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Clothes Dropshipping

Clothes Dropshipping: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Adeel Qayum

Thinking of dropshipping clothes? It’s a timeless niche that’s always in vogue. From snappy men’s suits to chic women’s dresses, the variety is endless. But how do dropshippers keep up with what's hot and what's not? How do they find suppliers that won’t let them down?

We're here to break it all down for you. From tapping into the latest fashion trends to choosing reliable suppliers and platforms that ignite your sales, our guide covers all the bases. 

Ready to stitch your way to success and turn those fashion dreams into a thriving ecommerce business? Let’s dive into it and make it happen.

13 products to add to your clothing dropshipping store

Before anything else, let's go over the best products out there for our dropshipping clothes business. We've curated 13 top-selling items from men's clothing, women's apparel, and kids' fashion. Adding these to your lineup is sure to spark interest and drive sales.

Top men’s clothes to dropship

Men’s fashion is stepping up its game, with the market expected to hit a whopping US$573.50 billion in revenue this year. What’s driving the trend? Guys are getting more into their style groove, looking for clothes that work both in the office and on the weekend. Plus, with more cash to splash, they're splurging on the good stuff.

Some of the top dropshipping clothes for men are:

1. Dress shirts

Dress shirts

Dress shirts are stepping out of the boardroom and hitting the streets. Think sharp whites or get bold with patterns and pops of color inspired by Y2K fashion. Perfect for a business lunch or a weekend outing, these shirts are serious wardrobe staples that keep things fresh no matter the occasion.

2. Jackets & Coats

Jackets & Coats

Jackets and coats dial up the style factor when the chill sets in. Think rugged parkas for those snowy days or sleek trench coats for a night out. Every piece offers a chance to show off personal style while keeping warm—essential for anyone looking to stay stylish through the seasons.

3. T-shirts


T-shirts are the backbone of casual wear. They're perfect for layering or standing out on their own. Here are some styles you might consider for dropshipping:

  • Graphic tees with bold prints
  • Solid color basics 
  • Vintage-inspired band t-shirts
  • Eco-friendly organic cotton shirts
  • Athletic tees 

You might also explore integrating a print-on-demand service to spice up your T-shirt offerings. This method lets you offer unique, custom tees that customers can tailor to their own tastes.

4. Shorts


Shorts are the go-to for comfort and style when the temperature rises. Think breathable fabrics and styles that range from smart-casual to athletic. Whether hitting the gym or the coffee shop, having a variety of shorts means staying cool and looking great all summer long.

5. Pants


Pants are the unsung heroes of daily wear. From trim chinos for a polished look to relaxed joggers for lounging around, the variety is endless. Stocking up on a mix that includes both classic and trendy styles means you're ready for work, weekends, and everything in between.

Top women’s clothes to dropship

The latest fashion trends and increased spending power among women are significantly fueling the demand for women's wear. The market is showing strong growth and is expected to reach approximately USD 394 billion by 2025. If you want a slice of this pie, consider stocking your catalog with top dropshipping clothes for women.

Here’s a list of clothes currently in demand among female consumers:

6. Jeans


Jeans are a "jeanius" idea for dropshipping. Why? Because they're a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style. Everyone loves them for their versatility—they can be dressed up for a dinner out or dressed down for a casual day at home. Plus, they appeal to such a wide audience.

When planning your catalog, consider including a variety of styles: boyfriend jeans for comfort, high-waisted jeans for a flattering fit, and flare jeans for a touch of retro. 

Also, think about stocking some trendier options like distressed jeans for an edgy vibe and cropped jeans for a modern twist. Offering this range will help ensure that you’re catering to all tastes and fashion preferences.

7. Activewear


Women’s activewear is getting a lot of love right now because you can totally wear it anywhere. It's not just for the gym anymore. Whether you're hitting a yoga class, running errands, or just lounging at home, activewear fits the bill because it’s both comfy and stylish. Plus, with everyone trying to stay fit and active, having gear that can keep up with a busy lifestyle is a must.

So, if you're into dropshipping, you should definitely think about stocking up on activewear. Here are some must-haves:

  • Leggings.
  • Sports bras 
  • Tank tops 
  • Running shorts
  • Comfy joggers

8. Dresses


Women's dresses are a closet staple because they’re just so versatile. You have everything from casual day dresses to those fancy cocktail numbers, and they come in all sorts of fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, and lace. Plus, you can wear a dress to almost any event, work, or just hanging out. It really never goes out of style.

If you're thinking about dropshipping, consider stocking up on a variety of dresses. Maybe throw in some cool belted shift dresses, chic bodycon dresses with unique cut-outs, or even some laid-back backless tank dresses. Offering a mix of styles keeps things fresh and meets the needs of all kinds of shoppers looking to spice up their wardrobe.

9. Jackets


A women’s jacket is an essential for the upper body, featuring stylish elements such as zippers or buttons, and crafted from a range of materials including leather, denim, or synthetic fibers. When dropshipping, it's important to offer a variety of jacket styles to suit different tastes and weather needs.

To make the most of this category's popularity and profitability, you should consider adding these must-have styles to your lineup:

  • Classic leather biker jacket
  • Relaxed denim trucker
  • Practical waterproof rain jacket
  • Warm fleece zip-up
  • Sleek tailored blazer
  • Teddy jacket

10. Matching sets

Matching Sets

Are you thinking about adding some flair to your dropshipping store? Matching sets for women could be just what you need. They're popular because they offer a complete, stylish outfit without the hassle of mixing and matching. Whether it's for a casual day out or a special occasion, there’s a matching set for every event.

Consider these trendy options for your inventory:

  • V-neck crop short sleeve top and short set
  • Sexy off shoulder crop top and wide leg pants set
  • Casual leggings and matching off shoulder top outfit set
  • Corset-detail off-shoulder top & matching skirt set

Adding these sets to your store can attract females looking for easy, fashionable options, and can also boost your sales by increasing the average order value with full outfits.

Top kids’ clothes to dropship

Kid's clothing is really taking off in the market. It's set to grow from $198.80 billion in 2023 to a whopping $318.34 billion by 2030. And honestly, kids grow so fast, right? That means parents are always back shopping for new sizes, keeping the purchases coming regularly. Plus, more parents are getting super comfortable shopping online, which just adds to the convenience.
Some of the top selling products in this niche include:

11. Hoodie sweatshirts

Hoodie sweatshirts

Hoodie sweatshirts are a staple for any kid's wardrobe. They're super comfy, keep the chill away, and you can throw them on with anything. They’re always in style, especially when it gets chilly out. You can offer these in various styles, including plain, zip-up, pullover, plush fleece hoodies, and drawstring styles. Help parents keep their kids cozy all year round.

12. Magnetic building blocks

Magnetics building blocks

Magnetic building blocks are definitely the toy to watch in 2024. These blocks click together with magnets, making it easy for kids to construct all kinds of exciting structures. They're educational too, helping kids explore their creativity. Consider offering sets with a variety of shapes and colors to boost the creative potential even further.

13. Kids’ armchair

Kid's armchair

The kids’ armchair is another great product to consider for dropshipping. It's designed to make any child's room feel special and cozy. Perfect for relaxing while drawing, solving puzzles, or just unwinding after a busy day of play. You can source it in different colors and designs, such as animal themes, vibrant solids, or playful patterns.

How to start a clothing dropshipping business

1. Do product research to find best sellers

Fashion fades, but style is eternal—and finding the best sellers is all about staying on trend. It's crucial to do your product research to spot those hot items that'll fly off your digital shelves.

Ready to learn where the gems are hiding? Here are some top-notch methods to help you track down the next big hits in apparel:

  • Spocket Trending Products: These are your go-to for grabbing in-demand clothes to dropship. It offers a curated selection of items proven to sell well, making it easier to fill your catalog with surefire winners.
  • AliExpress Dropshipping Center: This tool lets you analyze products based on sales volume, ratings, and performance. It's a solid way to pinpoint potential best sellers for your store.
  • TikTok Ad Spy Tool: Keep a pulse on what's trending by monitoring popular TikTok ads. This insight can guide you toward products that resonate with today's shoppers.
  • Google Lens: A quick scan of an image with Google Lens can tell you a product’s name, manufacturer, and supplier—info that's key when you're trying to source efficiently.
  • Google Trends: Tap into this resource to see what the world is searching for. Google Trends can help you track product popularity and predict seasonal spikes.
  • Platform Best-seller Sections (e.g., Amazon or Poshmark): Check out the best-seller sections of big players like Amazon or Poshmark. Seeing what's already successful there can clue you in on what might work well in your store too.

Don't forget, Spocket often updates its blog with a list of trending clothes, plus offers reviews and shipping times to further aid your decision-making. 

2. Find a reliable clothing supplier

Once you've picked out trending product ideas, the next step in dropshipping clothes is figuring out where to source them. Choosing the right supplier is crucial because they essentially become your business partners. It’s important to pick a platform that aligns with your goals and needs.

When scouting for dropshipping clothes suppliers, consider these key factors:

  • International warehouses: Opt for suppliers with warehouses globally to ensure quicker shipping.
  • Fast shipping times: Everyone appreciates getting their orders quickly, so speed is a must.
  • Clear shipping policies: Transparent policies help avoid complications and build trust.
  • Quality products: High-quality items mean satisfied customers who are likely to return.
  • Positive reviews: Good feedback is a sign of a supplier’s reliability and product quality.
  • Responsive customer service: Quick and helpful responses are crucial for handling any issues that arise.

Here are some top suppliers to consider for your clothing dropshipping business:

  • Spocket
  • AliExpress
  • CJDropshipping
  • Trendsi
  • FashionDIY

Spocket is a solid pick because it works smoothly with most ecommerce platforms. It also connects you with clothing suppliers mainly in the US and Europe—meaning shipping is quick and reliable. You can sync it up with your online store easily, manage your inventory, see some nice profit margins, and enjoy super-fast delivery. 

Spocket webpage

Plus, Spocket lets you fulfill orders with just one click. So, if you’re aiming to grow fast and keep things running smoothly, Spocket should be the supplier of choice for your store. 

3. Build your online clothing store

Now, let’s get into the main part: setting up your online clothing store. You can choose between two types of platforms: a marketplace or a pure-play eCommerce platform.


You can start with platforms like Amazon and eBay. These sites already have lots of people visiting every day, which means you get instant visibility for your products. You're not alone, though—lots of other sellers will be there too, so you'll have some competition. But the big plus is tapping into their huge traffic without much effort on your part.

Pure-play ecommerce platforms

Alternatively, you might prefer platforms like Shopify, Wix, or WooCommerce. Here, you build everything from the ground up. It's all on you to bring in customers, as these sites don’t have their own crowd. The upside is you have full control over your store's look and feel, which is great for creating a unique brand.

It also helps that both types of platforms integrate with Spocket. This means you can easily import products and use automation tools to help manage your store more smoothly.

4. Promote your clothing line

Fashion trends never stand still, and neither should your marketing game. Here are some channels for promoting your clothing line and keep sales soaring:

  • Online marketplaces: You can sell your clothes on sites like thredUP, eBay, Depop, Shopify, Poshmark, Etsy, and Vinted. These platforms are hot spots for fashion and can get your items in front of tons of shoppers.
  • Influencer marketing: Team up with influencers who resonate with your brand. Their posts can make your brand a topic of conversation and transform their followers into your customers.
  • Blogging: Start a blog related to your clothing niche. Share style tips, how-to guides, or fashion news to keep readers engaged and coming back.
  • Email marketing: Use tools like ChatGPT to craft cool email campaigns. Maybe throw in some discount vouchers to keep things spicy and make people more likely to buy.
  • PPC Ads: Put your brand right in the mix with pay-per-click ads. They're a quick way to get eyes on your catalog.
  • Organic social media: Create engaging content for social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Sometimes, all it takes is one viral post to make a huge splash.

5. Fullfill orders

Once people start visiting your online store, you'll see a spike in demand. So, you need to get their orders to them fast. When it comes to dropshipping clothes, you have two ways to handle this: manual and automatic.

For manual order fulfillment, you actually go to the supplier’s website, buy the item, and fill in the customer’s shipping info yourself. But when orders start piling up, this method can really slow you down.

Now, for automatic fulfillment, that’s where it gets easier. With a tool like Spocket, the system handles orders as they come in. No need to do it by hand every time.

How do you process and fulfill orders on Spocket? If you're using Spocket and have it hooked up with Shopify, it's pretty streamlined:

  1. All your orders from Spocket will show up in your Shopify store. They'll have a prefix, like S-0001, so you can tell they're from Spocket.
  2. When you get an order, go to your Shopify orders, find the ones with the S- prefix, and print the Spocket invoice that needs to go in the box.
  3. Ship it like any other order, and once you add the tracking number in Shopify, Spocket gets updated automatically.
Spocket Orders Tab

If you're not using Shopify, just log into your Spocket dashboard:

  1. Go to 'My Orders'.
  2. Use filters to find orders that need attention.
  3. Mark orders you're processing so everyone knows they're on the way.
  4. Package them up with a Spocket invoice inside, and once you ship, add the tracking info in the dashboard.
Spocket Order Status

And if you have lots of orders, you can even export them in a CSV file to manage them more easily. Just select the orders, hit 'Export', and you're good to go.

6. Provide exceptional customer service

Lastly, take steps to improve your customer service. Because clothing returns and exchanges are common, it's important to address them effectively. At minimum, you should consider:

  • Promptly answering customer questions
  • Providing valuable information, such as order tracking
  • Running loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases
  • Offering live chat, phone, and email assistance 
  • Allowing ticket submissions

These factors are important to ensure exceptional customer service in your dropshipping clothes venture. Remember, the quality of service you provide reflects the value you place on your customers' experience.

Dropship Clothes and Dominate the Market

You've mastered how to dropship clothes from scratch. With platforms like Spocket, you're in a great position to get started.

Spocket simplifies inventory management. It automatically syncs your products, and you can monitor everything from the Spocket dashboard. The platform uses color-coded alerts—red for low stock, orange for moderate, and black for well-stocked—making it easy to stay updated at a glance.

Linking Spocket with your online store makes order processing smooth. When a customer places an order, it's directly sent to the right supplier, streamlining fulfillment. This way, you can focus more on growing your business and less on the manual details.

How to dropship clothes FAQ

What are the best dropshipping suppliers for clothes?

For top-notch dropshipping suppliers, you'll want to check out Spocket and a few others like Modalyst, Printful, SaleHoo, and AliExpress. These platforms offer great products and excellent service, making them awesome choices for your dropshipping clothing business.

Can I start dropshipping clothes for free?

You can dropship clothes without spending a lot of money at first. Since dropshipping is such a low-risk model, you don’t need any initial investment to get going. This makes it highly accessible if you’re looking to dive into the fashion industry without upfront costs.

Is the dropshipping clothes niche profitable? 

It is. The clothing niche ranks among the most demanded and lucrative product categories. In fact, market revenue is projected to reach $2 trillion by 2028. With dropshipping being a low-risk and high-reward model, focusing on clothes can significantly increase your profits.

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Adeel Qayum

Adeel holds a Master’s degree in digital marketing and is a passionate e-commerce marketer. He specializes in long-form content creation and has a conversion mindset, which helps him focus on elements that generate sales for businesses.

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