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20 Top Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

Adeel Qayum

The UK is one of Europe’s biggest eCommerce markets. Last year, online sales hit $131.5 billion and are expected to grow to $185.37 billion by 2028.

With a population of nearly 68 million, almost everyone here shops online. This widespread adoption makes the UK a prime market for dropshipping.

Competition is lower compared to the US, which means fewer hurdles for new dropshippers. Whether you’re dropshipping gadgets or fashion, you’re likely to see strong demand.

Plus, the UK’s rapid eCommerce growth means plenty of opportunities. Starting now could position you well for future success.That brings us to the question: who are the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK? Who should you consider partnering with to tap into this thriving market? Below is a closer look at some top options:

Best Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK in 2024

1. Salmon Oscar

Best UK Dropshipping Supplier for Online Pet Stores


Salmon Oscar caters to wholesale and dropshipping pet boutiques, dog grooming salons, boarding kennels, catteries, veterinary clinics, online and brick-and-mortar retailers, and e-marketplace sellers.

Founded in 2006, Salmon Oscar offers pet accessories and gifts fit for any furry royalty. They specialize in unique dog and cat clothes, collars, and pet collar charms. They also carry British-made pet products, including Pet Avenue dog coats.

Supplier highlights:

  • Order processing: Orders are typically handled within 24 hours on weekdays. Personalized items or busy periods might extend this time.
  • Gift orders: Send gifts directly with a free service. Tick the gift option at checkout and include a message. They’ll handle the rest.
  • Exchanges: Swap for a different size, color, or style within the 30-day period. Return in original, unused condition with instructions included.
  • Refunds: Full refunds are processed within 7 days of receiving the goods. Return shipping costs are on you unless it’s a defective product or an error, then they’ll cover up to the cost of 2nd Class Recorded Mail.

Verdict: Salmon Oscar provides everything from stylish pet wear to practical accessories, all while ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Orchid Daisy

Best UK dropshipper for Natural, Handmade Candles 

Shop by collection

Orchid Daisy is a UK dropshipper specializing in handmade candles and natural home products. Its catalog includes candles, soaps, and room diffusers, all inspired by the natural scents of the countryside.

Orchid Daisy offers fast UK delivery and a range of ethically produced, artisan-crafted items. You can choose to gift wrap your purchases, with options for personalized messages and eco-friendly packaging.

Supplier highlights:

  • Ethical production: Ensures fair wages and good working conditions for artisans.
  • Fast UK delivery: Most items are delivered in 1-3 days via Royal Mail or couriers.
  • International shipping: Ships to the EU in 3-7 days and worldwide in 5-25 days.
  • 30-day returns: Offers returns within 30 days for unused items in original packaging.

Verdict: Orchid Daisy combines quick delivery and beautifully crafted products to provide a delightful experience for customers.

3. Silver Polyxena

Best UK Dropshipping Supplier for Bath Products

Liquid soap glass

For those interested in dropshipping bath products in the UK, Silver Polyxena is worth considering. This UK-based dropshipper offers bath bombs, zero-waste shampoos, artisan soaps, and more. Each product is made with natural ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging to help reduce waste.

Silver Polyxena also offers house and home products, plus supports global reforestation efforts. The brand has grown through word of mouth—you won't find it on social media. This implies that its customers are so satisfied they recommend it to others.

Supplier highlights:

  • Eco-Friendly packaging: Silver Polyxena’s items come in biodegradable, refillable packaging.
  • Fast UK shipping: The supplier typically delivers items in 1-3 days within the UK.
  • International delivery:  It can also deliver outside the UK, with orders typically received in 10-17 days.
  • Good returns: Accepts returns within 30 days for unused items in original packaging.

Verdict: Silver Polyxena suits dropshippers seeking eco-friendly bath and home products. Those who value quality and sustainability in the UK market should find it an ideal partner.

4. Turquoise Thanatos

Best UK Supplier for Dropshipping Footwear

Shop traniners

Turquoise Thanatos is a UK dropshipping supplier specializing in a wide range of shoes. You’ll find everything from comfy everyday sneakers to those special occasion heels. Its catalog covers various styles for women, men, and kids.

Turquoise Thanatos' shoes come in all sorts of sizes. Not sure which size to get? Contact the supplier with the style you’re interested in, and they’ll do their best to provide accurate insole measurements.

Supplier highlights:

  • Shipping: Free delivery within the UK and international shipping to over 25 countries.
  • Returns: 30-day return policy for unused items.
  • Exchanges: Only available for defective or damaged items.
  • Sizing help: Contact for accurate insole measurements if unsure about sizing.

Verdict: Turquoise Thanatos is ideal for those looking to sell a variety of shoes. With its diverse catalog and easy shipping options, it’s a great choice for dropshipping footwear in the UK.

5. Rose Eleusis

Best UK Supplier for Online Stores Selling Outerwear

Product categories

Looking for a UK dropshipping supplier that’s nailed the outerwear game? Rose Eleusis might be your best bet. Since 2008, it has crafted stylish coats and jackets using top-notch Italian fabric and skilled British tailoring.

Rose Eleusis focuses on making pieces that last and using eco-friendly materials. If you're running an online store or a brick-and-mortar shop, its outerwear can boost your offerings. The supplier also offers great deals for retailers, including discounts on first orders and free shipping.

Supplier highlights:

  • Diverse outerwear range: Rose Eleusis offers various stylish coats for men, women, and kids—faux fur, puffer, and wool coats.
  • Community engagement: It prioritizes community involvement and supports local sports teams.
  • Eco-Friendly practices: The supplier uses sustainable materials and packaging for most of its products.
  • Comprehensive order tracking: It provides end-to-end tracking for all orders, keeping you informed from shipment to delivery.
  • Retailer benefits: New retailers enjoy 50% off the first order, free shipping for a year, and 60-day payment terms.
  • International shipping available: Rose Eleusis ships worldwide, though import duties and taxes may apply.

Verdict: Rose Eleusis is perfect for retailers who want to offer stylish, well-made outerwear while supporting sustainable and community-driven initiatives.

6. Black Sugarplum

Best UK-based supplier of Natural Hair Care Products 

Natural Hair Care Products 

Trying to find the perfect dropshipping partner for hair care? Black Sugarplum delivers natural hair care solutions with a touch of magic. Their lineup includes everything from growth serums to shine-boosting shampoos. Black Sugarplum keeps it real with pure ingredients for all hair types. So, you can offer your customers products that actually work.

Born out of a quest for healthier hair, Black Sugarplum combines effective ingredients with simple formulas. It focuses on hair care that works, no matter the hair type. Whether you need products for growth or everyday care, this supplier has got you covered.

Supplier highlights:

  • Natural ingredients only: Uses plant-based, cruelty-free formulas that are gentle and effective.
  • Reliable solutions: Products designed to address hair growth, repair, and daily maintenance.
  • Quick shipping: Ships orders within 24 hours from warehouses in the UK, US, Sweden, Japan, and Italy.
  • Global delivery: Reaches customers worldwide using DHL, USPS, Amazon Logistics, or Royal Mail.
  • Easy returns: Accepts product returns within 14 days if they are unused and in original condition.

Verdict: Black Sugarplum is ideal for UK merchants needing natural hair care products. With reliable shipping and effective formulas, it makes dropshipping simple and efficient.

7. Lime Pontus

Best for Dropshipping Zero-Waste Personal Care Items

When it comes to zero-waste and eco-friendly personal care, Lime Pontus knows what’s up. This UK dropshipper specializes in sustainable bath and body products that are both effective and environmentally conscious. From nourishing conditioner bars to refreshing home scents, they’ve got the essentials to keep your customers feeling fresh and green.

Established in 2018, Lime Pontus crafts everything by hand in their small UK workshop. Their lineup includes solid shampoo bars, moisturizing lip balms, and rich body soaps—all using natural ingredients with minimal packaging.

Supplier highlights:

  • Broad product range: Offers shampoo bars, soaps, and eco-friendly home scents.
  • Sustainable practices: Handcrafted items with minimal, biodegradable packaging.
  • Wholesale and dropshipping: Provides easy access for bulk orders and dropshipping options.
  • Quick shipping: Fast dispatch for orders, with tracking available.
  • Eco-friendly approach: All products and practices focus on reducing environmental impact.

Verdict: Lime Pontus is a top pick for UK dropshippers seeking eco-friendly products. Their range of zero-waste personal care items lets you keep it green without breaking the bank.

8. Amaranth Helios

Best UK Dropshipper for Ethical Beauty Products

Ethical beauty products

Dreaming of adding earth-friendly beauty products to your store? Amaranth Helios might be your perfect UK dropshipping supplier. The company has been making waves since 2019 with its handmade, vegan skincare that's both planet-friendly and luxurious. 

Amaranth Helios skips harmful chemicals and goes all-in on eco-friendly practices. This dropshipper covers everything from soothing facial balms to energizing body washes. Ideal if you want to wow your customers with green, guilt-free beauty options.

  • Handcrafted quality: Made in small batches for ultimate freshness and effectiveness.
  • Plastic-free packaging: Uses recycled materials like glass and aluminum.
  • Zero-waste refills: Customers can send back containers for reuse.
  • Wide range: Offers facial oils, bath salts, body creams, and more.
  • Quick UK shipping: Fast and reliable delivery within the UK.

Verdict: Amaranth Helios fits stores wanting sustainable beauty products with a luxury feel. Its eco-friendly approach and natural ingredients make it an excellent choice for green-conscious retailers.

9. Coral Simba

Best UK Supplier for Wall Art Dropshipping

Wall Art Dropshipping

Coral Simba brings a splash of creativity to your shop's collection. Offering everything from abstract pieces to personalized photo frames, they’re the go-to for merchants wanting to diversify their catalog with distinctive wall art.

Coral Simba ensures your store's offerings are both stylish and well-made. With affordable, handcrafted pieces, it’s a great pick for retailers aiming to add variety. Its dropshipping service takes the stress out of inventory, and trade discounts make bulk ordering even more appealing.

Supplier highlights:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Durable, artisan-made pieces that add a unique touch to any retail space.
  • Quick shipping: Fast UK delivery at reasonable rates
  • Simple returns: Easy returns within 14 days (excluding custom items).
  • Helpful guides: Free resources on how to display and choose the right art for customers.
  • Seamless dropshipping: Seamless order fulfillment to help improve your customer experience 

Verdict: Coral Simba is ideal for merchants looking to add unique wall art to their store's lineup. With a diverse range of styles and hassle-free dropshipping, it’s a top pick for enriching any ecommerce storefront.

10. Mauve Charlie

Best UK dropshipper for Gift Items and Supplies

Gift Items and Supplies

Mauve Charlie is the place for shops looking to add a sprinkle of charm to their lineup. This UK dropshipper and wholesaler offers a quirky mix of gifts and home essentials. Whether it's cute, hand-poured candles or eye-catching gemstone jewelry, Mauve Charlie makes sure your store pops with its unique finds.

Mauve Charlie has low minimum orders and flexible dropshipping options, making it easy for shops of any size to get started. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large retailer, you’ll find plenty of ways to mix things up and keep your customers coming back for more.

Supplier highlights:

  • Handcrafted and global: A mix of UK-made and globally sourced gifts and accessories.
  • Wholesale deals: Access to great wholesale prices with discounts for larger orders
  • Free delivery: Enjoy free shipping on large orders to save costs and pass benefits to customers.
  • Quick UK shipping: Reliable and fast shipping options for mainland UK and beyond.
  • Global reach: Ships to Europe and worldwide for international merchants.

Verdict: For stores focused on selling unique gifts and home decor in the UK, Mauve Charlie offers can be a valuable supply partner.

11. Viridian Aio

Best UK Supplier for Men’s Fashion Accessories

Men’s Fashion Accessories

If you're eyeing premium men’s accessories for your store, Viridian Aion has you covered. This UK dropshipping company specializes in elegant ties, cravats, and waistcoats for weddings and formal events. You get quality pieces without the fuss of stocking them yourself.

Viridian Aion also offers flexible shipping with no minimum order—great for starting small or ordering in bulk. Plus, quick UK shipping means your items are dispatched in 1-2 working days. Need reliable formalwear for your customers? Just choose Viridian Aion and keep your inventory sharp and stylish.

Supplier highlights:

  • Swift UK dispatch: Orders are sent out in 1-2 working days, with tracked options available.
  • Flexible shipping rates: Offers standard, tracked, and next-day shipping within the UK
  • Global shipping: Covers Europe, the US, and more, with clear international shipping rates.
  • Wholesale pricing: Offers competitive pricing for bulk purchases.

Verdict: For retailers aiming to offer formal accessories in the UK, Viridian Aion can be a reliable partner. It delivers quality products and fast shipping to help you stay ahead.

12. Sangria Angel

Best for Sourcing Lighting Products In the UK

Sourcing Lighting Products

Sangria Angel is a UK dropshipping supplier offering a vast range of lighting products. It  knows what merchants need, having spent over a decade perfecting their craft. Sangria Angel’s mission is clear—provide trendy, high-quality lighting without breaking the bank.

Sangria Angel's inventory covers a broad spectrum, including modern pendant lights, essential accessories, and unique wall lights. The supplier also keeps up with current trends to provide what’s in demand. Whether you’re stocking up for a boutique or adding to an online store, Sangria Angel should have you covered.

Supplier highlights:

  • Variety of products: Offers lampshades, vintage bulbs, cables, and accessories.
  • Quick UK delivery: Orders typically arrive within 2-4 days.
  • Easy returns: 30-day money-back guarantee for unused items.
  • Low order minimum: Allows merchants to try new products without large investments.
  • Comprehensive support: Email and phone assistance are available for questions or issues.

Verdict: If you need a reliable UK dropshipper for lighting products, Sangria Angel can be a solid partner. Their broad selection and fast delivery make it simple to meet your store's lighting needs.

13. Beige Grapevine

Best for Wholesale Dropshipping of Gifts and Home Decor 

Beige Grapevine is a solid choice for shops looking to add fun gifts and home decor. They offer everything from quirky garden pieces to cool kitchenware and unique novelty gifts. Your store will have a range of items that catch the eye and bring a smile.

For over ten years, Beige Grapevine has partnered with artisans worldwide to bring fresh, handmade products to market. Its collection includes all sorts of eclectic gifts and décor.  With frequent updates to its stock, you’ll always have something new and exciting to offer your customers.

Supplier highlights:

  • Flexible ordering: No minimum order requirement, so you can buy just what you need.
  • Free UK delivery: Get free shipping on orders over £175 (excluding VAT).
  • Quick shipping: Most orders ship out within one working day.
  • 30-day return policy: Offers a money-back guarantee for returns within 30 days on unused items.
  • Reliable customer support: Available through email and phone for any questions or concerns.

Verdict: Beige Grapevine simplifies offering diverse gifts without upfront inventory. For unique, handcrafted pieces that surprise and delight, it’s a strong UK dropshipping choice.

14. Maroon Cassandra

Best for Dropshipping Adult Products To The UK

Adult products suppliers

If you're aiming to stock quality adult products, Maroon Cassandra is the place to look. This UK-based supplier specializes in adult toys, wellness items, and accessories. It has been around for years, bringing a solid mix of established bestsellers and new trends.

With Maroon Cassandra, you get access to a large selection of items that are top sellers in the industry. It offers dropshipping and wholesale options that are simple to set up and use. This way, you can focus on running your business rather than managing stock.

  • User-friendly platform: Manage listings, prices, and stock with ease.
  • Fast UK shipping: Orders placed by 2 pm are dispatched on the same day.
  • No fees for dropshipping: Maroon Cassandra ships directly to your customers with discreet packaging.
  • Low minimum order for wholesale: Just £100 to start.
  • Various brands: Includes popular and niche products.

Verdict: Maroon Cassandra can be a great partner for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to break into the adult industry. It offers reliable dropshipping and a wide product range, simplifying your entry into this growing market.

15. Lilac Erebus

Best UK Wholesale Gifts Dropshipping Supplier

Gifts Dropshipping Supplier

Lilac Erebus dropships exciting products all over the UK. Its catalog consists of a range of giftware and home decor, from quirky garden gnomes to chic candle holders. As a reliable dropshipper, Lilac Erebus also offers an easy way for retailers to expand their inventory without holding stock.

A notable aspect of Lilac Erebus is its commitment to quality and variety. The dropshipper ensures that each product is crafted with attention to detail, whether it’s a unicorn statue or an incense holder. With a focus on keeping things fresh, Lilac Erebus makes it easier for stores to offer the latest trends and timeless classics alike.

Supplier highlights:

  • User-friendly platform: Simplifies order management and stock updates.
  • Fast dispatch: Orders placed by 2 pm are shipped the same day, with standard UK delivery in about 2 days.
  • No minimum order: Freedom to order as much or as little as needed
  • Eco-friendly packaging: Uses recyclable materials to keep shipments neat and sustainable.

Verdict: Lilac Erebus is ideal for merchants wanting versatile seasonal products. With its broad range and consistent delivery, you can ensure your store stays well-stocked throughout the year.

16. Gold Misty

Best for Dropshipping Jewelry in the UK

Dropshiping jewelry

Jewelry has long been a popular choice in the dropshipping sector. Gold Misty gives your store an edge with their curated collection of handcrafted pieces, from elegant necklaces to bold statement rings.

Gold Misty uses recycled sterling silver and packs everything in eco-friendly materials. It offers a responsible and stylish option for retailers wanting to add distinctive jewelry to their lineup. With a focus on both quality and sustainability, this supplier is ideal for merchants looking to appeal to a conscientious market.

Supplier highlights:

  • Diverse range: Offers necklaces, rings, earrings, and men’s jewelry.
  • Handcrafted jewelry: Each piece is carefully made by artisans in their studio.
  • Sustainable practices: Uses 100% recycled sterling silver and fully recyclable packaging.
  • Direct delivery: Free standard shipping in the UK with express options available.

Verdict: For new and upcoming jewelry stores, Gold Misty offers a pathway to unique and eco-friendly collections. Its focus on handcrafted pieces and sustainable practices should appeal to UK consumers looking for quality and ethical options.

17. Azure Tartarus

Best to Dropship Men’s and Women’s Accessories 

Dropship Men’s and Women’s Accessories

Azure Tartarus combines urban art influences from New York and London into stylish apparel and accessories. The UK supplier offers a range of bold designs alongside sleek pieces that fit any city-inspired look.

PETA approval highlights its commitment to cruelty-free fashion. Azure Tartarus uses materials like vegan leather for bags and shoes, plus works only with factories that ensure fair treatment of workers.

Supplier highlights: 

  • PETA approved: Ensures products meet cruelty-free standards.
  • Flat-rate shipping: Transparent pricing for UK deliveries.
  • Quick delivery: Standard 2-day shipping with express options available.
  • Eco-Friendly packaging: Uses recyclable and sustainable materials.

Verdict: Azure Tartarus can be a reliable choice for shops aiming to tap into urban fashion. It provides stylish, ethical options that are likely to be received well by Britons in the ethical fashion space.

18. Ochre Europa

Best for Harem and Boho-Inspired Clothing

Boho-Inspired Clothing

Clothing retailer looking to add some bohemian flair to your collection? Ochre Europa brings a mix of trendy harem pants, skirts, and boho-inspired jewelry. Their range caters to everyone—from kids to adults—offering vibrant prints and simple styles that fit any mood.

Ochre Europa’s commitment to ethical fashion is clear. They use eco-friendly fabrics and support fair trade, ensuring that every item is both stylish and responsible. Whether it's for a festival or a laid-back day, their pieces are made to blend comfort with style, perfect for any casual setting.

Supplier highlights:

  • Eco-conscious: Focuses on sustainable materials and fair trade production.
  • Versatile styles: Ideal for yoga, beach days, or everyday wear.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: All items come in recyclable packaging.
  • Free UK shipping: Standard delivery across the UK, with express options available.
  • Support for conservation: Each purchase helps fund wildlife conservation efforts.

Verdict: Ochre Europa is great for merchants seeking to bring eco-friendly bohemian fashion into their stores.

19. Banggood UK

Best UK Dropshipper for Gadgets and Fashion

Gadgets and fashion products

Banggood UK is another top supplier for UK dropshipping due to its extensive product range and quick shipping options. With over 250,000 products and competitive prices, it's a favorite among UK dropshippers.

Banggood covers a wide range of categories. From office supplies to tech gadgets, apparel, car parts, and home essentials, it has something for every niche.

Banggood has over ten warehouses to ensure swift delivery across various locations. UK dropshippers benefit from fast shipments from local warehouses, leading to increased sales and higher profits.

Supplier highlights:

  • UK warehouse: Provides rapid shipping from local warehouses.
  • Cashback offers: Enjoy up to 9% cashback on purchases. 
  • Free membership: Access without any membership fees.
  • Generous offers: Discounts from 5% to 20% on many products.

Verdict: Banggood UK is excellent for dropshippers needing a broad product range and reliable shipping. Its UK warehouse, cashback offers, and free membership make it an ideal option for efficient and cost-effective dropshipping.

20. Costway

Best for Low-Cost UK Dropshipping

Low cost dropshipping

Costway is one of the best UK suppliers around. Costway offers a wide range of categories, including furniture, sporting goods, toys and games, beauty products, and more. If you’re looking to dropship specific items, you’ll likely find them here.

The Costway dropship program is ideal for UK dropshippers. Products are shipped directly to your customers from the Costway UK warehouse. There’s no joining fee, so you can start selling their products right away. 

You also get a dropshipping discount to boost your profits. Plus, you can use product images from the Costway UK website for your store to attract more customers.

Supplier highlights: 

  • No joining fee: Start dropshipping without any upfront fees.
  • Dropshipping discounts: Enjoy discounts on selected items to increase profit margins.
  • Quick handling: Products are handled within 24 hours and shipped in 3-5 days.
  • Conforms to UK standards: Adheres to UK regulations and standards for product quality and safety.

Verdict: Costway is ideal for dropshipping a wide range of quality products in the UK. It offers fast shipping, no membership fees, and discounts, making it an excellent option for expanding your dropshipping business.

Bonus: SaleHoo

Best for Shopify UK dropshipping

Dropshipping proucts

SaleHoo is a supplier directory that works great for UK Shopify dropshipping. On SaleHoo, you can browse catalogs of over 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers and choose from millions of items.

SaleHoo’s app seamlessly integrates with Shopify, making it simple to import products and manage orders. It also features a dropship catalog where each product has a profit margin at least three times the cost.

Plus, SaleHoo's all-in-one dashboard lets you manage product details, supplier info, and order tracking in one place.

Supplier highlights:

  • Instant product import: Add chosen products to your Shopify store with a single click,
  • Shipping choice: Select between international and domestic shipping for each order.
  • Automated pricing: Use the built-in pricing control tool to automatically add profit margins.
  • Learning resources: Access over 50 free guides and training videos, plus a community forum full of dropshipping peers and experts.

Verdict: SaleHoo is a top choice if you want to source from AliExpress and use Shopify. The app integrates smoothly and automates much of the dropshipping process.


That brings us to the end of the best dropshipping suppliers in the UK. As you can see, there are plenty of options, each offering unique benefits. Whether you want a broad product range, fast shipping, or custom designs, you’ll find a supplier that meets your needs.

And if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform, create an account on Spocket. It has many UK suppliers and also connects you with suppliers from other countries (in case you're interested in expanding your business to other markets.).


How do I find dropshipping suppliers in the UK?

Check out our recommended list to find suppliers. Choose one based on your niche and the platform you use for dropshipping.

Is dropshipping in the UK profitable?

Yes, dropshipping is profitable in the UK. With most people shopping online, eCommerce sales are set to exceed $120 billion by 2025. Just pick the right niche to succeed.

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