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Success Story

Mother of 3 turned entrepreneur: Essential tips for successful e-commerce

Isha Mandloi

Jeylan Made is a boutique powered entirely by three spirited women. With a three- generational backup, Jeylan Made curates clothes that appeal to the modern bohemian, to the free soul. Named after the artist from the trio of the Hippie, the Rebel and the Artist- you can guess the heart of this store.

The face of Jeylan Made:

Gemma Louise is a woman of many talents, and Jeylan Made sprung up as another interesting mountain for her to climb.

When speaking about how the store began, she laughs. A mother of three kids, she would find herself browsing the internet's latest clothing stores to stock her wardrobe. Real-time shopping had been shoved to the attics of history.  

However, the clothes she purchased online always left room for complaint- often 5 inches of room, being ridiculously sized.

"I was terribly unlucky with online shopping, and maybe if I was lucky, jeylanmade would not have been born!"

She started off print-on demand clothing to create clothing for her close friends and family. Then, the dream grew- and coincidentally, she stumbled into Shopify.

Gradually, a store emerged. What really worked for Gemma was her experience in sales and marketing and her passion for photography. She used to work in the marketing department of high end travel companies, and then turned to photography and Photoshop, and needless to say- these two skills were exactly what Jeylan Made needed.

In order to become wealthy, one must already appear to be wealthy.Be bold in your store design.
Building blocks of Jeylan Made:

"I found Spocket during my research, and it immediately clicked. The products proved their quality, and fit my niche. Product sourcing was settled."

Find products that you can trust the quality of- don't settle for products with poor quality. Ask yourself: Would I buy this?

Over time, she had curated products that asked for second looks- and a theme that prompted intrigue. The Hippie, The Rebel, The Artist.

The rebel and the artist, captured in portrait.

Two weeks into the store, she had made her first sale through word-of-mouth. Slowly traffic trickled in- friends and family first, then strangers.

Most of her traffic comes in through Facebook ads, she confides. And using a minimal, but really cool apps is the way to go. She has fleshed out her instagram presence, invested in research and marketing to a niche audience.

For me, the pop-ups and the countdowns never worked. It gives off a sense of desperation. Rely on my marketing and design to gain the customer's attention.

But the path wasn't all rose lined. Being a complete alien to e-commerce, setting up google analytics, adwords and getting a domain email set up proved a little bit of a battle.

"But I'm getting there", she says, confident in her brand. She crafted an identity for her brand that was inviting, human and friendly- Gemma is all for the personal touch. She doesn't shy away from traditional marketing either: lovely leaflets fly around, and local businesses in Bexley often have Jeylan Made promos.

Select a brand identity for your store. The voice, the logo, the products- everything should fit with the theme you are going for. People love consistency.

She's not coy to test out products, and create elaborate descriptions herself, believing that interesting descriptions and images that represent the ideal customer do much of the leg work, and pop-ups and discount wheels can go to the bin. Keeping a close eye on traffic, she has devised a system that capitalizes on it. Jeylan Made is not just a clothing store- it is a reliable brand that customers can connect to.

She has had only 3 months of ecommerce in her pocket, but there is no doubt, judging by her rapidly scaling sales, that this entrepreneur is going places!

Gemma is the evidence that success is a synonym of hard work, and we can already see her multiplying business in the months to follow.

Our aim at Spocket- is to empower entrepreneurs who are just starting out, but sometimes, we find ourselves learning from individuals such as Gemma. Needless to say, there is a business the market has to look out for- and that is Jeylan Made.

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Isha Mandloi

Isha is a content creator at Spocket. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. She creates insightful content focussed on ecommerce, marketing and growth.

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