Drop surfing

Drop surfing

What is Drop surfing?

Drop surfing involves monitoring various online platforms for trending or discounted products and quickly adding them to an e-commerce store to capitalize on demand or favorable pricing.

Introduction: Drop surfing, in the context of e-commerce and dropshipping, refers to the strategy of working with multiple suppliers to take advantage of varying wholesale prices for the same product. It allows the seller to "surf" from one supplier to another to find the best possible deal at the time of each customer order, thereby maximizing profit margins. This approach requires a dynamic and flexible operation, as it involves constantly monitoring supplier prices and availability to make cost-effective decisions.

Key Considerations:

  • Supplier Relationships: Maintaining good relationships with multiple suppliers for access to real-time pricing and stock levels.
  • Technology and Integration: Utilizing software that can automate the process of comparing supplier prices and updating product listings.

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