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Product Description Generator

Top 15 Product Description Generators

Ashutosh Ranjan

Whether you're new to e-commerce or an experienced marketer, creating appealing product descriptions is critical for attracting customers and increasing sales. For writing a product description, you may spend the entire day brainstorming or copying and pasting from other websites.

What if you could create interesting, SEO-friendly, and conversion-optimized product descriptions with only a few clicks? Product description generators can help you save time and improve your copy with ease. In this blog, we'll go over the best product description generators to help you produce high-quality descriptions quickly and easily. These tools will transform your product listings from mundane to magnificent.

What is a Product Description Generator?

A Product Description Generator is a software tool or internet service that generates product descriptions for e-commerce listings. These solutions use advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to create high-quality, interesting, and SEO-friendly descriptions with minimal human intervention.

A product description generator helps e-commerce companies and marketers in the process of developing product descriptions. These systems may take product data and provide thorough, compelling, and often personalized product descriptions. They can range from simple templates that require user input to sophisticated AI-powered platforms that generate original content.

Why is Product Description Generator Important?

In the competitive world of e-commerce, excellent product descriptions are critical for attracting and converting buyers. However, creating these descriptions manually can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where Product Description Generators (PDGs) come in handy. 

Let's look at the specific reasons why online firms require these technologies:

Speed of Content Creation: Creating distinctive and interesting product descriptions can be time-consuming and challenging. A product description generator, often called PDG, may generate descriptions in seconds, drastically lowering the time spent on content production.

Reduced Need for Professional Copywriters: Hiring professional copywriters can be costly for small and medium-sized enterprises. A PDG lowers or eliminates the requirement for external writing services.

Maintain Consistency: Consistent brand language throughout product listings enhances brand identity. PDGs ensure that all descriptions have the same tone, style, and format.

SEO-friendly Descriptions: PDGs use relevant keywords and SEO best practices to improve product exposure in search results.

Detailed and Informative Descriptions: Providing detailed and informative product descriptions can help customers make informed purchasing decisions, avoiding returns and dissatisfaction.

Handling Bulk Descriptions: Manually producing descriptions for a large product catalog might be inefficient for firms. PDGs enable the fast production of enormous volumes of product descriptions.

Customizable Content: PDGs provide customizable content, allowing for tailored descriptions based on product category, audience, and marketing strategy.

Top 15 Product Product Description Generators and Optimizers for SEO

By this time, you are now well-versed with product description generators and their features. You have also learned why you need a product description generator for your e-commerce store. Here, we are presenting you a comprehensive list of product description generators and SEO optimizers that would cut down your efforts and time consumption at the same time generating excellent SEO-optimized product descriptions for your online business.

1. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing helper that helps organizations and marketers produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

WriteSonic Product Description Generator

Key Features

Product Description Generation: Creates compelling and SEO-friendly product descriptions based on your parameters. Customize the tone, duration, and style to match your brand's voice.

AI Article and Blog Writer: Creates detailed and well-researched articles and blog posts on a wide range of topics. Includes tools for article structuring, keyword placement, and SEO optimization.

Ad Copy Creation: It helps develop interesting ad copy for sites such as Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Includes possibilities for various ad forms and styles.

Social Media Content: Creates compelling social media posts, captions, and hashtags to increase your online visibility. Supports sites such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Landing Page Copy: Assists in producing compelling landing page content that turns visitors into customers. Optimizes for clear calls to action and effective sales pitches.

Email Marketing: Creates tailored email content for marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automated responses.

Website Copy: Creates a variety of website content, including homepages, about pages, service descriptions, and more.

Concentrates on clarity, engagement, and SEO optimization.


  • Free: 0
  • Chatsonic: $15 billed monthly
  • Individual: $20 billed monthly
  • Standard: $99 billed monthly

2. Copy.AI

Copy.ai is an AI-powered content creation platform that enables organizations to produce high-quality written material rapidly and efficiently. One of its most notable features is the product description generator, which is intended to create entertaining, convincing, and SEO-friendly descriptions for e-commerce products. 

Copy.AI product description generator

Key Features

Customization: It allows you to customize the tone (for example, pleasant, professional, or witty) to match your brand's identity.

SEO Optimization: It generates product descriptions using relevant keywords to boost search engine ranks and visibility.

Content Variations: It generates many variations of product descriptions for users to pick from.

Bulk Content Generation: It allows you to generate descriptions for several products at once, saving time and effort.

Multi-language Support: It supports content creation in various languages, allowing enterprises to reach a worldwide audience.


  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $36/month (Billed $432/year)
  • Advanced: $186/month (Billed $2,232/year)

3. WriterBuddy

WriterBuddy is an AI-powered writing helper that helps businesses and marketers write high-quality, engaging material, such as product descriptions.

Writerbuddy PDG

Key Features

AI-powered: WriterBuddy uses cutting-edge AI technology to create relevant and engaging descriptions.

Keyword Optimization: WriterBuddy recommends important keywords to help your product descriptions appear in search engines.

Product Details: It automatically incorporates important information such as size, color, material, and specifications.

Unique Content: Create original product descriptions to avoid duplicate content concerns.

Bulk Generation: If you have a large inventory, WriterBuddy may generate descriptions for several products at once.

SEO Insights: Learn how to improve your descriptions for improved search engine rankings.


Writerbuddy is free.

4. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant that enables organizations and marketers to efficiently write high-quality content. Among its many capabilities, the product description generator is notable for its ability to generate compelling, SEO-friendly descriptions quickly.

Rytr Product Description generator


Multi-Language Support: Rytr offers more than 30 languages available per description style, therefore, their audience is much wider.

Tone Customization: This includes tone customization (choose from over 20 preset tones or design your own that fits your brand voice)

Flexible Input: Type product name, sentence, or phrase and Rytr AI will produce a full description, highlighting your product features and benefits.

Efficiency: Get AI-generated output instantly, and say goodbye to all the time and money spent on writing content and copy.

SEO: Improve the SEO, bringing you unique and high-quality products.


  • Free: $0/m
  • Unlimited: $7.50/m
  • Premium: $24.16/m

5. CopySmith

Copysmith is an AI-powered content creation software that helps organizations generate high-quality marketing copy and product descriptions. 

Copysmith product description generator

Key Features

Bulk Generation - You may generate hundreds of product descriptions at once to save time and effort.

Integration - Automatically integrate Copysmith with WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon and more

Fully SEO Optimized: Competitive with on-board SEO features to help outrank your competitors and boost sales

Quick Team Collaboration: Work seamlessly with eCommerce marketing teams using ready-to-use templates and integrations.

Multi-Language Support: It supports up to 65 languages.


  • Free: $0/month
  • Starter Plan: $19/month
  • Pro Plan: $49/month

6. Jasper AI

Jasper AI (previously Jarvis AI) is a premier AI-powered writing assistant that assists businesses in creating high-quality copy, such as product descriptions.

Jasper AI Product Description generator

Key Features:

Text Repurposing: Use Jasper Chat to transform current text into product descriptions. Give Jasper a brief outline, and it will efficiently turn it into fascinating descriptions.

Multilingual Support: Jasper supports over 30 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and German. Write descriptions for a variety of audiences with ease.

Brand customization: Customize your brand voice by copying and pasting material, uploading documents, or scanning websites.

Efficient Workflow: Simply enter your product name, features, and benefits into Jasper to generate high-quality descriptions.


  • Free Trial
  • Creator: $49 per month
  • Pro: $69 per month

7.  Simplified

Simplified product description generator is an effective solution that streamlines and improves the content generation process for e-commerce enterprises.

Simplified PDG

Key Features

Template Variety: Select from over 50 templates to construct both short- and long-form product descriptions.

Multilingual Support: Create descriptions in over 30 languages to appeal to a worldwide audience.

Customization: Adjust the level of detail, tone, and style to your individual needs.

Grammarly Integration: Ensures error-free text by automatically checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Plagiarism Checker: When applying AI-generated content, ensure that it is original and appropriately credits its sources. 


  • Pro: $13/month
  • Simplified One: $24/month
  • Business: $39/month

8.  Anyword

Anyword is an AI-powered copywriting platform that enables businesses to create successful marketing content, including product descriptions.

Anyword Product Description generator

Key Features

Easy to Use: Simply describe your product or service, and Anyword will generate appealing descriptions with a few clicks.

Predictive Performance Score: Get a numerical grade for each line of text to assist increase conversions.

Customization: Use the customer persona tool to tailor descriptions so they resonate with your target demographic.

SEO-Optimized: Use powerful SEO keywords to increase online visibility and attract new clients.

Multilingual Support: Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more.


  • Starter: $49/month
  • Data-Driven: $99/month
  • Business: $499/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

9.  Autowriter

Autowriter is an AI-powered content creation platform that helps organizations generate high-quality marketing copy, including product descriptions.

Autowriter PDG

Key Features

Input Simplicity: You supply basic information about your product, and Autowriter will create interesting descriptions that highlight features and benefits.

SEO Optimization: The generated description is SEO-friendly, which boosts search engine rankings.

Efficiency: Save time by swiftly producing thousands of distinct descriptions for a huge inventory.

Customization: Modify descriptions to appeal to your target demographic while maintaining brand consistency.

Multilingual Support: Automatically translate descriptions into any language for overseas markets.


Free: 10 day Trial

Freelancer: $16/month

Business: $24/month

10.  MashnLearn

MashnLearn Product Description Generator is an innovative technology that aims to change the way product descriptions are created.

MashnLearn Product Description Generator

Key Features

Automated Analysis: It examines your product feed to find similar patterns.

Impact Measurement: Calculates the impact of fresh content on your store.


Basic: €1.500,00/month

Pro: €3.500,00/month

11. Smart Copy

Smart Copy Product Description Generator" is an innovative application that simplifies the process of writing attractive product descriptions.

Smart Copy PDG

Key Features

Customization: Smart Copy analyzes your brand's unique information and existing content to provide personalized product description suggestions for you.

Efficiency: Create product descriptions in seconds rather than laboring to write them manually.

SEO Optimization: Write descriptions that highlight your product's benefits and entice customers to discover its distinguishing qualities.

Personalization: To personalize the copy, select the "Fine Tune" option and provide extra information.

Visual Elements: Consider including photographs or GIFs to help customers visualize the product and its use.


  • Free
  • Essential: $9/month
  • Unlimited: $49/month

12. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs Product Description Generator your items, target keywords, and competitor data to create highly optimized descriptions that rank highly in search engines and bring traffic to your website. 

Ahrefs Product Description generator

Key Features

Consistency: Create consistent and convincing product descriptions to entice customers and increase conversions.

Customization: Customize your descriptions to reflect your brand's voice and target audience.

SEO Optimized: Ahref, an SEO expert, creates a well-optimized product description.


  • Free
  • Lite: $129/month
  • Standard: $249/month
  • Advanced: $449/month


"AISEO Product Description Generator" is an innovative tool designed to make it easier to create captivating and SEO-friendly product descriptions.

AISEO Product Description Generator

Key Features

Step-by-Step Approach: AISEO takes you through a series of questions to obtain critical information about your product, target audience, and ultimate goals for the description.

Customization Options: You can customize the description's tone of voice (informative, persuading, etc.) and language.

Keyword Integration: The tool enables you to incorporate relevant keywords to optimize your descriptions for search engines.

Multiple Description Options: AISEO generates many alternatives to your product description, providing you with a variety to choose from.

Free Style Editor: The platform has a built-in editor that allows you to alter and refine the generated descriptions to properly match your requirements.


  • Grow:$24/month
  • Scale:$44/month
  • Team:$99/month

14. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI Product Description Generator is a cutting-edge program that aims to transform the way product descriptions are created.

Hypotenuse AI product description generator

Key Features

Direct Integration: Hypotenuse works directly with your Shopify store, removing the need for manual data entry or copy-pasting.

Bulk Generation: Hypotenuse enables you to create product descriptions in quantity, making it suitable for enterprises with a large inventory.

Multiple Description: Hypotenuse may provide a number of description options for each product, allowing you to select the one that best meets your requirements.


  • Entry: $19/month
  • Essential: $56/month
  • Blog Pro: $150/month

15. Frase

Frase Product Description Generator is an intelligent solution for creating engaging and SEO-friendly product descriptions.

Frase Product Description Generator

Key Features

Simple Input: Frase provides a simple interface where you can enter your product name and pertinent keywords to begin the generation process.

Variety of Description: Frase generates multiple variations of your product description, giving you a variety of options to pick from.

Control over creativity: You can change the level of originality employed during the generating process, allowing you to adapt descriptions to your specific requirements. For example, you can select between a more informed or compelling tone.

"Load More" Option: If you're not satisfied with the basic options, click the "Load More" button to create more descriptions.


  • Free
  • Solo: $15/month
  • Basic: $45/month
  • Team: $115/month

How to Choose the Best Product Description Generator?

When looking for the best product description generator, a number of aspects should be addressed to ensure that the tool fulfills your specific requirements and produces the required results. Here are some crucial variables to consider:

Accuracy and Quality: The generator should provide descriptions that are accurate and of good quality, effectively communicating your products' features, benefits, and unique selling points.

Customization: Look for a tool that allows you to tailor the generated descriptions to match your brand voice, style preferences, and target audience.

SEO Optimization: Select a generator that uses SEO best practices to ensure that your product descriptions appear high in search engine results and drive organic traffic to your website.

Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow are critical for increasing productivity and efficiency while creating product descriptions.

Integration: Consider how well the generator interfaces with your current e-commerce platform, content management system (CMS), or other tools for streamlining your process.

Scalability: Make sure the generator can grow with your company and manage a high volume of product descriptions efficiently.

Cost-effectiveness: Assess the generator's pricing structure to evaluate whether it provides good value for money based on your budget and needs.

Product Description Generator - FAQs

What is the ideal length of a good Product Description?

There is no fixed length for the product description. It depends on various factors, such as the nature of the product, the target audience, and the platform on which the product is being sold

What is an AI Product Description Generator?

An AI product description generator is an application that uses artificial intelligence to automate the development of product descriptions for online stores, websites, and marketing content.

Can I trust an AI-generated product description?

You can trust an AI-generated product description to some extent, as most of the product descriptions you see are generated using AI in this fast-moving world, but you must approach them with caution. You can cross-check them for accuracy.

Why is product description important?

Product descriptions are essential in internet enterprises, serving as a silent salesperson, informing, convincing, and converting potential buyers. 

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Ashutosh Ranjan

Ashutosh is a Postgraduate in Engineering and has years of experience in content writing across wide domains, including educational and e-commerce.

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