women’s apparel market in the US.

Tips to succeed with USA dropshipping

  • Go for high-quality products: People in the US don’t just want any product; they want good ones. Sure, lots of cheap, breakable items get sold on Amazon, but that’s not the bar you want to meet. Your store should offer something better. Test a few items yourself to ensure what you're selling is worth it.
  • Offer great value: Shoppers in the US love a good deal. They're always hunting for extra value. You might not get special deals from suppliers, but you can create your own. Think discounts, bundles, or even a freebie on their next buy. Get creative with how you package deals and offers in your store.
  • Be there for your customers: Outstanding customer service sets you apart. Use chatbots for basic queries but offer a personal touch when it's needed. Make sure customers can easily reach you, whether it's via chat, email, or social media.
  • Make shopping convenient: Nobody likes to jump through hoops to buy something. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, product details are clear, and checking out is a breeze. The less hassle, the happier the customer.
  • Embrace eco-friendly items: More Americans now prefer products that are kind to the planet. Source items that are organic, biodegradable, or made from recycled materials. Highlight these eco-friendly traits in your store.

From Cart to Heart: Wrapping Up with Top US Dropshipping Suppliers

That brings us to the end of our journey through the top dropshipping suppliers in the US. Signing off, remember the key to success lies in building solid partnerships with suppliers who understand your niche. Always choose partners wisely, verify their credibility, and ensure they're as committed to your success as you are.

Best US Dropshipping Suppliers FAQ

Is dropshipping legal in the US?

Yes, it’s legal to dropship in the US. As a legitimate order fullfillment method, dropshipping allows you to run a hassle-free ecommerce business.

Is dropshipping still profitable?

Dropshipping remains a lucrative business model. With its flexibility and low startup costs, dropshipping provides the perfect foundation for entrepreneurs to generate profits. 

Which platform is best for dropshipping?

Shopify along with Spocket offers a seamless dropshipping setup. You can easily find products from US vendors and add them to your store. Focus on selling, and leave the rest to your dropshipping supplier.

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Adeel Qayum

Adeel holds a Master’s degree in digital marketing and is a passionate e-commerce marketer. He specializes in long-form content creation and has a conversion mindset, which helps him focus on elements that generate sales for businesses.

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