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How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

Rosie Greaves

The US economy is one of the largest in the world - which for eager dropshippers can be a double-edged sword. 

Yes, the potential to make your millions is seemingly limitless. BUT, you can't sell dropshipping products blindly. To conquer one of the largest economies in the world, and the American consumer, you need to offer an array of appealing, high-quality options with fast shipping to boot. 

Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life that doesn’t include online shopping. We don’t say this because we're passionate dropshippers, but because we’ve got the statistics to back it up. In the US alone, retail eCommerce sales are forecasted to skyrocket to over $6.5 trillion by 2023. 

So, whether you’re considering dropshipping or are a soon-to-be online store owner, you’re going to want a slice of that pie. But, as we've mentioned, you need to offer customers high-quality products with fast shipping. 

And the best way of doing that is to use US suppliers. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and resources to add dropshipping suppliers from the USA to your cohort, and profit because of it. 

Why use US dropshipping suppliers?

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a surge in demand for US products with fast shipping. In fact, in a 2019 survey of online shoppers, the findings on consumer shipping expectations were clear:

  • 40% expected delivery within 2 days
  • 21% expected delivery within 3-4 days
  • 10% expected delivery within 5-7 days
  •  Only 2% thought a 1-2 week time frame was acceptable. 

We know that 263 million of the US population bought goods online in 2019, with a predicted increase to almost 288 million online shoppers in the US by 2024

That means you need to meet the expectations of your target audience and find some fast shipping options to attract and retain your growing customer base. 

Overall, you and your customers are looking for the following criteria:

  • Fast shipping
  • High-quality
  • Handmade products
  • Better shipment tracking
  • Great customer service 
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (i.e., a return policy)

This is where diversifying your product selection to include US suppliers is worth its weight in gold.  By the end of this post, you’ll have a deep understanding of why you need to have dropshipping suppliers from the USA as well as what to look for. Let’s dive in!

US Suppliers Boast Fast Shipping

Although dropshipping Aliexpress products may seem like the cheapest option, you often have to compromise on shipping times. 

It's not uncommon for products from Aliexpress suppliers to take several weeks to get to your customers. And in the era of Amazon Prime, where consumers expect next day delivery, you need to stay competitive. 

Suppliers Boast Fast Shipping

So, by using US suppliers to ship to your American customers, it stands to reason these products don't have to travel as far or rely on foreign logistics. Therefore, they can get to your customers quicker than an international supplier could. 

American Products are (Usually) Better Quality

There are tons of Aliexpress dropshipping suppliers that manufacture and ship top-notch products. However, due to the vast landscape of Chinese dropshipping suppliers, it's easier for high-inventory, low-quality suppliers to pop up with inferior products. 

On top of that, due to massive differences in time zone and, often, language barriers, rectifying these problems can be a burden that usually falls on the dropshipper. All seasoned dropshippers can tell you their stories about miscommunications, returns, and lost customers due to low-quality Aliexpress Suppliers. 

All the more reason why US suppliers are gaining more traction. US Suppliers are easier to hold accountable for their shipping times and quality of dropshipping products, should issues arise. 

You Can Charge More

Although US suppliers might cost more for their merchandise, typically speaking, you can charge more and for high quality, handmade products. Just be sure to market these products to their full potential.  

If you're worried customers won't pay more, we’ve got good news. Studies show that 60% of shoppers pay extra for products made in the US. This is namely because consumers often perceive US brands to boast higher quality, something they're willing to pay more for. Having a fast shipping time helps too, your customers would rather pay a bit more and have the product in their hands faster. 

A Reliable Return Policy

Having a return policy is both a major selling point and a sure way to build trust with your customers in both the present and future. You can rest easy knowing that if your customer wants to return their item, your supplier will be cooperative and easy to work with. 

You won’t lose any money from refunds, and your customer will feel satisfied knowing that their happiness is your main priority. Doing this with Aliexpress suppliers is difficult and usually impossible, resulting in the dropshipper having to refund their customers out of their own pocket.

American Products

Customer Service

Most dropshippers forget the powerful hidden tool of customer service. To illustrate, Let’s say your customer accidentally ordered a red dress when they wanted a black one. 

Once they’ve let you know, you can simply communicate with the supplier VIA Spocket to let them know that the product color needs to change. It’s as simple as that. 

Doing this with Aliexpress suppliers can result in a headache of initiating a return, ordering the dress again, and having your customers return one of their orders once they’ve received it. That very sentence leaves dropshippers winded and anxious. 

Using US suppliers gives you access to smaller supplier operations that don’t mind picking up the phone and check their emails and messages often. Leaving plenty of room for fixing mistakes and changing orders.

What to Look for When Choosing USA Suppliers

So now we've highlighted the main perks of using US suppliers, here are five things to hone in on, as you go about finding the best suppliers for your business: 

  1. Reliability - If you're using Spocket, check their star rating on their supplier page. This provides an accurate picture of their supplier order fulfillment success rate. 
  2. Testing - Always see whether you can order a sample product to evaluate its overall quality, packaging, and shipping time.  
  3. Shipping cost and time
  4. Inventory capacity
  5. Return policy and guarantee

We’re going to take a look at 9 such suppliers and focus on their product quality and shipping times.

9 High-Quality US Dropshipping Suppliers (with fast shipping)

Turquoise Lucy

Turquoise Lucy is a fabulous example of a supplier offering something a little different. The majority of their products feature a remarkable wooden aesthetic. From pens and business cardholders, to travel journals, iPhone cases, and flasks - Turquoise Lucy enables customers to create one-of-a-kind engraved gifts. These are sure to put a smile on a loved ones face. Alternatively, they're a fabulous option for any customer wanting to treat themselves. 

Turquoise Lucy

It's hardly surprising this is one of Spocket's best selling products. Made from real hardwood, encasing its stainless steel core, it's safe to say this is a beautiful product, that also stands the test of time. But, despite its robustness, it still has a lightweight feel. 

Average shipping time: 2 days

Return Policy:If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, you may return the item(s) within 30 days of receiving the order. Please note that monogrammed, personalized, special-order items and items damaged through normal wear and tear are not eligible for return'.

Cyan Castor

Cyan Castor is another fab example of a supplier offering something unique. Their map-themed products are ideal for anyone passionate about travel or their hometown.

From custom engraved hip flasks with maps of Burlington, Wisconsin plastered on them, to customized stainless steel coffee tumblers decorated with maps of Mansfield, Texas - these designs are gorgeous!

Cyan Castor

Average shipping time: Same-day 

Return Policy: 'Non-returnable and non-exchangeable” due to one-of-a-kind personalized feat.

Purple Lily Zen

US supplier, Purple Lily Zen, is a high-quality women's fashion apparel, jewelry, and fashion accessory, supplier. 

Their products are ideal for customers looking for beautifully handmade pieces. Purple Lily Zen sells a variety of bracelets using high-quality, genuine semi-precious stones, threaded onto a durable elastic band. Not only does this ensure one size actually fits all, but the robust elastic is also bound to stand the test of time. 

Take this Moonstone & Rose Quartz Bracelet as an example, it's no wonder it's one of Spocket's best selling products. It's high-quality and gorgeous - what's not to love?!

Purple Lily Zen

We also love that when it comes to Purple Lily Zen's mists, they're all made using 100% all-natural, pure ingredients. So, if you're looking to organic produce, these mists are ideal!

Return Policy: If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return the item(s) within 15 days of receiving the order. Please note that monogrammed, personalized, special-order items and items damaged through normal wear and tear are not eligible for return. Please note that their body mists are non-refundable. 

Average shipping time: 3 days

Fuchsia Odysseus

Fuschia Odysseus is the supplier for you if you're on the hunt for up-to-the-minute women's clothing. This is especially true if you want to sell 'going out' outfits. 

From mini dresses to sequin tops to bodysuits - Fuschia Odysseus has everything you need to stock your online store with all the latest women's fashion.

Some of their products even boast free US shipping!

Fuchsia Odysseus

Average shipping time: 2 days

Return Policy:All sales are not subject to a refund. In some cases, only merchandise exchanges or store credit may be issued.

Turquoise Chaos

Turquoise Chaos is another fabulous jewelry supplier. If you're targetting ethical consumers, then they're certainly worth considering. Turquoise Chaos produces handcrafted pieces from Austin, Texas. With this supplier, you know that everyone involved in the production process is paid an ethical wage. 

Many of their products come beautifully presented in organza bags, making them perfect for gift giving. Plus, they offer free shipping to all US customers!

Take this Lilly Heart Choker as an example:

Turquoise Chaos

Again, this is one of Spocket's bestsellers, and when we delve into the product info, it's clear to see why. 

It's a made-to-order piece using carefully chosen pieces of hematite, rigorously inspected by a geologist. These are then cut and drilled into heart beads and wire wrapped by hand and strung onto a silver chain.

Also, with this product, $5 is donated to the Moment of Magic Foundation (again, another selling point). Plus, it's nickel and lead-free - so it shouldn't react to your customer's skin!

Lime Aeneas

We all know pet lovers are always on the lookout for ways to spoil their four-legged friends. This is where Lime Aeneas shines. This supplier sells high-quality dog outfits, bow ties, and collar charms. They have everything your customers need to kit out their pooches in all the best gear. 

To get a feel for the quality of Lime Aeneas's dropshipping products, each enamel charm is decorated with rhinestones, with a sturdy metal clasp, and is lead-free. 

Lime Aeneas

Average shipping time: Same-day

Magenta Chloe

Magenta Chloe supplies tons of pretty homeware items, designed in Cranbury, NJ, USA. They're the perfect supplier if you're after unique, handcrafted designs boasting beautiful calligraphy or artistry, by talented artisan, Alyssa Thiel. 

The majority of their products are made using high-quality, 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly, water-based inks. This supplier is another fantastic option for ethically-sourced products. Plus, you can be confident that when you purchase Magenta Chloe products, you're supporting fair trade artisans.

Magenta Chloe supplies pillows, placemats, aprons, tea towels, tote bags, etc. Take a look at this Eucalyptus Bunch Watercolor Tote Bag (another of Spocket's bestsellers): 

Magenta Chloe

Average shipping time: 4 days


If you're looking for a top-notch bag supplier, check out Vesuvianite. They have totes, laundry bags, wine bags, and even handbags to carry your dog in - so, it's safe to say Vesuvianite covers everything!

Vesuvianite products boast superior quality with their double bottoms and reinforced handles. So, it doesn't matter whether customers want a robust bag to hit the beach or grocery store; Vesuvianite products are the perfect companion. 

Not to mention, some of their interiors stand out from the crowd with their fully lined 360-degree pockets. Often, these match the color of the outside trim, making for an elegant finish. 

Check out this Box Tote (again, another of Spocket's bestsellers):


Average shipping time: 1 day

Mint Green Leto

Mint Green Leto specializes in beauty and spa products like soaps, candles, face wash, etc. 

Take their 'Coconut Oasis Milk Soap' as an example: This is just one of the many decadent products Mint Green Leto has to offer. Infused with natural essential oils- lemon, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavandin, patchouli, and spearmint, it's a fabulous option for anyone wanting all-natural products. 

Mint Green Leto

It's also worth noting this product is 100% handcrafted, vegan, and free from artificial colorants, detergents, and phthalates. All of which are fantastic USP's you can use to market to your customers. Plus, this supplier offers free shipping to US customers!

Mint Green Leto claims its soaps boast deep cleaning properties that naturally purify the skin. Also, its organic recipe keeps skin moisturized - even those with problem skin. It's an incredibly gentle product, making it ideal for customers looking for something to soothe and balance their complexion.  

Average shipping time: 1 day

Wrapping Up

When you consider all the competitive advantages of dropshipping fromUS suppliers, surprisingly, few entrepreneurs take this route. In a market flooded with low-quality products, you can stand out from the crowd by selling USA-made products, with fast shipping, a satisfaction guarantee, and excellent customer service. 

These traits will truly distinguish you from the sea of Chinese products dominating the dropshipping world. 

If you want access to high-quality dropshipping suppliers in the USA, why not give Spocket a try? It's free to join, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Rosie Greaves

Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist specializing in all things digital marketing, B2B, and lifestyle. In addition to Spocket, you can find her published on Reader's Digest, E-commerce Platforms, and Judicious Inc. Check out her website Blog with Rosie for more information.

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