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How to Start a Wix Dropshipping Store with Spocket

Jackson Haime

The world of eCommerce and online shopping has become a syndicated "New-Norm" with tons of potential to meet the demand and growing need for online shopping. Whether they're essentials, non-essentials, or new essentials, eCommerce's growth is at an all-time high. 

What does that mean for entrepreneurs exploring eCommerce and dropshipping? 

It means now's the time to spread your wings and start a dropshipping business to meet people's demands in your particular niche of choice. With dropshipping, you have the power to meet these demands and offer people something that they want, need, and will buy. So, why not start growing your dropshipping business today? 

Wix and Dropshipping

Wix is a website building platform with an incredible interface, flexibility, and beautiful designs. 

With incredible design capabilities and an integrated marketing guide, starting a dropshipping business with Wix has been automated down to the SEO and Analytics components. 

Wix Dropshipping

This means that starting a dropshipping business on Wix is easy. With so many things taken care of, you can focus on the parts of your business that you excel at.

Wix has been around since 2006, and they’ve simplified every component of building a website (for whatever means) to a simple and, quite frankly, fun process. Their intuitive system for website building makes it easy to create a beautiful and effective website with no prior experience. 

Can I use Wix for Dropshipping?

With the Wix dropshipping integration with Spocket, you’ll be able to dropship high quality, US, and European products through your Wix store. Using Spocket, you can easily set up your Wix store with an efficient dropshipping system with just a couple of clicks. 

Spocket integrates with Wix Dropshipping through the app market and instantly lets you start choosing products to add to the store. Dropshipping with Wix isn’t only possible; it’s easy.

Wix Dropshipping App Spocket

Why start Dropshipping?

Even beyond Wix dropshipping, why should you be dropshipping at all? After all, it’s a non-traditional business model, why not go with safe traditional methods? 

First of all, dropshipping is a low cost way of starting a small business. Second of all, dropshipping has several key advantages over more traditional business models that make it more accessible and flexible than anything you’re going to find in retail. 

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping has a lower startup cost: 

Other business models involve spending a lot of money to make money. Before dropshipping, you needed to order hundreds of products from suppliers with no guarantee that you could sell them all. 

There are horror stories of hopeful entrepreneurs betting on the wrong product and having a garage full of unsold products. The inventory problem is no longer a risk with dropshipping. 

When you’re dropshipping, you are ordering products as they are being sold, and you’re not worrying about having inventory, loss, or the logistics involved in delivery. 

The dropshipping business model means that you’re never going to have too much or too little of a product.  Overall, it  drastically lowers the cost of starting a small business. 

Sure, there are still costs like web-hosting fees (though Wix is incredibly affordable!), but you’re never going to spend thousands with no promise of making it back.

Dropshipping is Flexible: 

If every business idea were a winner, there would be a lot more businesses in the world. The truth is that many businesses never find success for a number of reasons.

This can range from relying on unpopular products, or maybe the marketing was off the mark; perhaps there was an issue with the web design. There are dozens of reasons a business idea can flop. 

One of the main upsides of dropshipping is that you’re never stuck with an idea if it’s not working out.

 If you’re not making money selling one thing, it takes an evening and some dedication to recreate your Wix dropshipping business! It doesn’t cost you a cent to pivot if you’re dropshipping. 

What About Long Shipping Times?

There are many horror stories on the internet about dropshipping stores that can't get their customers' products in a reasonable timeframe. You don't want to run a business that's making people wait 20-60 business days to get their product. That's simply not competitive in the age of Amazon. 

Dropshipping from the USA and Europe drastically cuts shipping times, based on a north american target market. Luckily, Spocket specializes in finding those dropshipping suppliers in the USA, so that you can push products that have faster shipping. 

Dropshipping suppliers from the USA with fast shipping

The last thing you want your customer to say when their order shows up is 'finally!', and having reasonable shipping times from US or European suppliers is the best way to make sure that never happens. 

Why Dropship on Wix?

In a world of site builders that all claim to be the best option, why are you going to start dropshipping using Wix specifically? 

Wix boasts a handful of incredible strengths, all of which combine to make a fantastic option for a small business idea like yours. 

Incredible Templates: 

Wix templates aren’t just good, they’re downright fantastic. 

Every option on Wix has multiple options for each section you’d want on your site. Need to show a group of products? Here are 5 ways to do that. Need to feature a sale? Try these ten options. 

Each Wix template has every feature available to you, and all of them are absolutely free. You never need to worry about falling in love with a template that costs you two hundred dollars on Wix. 

Another fantastic part of the Wix templates is that they come with animations and custom effects like parallax scrolling natively, something that is typically a paid feature on website builders. 


Wix has the best pricing of any of the options out there. 

First of all, Wix doesn't offer a free trial; they never ask you for money until you’re completely satisfied and your store is ready to launch. 

This means you don't need to wait for the 'perfect time' to start with Wix. You can start building your dropshipping business today, even if you're busy tomorrow. 

Once you're ready to sell, Wix's basic plan is comparable to sites like Shopify and Squarespace, ringing in at USD$28.00 a month, unless they have a limited time offer. 

That said, Wix doesn't have aggressive price scaling as your business grows. Their highest tier of plan, which offers features like priority support, will only set you back USD$56.00 a month.

You can also always commit to paying yearly and save a ton. Paying annually for the basic plan saves your $60.00 a year.

How to Set up Dropshipping on Wix

Sign up for wix

To sign up for Wix, all you need to do is go to Wix.com and click 'get started.' As soon as you do, they'll ask you to enter your email and a new password. As soon as you do that you're off to the races with your new Wix dropshipping website. 

An important thing to know is that you can have multiple websites on a single Wix account, which means you can have your dropshipping store alongside anything you may have already built on Wix. 

Seeing as Wix stores are completely free until you make them live, you can even try out multiple designs at once!

Pick an online store template

When you start your site with Wix, you're going to get two options, either starting with their designer making you a site or starting directly from a template. Both of these options allow you to customize the website in the same way, so you're not missing anything going one way or another. 

The main thing that the ADI offers is a bit of guidance for your website as you're starting out. Wix's drag and drop system is incredibly robust, but the ADI swaps it out for a system with more concrete options. 

We suggest starting with the ADI because it makes building a functional framework for your site a fast and straightforward process. 

It's worth noting that starting with the ADI asks you some questions before spitting you directly into the ADI web design tool. If you wanted to see some of Wix's older templates, you're going to have to skip the ADI. 

Customizing your design

When you’re customizing your site, the Wix ADI  uses a sections system that lets you choose a function you want to fulfill on the website (Like showing off some products) and then Wix shows you between 5-10 different formats for that section.

It won’t take long for you to get the hang of this intuitive system. Slotting everything into its place is easy and quick. Wix also does an incredible job of making sure that all the options within its templates work well together. 

Building an ugly or counter intuitive Wix dropshipping site isn’t something that can ever happen by accident. 

One of the first things you’ll want to do on your Wix site, is to set up a beautiful colour palette. If you choose a main colour then Wix will suggest palettes that work with that central colour, avoiding any accidental colour clashes. 

If you want to be a little more adventurous, the site coolors.co can help you build your custom colour palette for your unique business. 

Finally, choose several images to act as placeholders on your site.

 Wix offers thousands of pictures for free, and also has a Shutterstock library you can buy images from.

Once you have a good skeleton for your Wix site, it’s time to say goodbye to the ADI and move onto the proper Wix editor. This will let you drag and drop any element of the site exactly where you want it!

Once you have this preliminary design, it’s time to find the products for your store. 

Find Dropshipping products to sell with Spocket

Finding your products on Spocket is easy, first things first you need to do is install the Spocket app from the Wix App Market

This will integrate all of Spocket’s features with your Wix dropshipping store, including the way to find products. 

If you aren’t quite sure what you’re selling yet, check out some of the Best Dropshipping Products in 2020 or tools for finding your Niche  

Once you know what you’re selling, finding products on Spocket is easy! 

The first step is as simple as looking up the dropshipping products you want from inside the Spocket app. 

Use the search bar to look up the keywords that relate to the products you want to sell. You can also check out Spocket’s featured collections for what’s trending. 

For the example here, we looked up ‘Succulents’. In this search we found succulents, pots, stickers and leggings. 

If you don’t want to see that many options for your store try using filters to tell Spocket what you’re looking for. For example if we want to see proper succulents, we can filter by ‘home and garden.’ 

You can also filter by:

  • Price
  • Shipping Location
  • Specific Supplier
  • Premium Products

Once you’ve found a dropshipping product you’re interested in, clicking it will bring up all of the extra product information. 

Some of the most important parts of the product information screen are:

  • The Product Description 
  • Shipping Time 
  • Listing Price (How much you pay the supplier) 
  • Retail Price (Spocket’s suggested price for your customers.)

The extra product information is the best way to make sure a product is a perfect fit for your business.

Reading the full description can give you key information that confirms that the products you’re selling are the high quality items that will leave customers happy. 


Once you’ve found a product that you want on the store, just click Add to Import List and move on to the next product in your search. 

To start we’d suggest taking a look at somewhere between 10-25 products, every product you add to the store is going to need a little love and attention before going live, so it’s good to keep your product count lower to start. 

Making sure that you have 10 great  products is always better than having 50 good products. 

Once you have found some products you like, check out your import list to see every product you’ve selected. If you’re happy with them, click ‘import all’ to get them into Wix! Within a few seconds, they should appear. 

Customizing Your Products

Products you find are Spocket are all going to come with professional descriptions, high quality photography and much of the product information pre-filled. 

That said, you might have to eventually customize the product title, description and photos to make sure they match your unique business. Writing SEO product descriptions is usually already taken care of, but make sure it matches your brand. 

Descriptions and Titles:

Like we mentioned above, the product descriptions on products you find on Spocket are all professionally done, but there are still things you can do to optimize them to your unique business. 

The main thing to focus on for your descriptions is consistency. 

Your products may come from different suppliers that use different formatting and wording for their products. It’s important to change your product’s descriptions so that they are consistent with one another. 

This may mean changing wording/formatting or completely writing product descriptions from scratch, but it’s important. 

If you don’t know where to start for your products , we have a handy guide on how to write descriptions.

As for product titles, you will want to make sure that all of your product titles are unified. For example, if you have a product called ‘Large Geometric Cactus and Succulent Planter’ you wouldn’t want the next one to be called ‘Small GeoCactus Planter’. Keep it consistent!

Product Photos: 

Products on Spocket have high quality photos that are going to show off your products in the best way. Similarly to titles though, we want to make sure our product photos are consistent across all of our products. 

The number one thing to ensure is that all of your products have the same style of background (whether that is a solid colour or a lifestyle shot) and the same aspect ratio. 

If you need to change the aspect ratio of a product photo, there are dozens of free services like canva you can use to edit your product photography. 

Finalizing Your Store Design: 

Once you have your products imported, it’s time to check how they look in with the store you built! Sometimes you’ll need to adapt colours and sections that you pre-designed to better match your products. 

That’s okay! Even the best websites in the world are constantly edited to be ‘slightly’ better.

Spend some time in the editor making sure that your products look great on your website,

If you’re running into some design issues you can check out some of our tips for dropshipping web design to help you build the perfect dropshipping store. 

Now you have an incredible store with quality products from Spocket,  it’s time to set up your store settings so that your products are ready to sell. 

The Settings: 

The store settings aren’t the most fun part of building a website, but they are some of the most important. Nailing things like shipping and tax settings will assure that your store runs smoothly from day one. 


The shipping settings in Wix can be found under ‘settings’ in the Store Manager. It’s worth noting that Dropshipping doesn’t work with every type of shipping that Wix offers. 

When it comes to shipping your products, It’s often a good idea to include the shipping cost within the price of the product. 

This means that a product that would usually cost $55.00 with $4.99 shipping could be priced as 59.99 with free shipping. 

Offering ‘free shipping’ makes the customer feel like they are getting a deal, and it’s been proven to increase conversion rate by as much as 50%

An important thing to check when finalizing your shipping settings is to assure that you don’t offer shipping to locations your suppliers don’t ship to. 

If you’re not sure where a product you’re dropshipping can ship to, check on the product details page in Spocket.

If you have products that can only ship to certain locations, you can either remove those products from your Wix store, or change your Wix settings to prevent shipping to the unavailable countries. The last thing you want is a customer placing an order that you can’t fulfill! 

Payment Information: 

Payment information can be found under settings in the Store Manager. 

On Wix, stores can accept Paypal and Credit/Debit cards by default. This is a fantastic base that is going to cover the majority of your customers’ wants and needs. To get this set up you will need a working paypal business account, and a stripe account. If you don’t have either of those Wix can help you with setup in a few simple steps. 

Once you have those accounts, connecting them to Wix is as simple as a few clicks to confirm your information. 

Then you’re able to accept payments from anywhere in the world at any time!

Connecting Your Domain: 

To connect your domain you need to start your official Wix account! Because this is the end of the ‘free trial’ that Wix offers, it’s a good idea to connect your domain last. 

If you already have a domain name, then you can connect it to Wix by changing the information on your domain registrar’s account. For example, you would log on to GoDaddy.com and add your A Record and CNAME that you get from Wix.

If you don’t own a domain already, then you can easily buy one from Wix! When it comes to domains there are a couple of important things to keep in mind:

The first is that domains need to be memorable. If your domain is difficult to spell or too close to an established brand it can make it hard for returning customers to find your website. 

The second is that domains should aim for ‘top level’ domains. Meaning that they end in .com or .net. These top level domains help your SEO tremendously

Lastly, Use a creative business name generator to find something creative, and available. As soon as you’ve chosen a domain for your store, your Wix site is live and you can market your store to the world! 

You’re Done!

With those final steps your store is live and you’re ready to take on the world of eCommerce with your own dropshipping business. Now that you’ve launched you can try strategies like influencer marketing to increase traffic and get customers shopping on your store. 

One of the biggest strengths of Dropshipping on Wix with Spocket is that everything you do is flexible. At any point, even though you’ve launched, you can add new products, change your design, or work on any aspect of your business that you want. Spocket and Wix make it easy. 

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Jackson Haime

Jackson Haime is a professional e-commerce nerd specializing in everything startup and small business related. After working for Shopify for two years he transitioned to writing about e-commerce full time. Check out his website Jacksonhai.me for more information.

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