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How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online: 26 Ways to Earn Good Cash

Adeel Qayum

Making money while lounging in your pajamas? Yes, please. Whether you're looking to turn a hobby into cash or need a side hustle, the internet is full of opportunities. You just need to know where to start and what fits your skills.

In this article, we’ll explore 26 legit ways to make money online. For each idea, we’ll provide insights into the necessary skills needed to get started. Let’s find the right online venture for you.

1. Dropship products

Dropshipping is a way to sell products without having to store, pack, or ship them yourself. You list products in your own online store, and when someone buys something, a supplier sends it directly to them. You can set this up by adding using a dropshipping platform like Spocket, which connects you to many suppliers with a range of products.

To be successful in dropshipping, prioritize quality above all. Achieve this by partnering with high-quality suppliers known for reliable service and great products. This approach helps build trust with your customers and encourages repeat business.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is the way you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Basically, you get a link, share it online, and when someone buys through that link, you earn a cut. Many companies run independent affiliate programs, so you have plenty of options.

Start by picking a niche you're into, find companies that fit, and sign up for their programs. Share your links on your blog, social media, or wherever you engage with people. The key is to keep things real and transparent with your audience to build trust.

3. Sell plants online

If you have a green thumb, you can sell plants online to make money. Focus on specialty or rare plants that are in demand but not commonly found in local nurseries. You can also offer plant care products, DIY gardening kits, or even virtual gardening consultations to expand your offerings.

To really differentiate yourself in the plant niche, consider creating detailed care guides for each plant you sell. Offer personalized advice through your website or social media channels. By establishing yourself as a knowledgeable source, you attract and retain a dedicated customer base who trusts your expertise.

sell plants online

4. Work as a Netflix tagger

Want to get paid for watching Netflix? As a Netflix tagger, your job is to watch movies and shows, then categorize them based on genre, rating, and other tags. In other words, you get paid to watch your favorite content.

To start, visit the official Netflix careers website and apply for the tagging position. Be prepared to take a test where you'll tag shows and movies to demonstrate your skills. Remember, having a good understanding of different genres and attention to detail is key to succeeding in this role.

5. Do Amazon FBA

If you want to start selling on Amazon, you might consider their Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program. With Amazon FBA, you send your products to Amazon's warehouses. Amazon then stores them, ships orders to your customers with 2-day Prime shipping, and handles all customer support.

Is it that simple? Yes, it is. Finding the right product and putting in some time and effort can help you make a good amount of money, possibly even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

6. Become a virtual assistant

As more entrepreneurs start businesses, the need for virtual assistants is increasing. A virtual assistant works independently, offering services like writing, bookkeeping, social media management, and customer support—all from a remote location.

Many sites like Virtual Assistant Jobs, Indeed, and Upwork list these opportunities. Alternatively, you can directly contact small businesses and startups and pitch your services to them.

7. Work as an influnecer

Think influencer marketing is just for the big names? Think again. Nowadays, brands love teaming up with people who have tight-knit relationships with their audience—hello, micro-influencers! You can start building your personal brand and tap into this opportunity.

Focus on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where you can showcase your unique style and connect directly with followers. As you grow your presence, brands will take notice, opening up more opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships.

Influencer Social Media Post

8. Become a product designer

If you're the creative type and have a keen interest in improving products, a career in product design might be ideal for you. To boost your earnings as a UX/UI designer, consider freelancing or taking on contract work. This approach lets you select projects that align with your skills and negotiate your rates directly with clients.

You can also increase your income by offering additional services. For example, if you're initially hired for a design project, you could propose branding or user experience research as added services. Additionally, you could branch out into designing unique items like custom ugly sweaters to diversify your portfolio and tap into new markets.

9. Create webinars

Webinars are online sessions where you can share your expertise or promote your offerings to those interested. Anyone from entrepreneurs to students can tune in for some knowledge. How do you make money with them? Simple—just show off what you got, whether it's your skills or your products, and let the audience know why they need it.

For hosting and recording, you can use webinar software like Zoom or GoToWebinar. These platforms offer user-friendly tools for managing and delivering your content effectively.

10. Sell print-on-demand items

Print on demand (POD) is an appealing online business model because it requires low initial investment and is easy to set up. You simply create designs for items like t-shirts, mugs, and stationery. A POD service then takes care of printing these designs on the products and shipping them directly to your customers.

Compared to dropshipping, POD lets you create your own custom products, which can help build your brand's identity. It also focuses on specific items like t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags that are suitable for printing, rather than offering a wide range of general merchandise.

11. Sell unwanted stuff

You probably have plenty of unwanted stuff lying around—everyone does. So why not turn it into cash? You can sell your items on eBay, Etsy, or set up your own online store. Focus on high-demand items like furniture, toys, electronics, and handmade goods.

To capture people's attention, take clear, well-lit photos of your items from different angles. Write detailed descriptions that highlight the features and condition of each product. Offering competitive pricing and prompt responses to inquiries can also help increase your chances of making sales.

Sell unwanted stuff

12. Resell art supplies

If you have knowledge of art, selling art supplies might be a great opportunity for you. You can buy art supplies wholesale from platforms like AliExpress and resell them to customers. Focus on suppliers and products that are trending, such as Posca Pens, Index Finger Knives, and Paint Markers.

When it comes to pricing, consider factors like the cost of goods, shipping, and your desired profit margin. Research the market to determine competitive pricing for similar products. Offering competitive prices can attract customers and help you establish your brand in the art supply market.

13. Manage social media

Almost every business is on social media now. However, not everyone has the time or expertise to handle it effectively. That's where a social media manager comes in.

You can specialize in one or two platforms and get to know them inside out. Alternatively, you can broaden your skills and become a full-stack social media specialist. Join sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and use job boards to pitch your services to businesses in need.

14. Create a YouTube channel

You've probably had someone tell you to start a YouTube channel at some point in your life. And you know what? It's time to act on it because there's a lot of money to be made there.

Start by heading over to YouTube and signing in with your Google account. Then, click on your profile picture and select "Your channel" from the dropdown menu. Next, click on "Create Channel" and follow the prompts to set up your channel name and customize your profile.

You can monetize your channel in several ways, including via YouTube advertising once you reach 1,000 subscribers and collaborating with brands for sponsored content.

15. Sell domain names

If you're someone who often buys domain names but never puts them to use, there's another avenue you might consider: selling them for a profit.

It's worth noting that the domain-selling market is fiercely competitive. However, if you own a one-word.com domain, your chances of finding a buyer are considerably higher. Also, words with high search volumes tend to fetch good prices.

You can browse and purchase custom domains through the Shopify domain registration platform. Once you've acquired one, head to GoDaddy's Domain Auction to list it for sale.

GoDaddy Hero Image

16. Automate workflows

It's no secret that automation is on every business owner's lips these days. Everyone from small startups to large corporations is looking to automate their marketing, customer service, and other resource-intensive functions.

To capitalize on this trend, familiarize yourself with automation tools like Zapier, Buffer, or Mailchimp. These platforms offer various functionalities tailored to different business needs. Once you've mastered these tools, you can position yourself as an automation expert and provide your service to businesses.

17. Tutor online

If you want to make money on your own time, becoming an online tutor could be the perfect gig for you. Many tutoring companies offer flexible scheduling, so you can work when it suits you best.

To succeed as an online tutor, you'll need a solid grasp of the subject you're teaching and excellent communication skills to convey concepts effectively. Having a teaching degree or relevant experience can also boost your chances of getting hired.

Check out platforms like TutorMe, Yup, and Cambly to find online tutoring opportunities.

18. Sell photos online

If you have some photos lying around, you can sell them online to earn passive income. People all over the world need images for their projects, whether it's for websites, advertisements, or social media posts. And guess what? You can be the one providing them.

To turn your photos into cash, sign up as a contributor on websites like Shutterstock and 500px. Then, upload your photos and write relevant descriptions so that buyers can easily find them. Once your images are approved, they'll be available for purchase, and you'll earn a commission each time someone buys one of your photos.

19. Create a job board

A job board helps people find jobs. Employers use it to tell job seekers about job openings. People can look for jobs online or in person.

You can make money by charging employers to post on your job board. You can also offer unique features, like sponsored job listings. You don't have to make a job board from scratch. You can buy a job board theme instead.

It's easy to make a website. But getting people to know about it takes a lot of work. Once you have regular customers, you can make money without doing much. Look at sites like WeWorkRemotely and ProBlogger for ideas.

Job Board website image

20. Sell clothes online

Got a bunch of clothes gathering dust in your closet? Instead of letting them take up space, why not sell them online for some extra cash? Websites like Refashioner, Poshmark, and ThredUp make it easy to sell your clothes and make a profit.

You can sell everything from vintage pieces to Y2K fashion trends. Do some research to see what's trending and then list your items for sale to cash in on the latest styles.

21. Create audiobooks

Ever thought about creating audiobooks? Why not give it a shot? Once you break into the industry, you can earn passive income through royalties, just like most audiobook narrators do.

To succeed in this field, you need to master proper auditioning and narration techniques, plus acquire basic editing skills to design book covers. Platforms like ACX can help you get started and find your first gigs.

22. Become a reseller

Looking to make some cash without creating your own products? Consider becoming a reseller. You can buy vintage or collectible items and sell them for profit. Alternatively, specialize by becoming a certified distributor for a brand in your area.

Start by searching wholesale directories and platforms like AliExpress for brands to resell. Then, set up an online platform to showcase your chosen products. Remember to manage your inventory effectively—it's key to your success. While it takes effort, you won't need to create products from scratch.

Two Persons looking into the laptop screen

23. Create and sells spreadsheets

If you're a natural with spreadsheets, you've got a goldmine of potential passive income waiting to be tapped into. Whether you're an Excel expert or a Google Sheets specialist, there's a market out there willing to pay for your spreadsheet creations.

From budgeting templates to profit projections and even P&L spreadsheets, businesses are eager to buy what you're selling. Combine your skills with a Shopify storefront and the Digital Downloads app, and you've got yourself a ready-made income stream.

24. Develop websites

Want to make money by building websites? It's a hot market right now, as every business needs an online presence. Plus, you don't need coding skills anymore.

Platforms like Webflow make it simple to create sleek, professional websites. You can even buy a domain through Webflow for your business. With minimal startup costs, you can start your own web development business and earn extra cash on the side or full-time.

But remember to choose a niche and build a strong portfolio before diving in. For instance, some people opt to focus on Shopify site development, whereas others might focus on WordPress development or custom web applications.

25. Start podcasting

Starting a podcast is highly profitable as the global audience has grown to above 500 million listeners. If you excel at communicating, consider launching one. You only need a device with a microphone, though better equipment improves quality.

Choose a topic you're knowledgeable about, like digital marketing, to attract listeners and potential clients. After producing a few episodes, use a podcast hosting service like Buzzsprout or Anchor to publish them online and start building your audience.

26. Become an AI musician

Always dreamed of creating music? With AI platforms like Mubert, you can turn your musical ideas into reality. Simply provide the AI with a prompt, such as a specific mood or style, and it will generate custom, copyright-free music for you.

You can sell the music to content creators like YouTubers or businesses in need of background music for their projects. To get started, sign up on platforms like Mubert and begin experimenting with different prompts to create unique music compositions.

Ai Musician

Match your talents with the right opportunities

When deciding how to make money online, consider your skills, interests, and financial situation.

Maybe you're into crafting, so selling handmade goods online could be a great fit. Perhaps tech is more your style, in which case you might develop apps or websites. Whatever your strength, there's likely a platform to help you monetize it.

So, assess your talents and choose a path that best suits you. Hopefully, this guide will help you find a suitable online money-making option.

Make money online FAQ

How can I earn money from home?

There are plenty of ways to make money from home. You could start a dropshipping business, teach courses online, do freelance graphic design, or even run your own YouTube channel. Choose what suits your skills and start from there.

How can I make money online quickly?

You can sell things you no longer need, rent out space on your blog for ads, or join programs where you promote products and earn a commission. These methods can start making you money fairly fast if you set them up right.

How can I make money with no initial investment?

If you have a computer and internet, you can make money without spending anything to start. You could write articles for websites, manage social media for businesses, or work as a virtual assistant. Just pick one and get started.

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Adeel Qayum

Adeel holds a Master’s degree in digital marketing and is a passionate e-commerce marketer. He specializes in long-form content creation and has a conversion mindset, which helps him focus on elements that generate sales for businesses.

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