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custom print products

Top Custom Print Products to Sell for Maximum Profit

Ashutosh Ranjan

In today's digital world, the desire for personalized items is increasing rapidly. Customers are increasingly looking for distinctive items that reflect their personality and taste, making custom print products a profitable niche for entrepreneurs. Personalization is more than just a trend; it reflects a profound yearning for self-expression and exclusivity.

From fashion to home decor, the number of things that may be customized is huge, providing limitless options for creativity and profit. Consider the potential of transforming a plain t-shirt into a statement piece, a simple mug into a beloved memento, or a generic phone case into a fashion accessory that reveals much about the owner's personality. The possibilities are genuinely endless and extremely fascinating.

Whether you're an established company trying to extend your product range or a new entrepreneur looking to venture into the world of e-commerce, the custom print market is loaded with opportunities.

In this blog, we will take you through the best custom print products to offer, highlighting a variety of popular and profitable options. We'll look at the newest trends, share insights into what makes these items unique, and offer advice on how to market and sell them effectively.

What are Custom Print Products?

Custom print products are objects that have been personalized with unique designs, words, or photos based on the customer's preferences. Unlike mass-produced goods, custom print products enable people to make one-of-a-kind items that reflect their particular style, interests, or brand identification. This personalization can be accomplished using a variety of printing processes, including screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, embroidery, and more.

The custom print products include apparel such as T-shirts and Hoodies, Jackets and Activewear, accessories such as Bags and Totes, phone cases, Home Decor such as Pillows and Blankets, wall art, stationary such as notebooks, calendars, and promotional products such as merchandise gifts, corporate gifts.

Why Sell Custom Print Products?

The market for custom printing was estimated to be worth USD 31,688.4 million worldwide in 2022, and between 2023 and 2030, it is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2%. Selling custom print items has various benefits, making it a very interesting business idea for entrepreneurs. Here are some strong reasons to enter this market:

Low barrier to entry: Print-on-demand (POD) services eliminate the requirement for a large upfront inventory investment. POD businesses handle printing and fulfillment, so you can concentrate on design and marketing.  This makes it easier to enter the market without investing much in capital.

Artistic Freedom: Selling personalized products allows you to put your artistic or design skills to use. You can design for any niche or passion, allowing you to reach a specialized audience.

Profitability: POD services allow you to determine your own profit margin for each product sold. This implies you could make a good profit, especially if your designs are popular.

Diverse Options: Customers can create a wide range of things, from fashion and accessories to home decor and stationery. This diversity enables organizations to cater to a variety of markets and customer preferences.

Reduced Risk: Because products are only generated when an order is received, unsold inventory carries less financial risk. This strategy also enables easy scalability as the company grows.

Enhanced Branding: Custom products can be utilized to effectively brand and promote. Businesses can design branded items to convey their identity and values.

Ongoing Trend: Custom print companies can quickly react to shifting industry trends and consumer preferences. This adaptability enables the timely launch of new designs and products that meet current demands.

Scalability: Because you do not have to handle physical inventory, your business can expand organically as demand rises. You can simply introduce new designs or product varieties without worrying about overstocking.

Online Sales Growth: With the rise of e-commerce, it has become easier than ever to sell custom print products online. Platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon offer a ready marketplace for reaching a worldwide audience.

Top 15 Custom Print Products to Sell in 2024

As the demand for personalized things grows, 2024 presents numerous opportunities for custom print companies. The following are the top 15 custom print products to sell this year:

Custom T-Shirts

Tshirt is a daily wear item, irrespective of age and gender. Adding custom prints to the T-shirt category makes it standard and different from others. The market for custom t-shirt printing was estimated to be worth USD 4,314.0 million globally in 2022. From 2023 to 2030, it is projected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%.

Selling custom-printed t-shirts online provides a unique opportunity to display your ideas and reach a diverse audience. Customers looking for unique fashion statements, promotional products, or unforgettable presents might be attracted by customized designs. Setting up an online store allows you to access a global audience while also providing flexibility and scalability to your organization. To stand out in a competitive market, prioritize high-quality prints, an easy-to-use website, and excellent customer service. You can print a quote, slogan, color pattern, or even an anime or superhero character depending on the ongoing trend.

Custom Printed Tshirt
Credit: Amazon

Personalized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts, although worn by every segment of people in winter, have now become a fashion statement for teenagers. The hoodie market is expanding, and customization is a popular trend. This gives you an excellent chance to sell custom-printed sweatshirts online. You can reach out to a loyal consumer base by providing one-of-a-kind designs that target a certain market. Partnering with a print-on-demand service enables you to concentrate on design and marketing while they handle printing and fulfillment. Setting up an online store with high-quality product mockups and descriptions is vital to showcase your ideas. Social media and influencer marketing can help spread the news, while SEO guarantees that your intended audience can discover you online. Remember that having a range of sweatshirt styles, colors, and sizes appeals to a larger audience, and running deals can attract new buyers.

Custom Printed Hoodie
Credit: Amazon

Custom Phone Cases

The phone case market is expected to expand by USD 13.33 billion, with a CAGR of 6.86% between 2023 and 2027. Custom-printed cellphone cases have become a popular commodity as people seek to express themselves and protect their phones. You can capitalize on this trend by providing a platform where users can personalize their phone cases. Partner with a print-on-demand service to handle production and fulfillment, allowing you to concentrate on producing visually appealing designs. This could be funny phrases, stunning artwork, or images that are relevant to a specific niche. Creating an online store with clear product descriptions and high-quality mockups of the cases on various phone models is critical. Promote your designs on social media and explore working with tech-savvy influencers to reach a larger audience. Don't underestimate the value of providing cases compatible with a wide range of common phone models in order to reach a larger consumer base.

Custom Printed Mobile Case
Credit: Boujee

Custom Printed Mugs

Selling custom-printed mugs online provides an excellent opportunity to enter the market for personalized gifts and everyday items. Custom mugs are popular for personal usage as well as meaningful, one-of-a-kind gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings. You may respond to varied consumer tastes by providing a choice of design alternatives, including personal images and inspirational statements, as well as business logos and artistic designs. An online platform allows you to reach a larger audience by offering an easy-to-use design tool that allows buyers to create their ideal mug. To ensure customer pleasure, emphasize print quality and mug durability. Effective marketing methods, including search engine optimization, can increase traffic to your website and sales.

Custom Printed Mugs
Credit: Merchlist

Custom Printed Bottles

Selling custom-printed bottles online is a fantastic business opportunity that meets the growing desire for personalized, eco-friendly items. Custom bottles are great for a variety of uses, including promotional freebies, company branding, fitness enthusiasts, and personal gifts. You can offer temperature-controlled bottles, glass bottles, etc. By providing a variety of designs and customizing possibilities, you may appeal to a wide spectrum of customers looking for distinctive and useful things. An online store allows you to demonstrate your customizing expertise and reach a worldwide audience. Emphasize the quality of your bottles, including qualities like durability, leak-proof construction, and environmentally safe materials.

Custom Printed Bottles
Credit: Amazon

Personalized Tote Bags

Personalized tote bags are a great combination of functionality and self-expression, making them popular among both sellers and environmentally conscious consumers. Offering customization options allows you to adapt to a diverse range of styles and interests. This might include allowing clients to submit their own designs, selecting from a library of pre-made visuals, or personalizing with text such as names or monograms. Partnering with a print-on-demand business allows you to concentrate on design and marketing while they manage production and fulfillment. Promote your eco-friendly and reusable bags on social media, focusing on environmental groups or common consumers seeking a stylish alternative to plastic bags.

Consider giving a variety of tote bag sizes to meet diverse purposes, such as grocery shopping and carrying everyday goods.

Personalized Tote Bags
Credit: Etsy

Custom Hats and Caps

Selling customized hats and caps online provides a unique opportunity to reach a diverse audience, including fashion fans, sports teams, and corporations looking for promotional products. Custom hats and caps enable customers to showcase their uniqueness or business identification through personalized designs, logos, and messaging. An online store allows you to present a wide range of styles, such as baseball caps, snapbacks, and beanies, while also providing easy personalization options. Emphasize the quality of your products, such as durable materials, comfortable fits, and high-quality embroidery or printing. Selling personalized hats and caps may be both fashionable and profitable if done creatively and strategically.

Custom Caps
Credit: Merchlist

Custom Notebooks and Journals

Custom notebooks and journals are stationery goods that are modified to specific preferences and needs, combining functionality with personal expression. Dropshipping customized notebooks and journals is a good business option that capitalizes on the desire for personalized stationery without requiring considerable upfront investment or inventory management. These custom publications can be customized in a variety of ways, including cover design, paper type, binding, and even internal layout, to meet individual needs, whether for personal use, business, or as unique gifts. Custom notebooks and diaries frequently have unique components such as monograms, logos, or thematic designs, making them excellent for boosting brand identification or commemorating personal achievements. The flexibility to personalize these items allows for a combination of creativity and pragmatism, making everyday writing a pleasurable experience.

Credit: Merchlist
Credit: Merchlist

Custom Wall Art

Custom wall art has grown in popularity as people want to personalize their living spaces. This provides an appealing chance for merchants to respond to individual preferences and offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. You may adapt to different aesthetics and needs by providing a wide range of customization options. This might include letting clients upload their own images, select from a library of curated designs, or customize components like as colors, fonts, and text in pre-made layouts. Partnering with a Print-on-Demand business means they handle production and fulfillment, allowing you to concentrate on design and marketing. Building an online store with high-quality mockups exhibiting several wall art alternatives (canvas prints, metal prints, and framed posters) and customization options is critical.

Customized Wall Art
Credit: Printposters.in

Custom Pet Products

According to Forbes' pet statistics study, 86.9 million homes, or 66% of American families, own pets, while GlobalPETS reports that 91 million families, or 46% of all households in Europe, own at least one pet.

Dropshipping custom pet products online allows you to tap into an ever-growing market of pet owners who enjoy treating their furry pals with one-of-a-kind and personalized gifts. Custom pet products, such as personalized collars, beds, bowls, and clothes, allow buyers to express their pet's individuality and create one-of-kind accessories. An internet store is the ideal venue for offering a number of customization possibilities, allowing pet owners to create goods that reflect their pet's name, breed, or favorite colors. Emphasize the quality and durability of your items, making sure they are safe and comfortable for pets.

Custom Dog Collar
Credit: Amazon

Personalized Calendars

Selling customizable calendars online is an excellent method to provide customers with a useful yet highly personalized product. Personalized calendars allow people to personalize each month with their favorite images, key dates, and special events, making them perfect for personal use or as meaningful gifts. By providing a range of personalization options, you can enable clients to display family photos, including pet portraits, or even personalize dates for significant occasions. Pre-designed templates with seasonal themes or complete design flexibility appeal to both creative types and those who prefer a simpler approach.  Working with a Print-on-Demand provider guarantees high-quality printing on a variety of calendar styles, including desk and wall calendars.  Creating a user-friendly online store with easy customization choices and mockup previews is critical. 

Personalized Calender
Credit: Homefay

Custom Cushions

With the rise of custom cushion sales online, the comfort of home has become even more cozy. This niche provides an exciting opportunity to produce one-of-a-kind and decorative products that express one's individual flair.  By providing a platform for customization, you may appeal to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.  This may include allowing clients to upload their own cherished images for a genuinely personalized touch, selecting from a library of curated designs and patterns, or customizing pre-made templates with colors, text, or even monograms. Partnering with a Print-on-Demand provider allows them to handle production and fulfillment, leaving you free to concentrate on design and marketing.  Building an appealing online store with high-quality pictures exhibiting several cushion shapes (square, lumbar, throw) and personalization choices is critical. 

Custom Cushion
Credit: Wisholize

Custom Towels

The bathroom and beach have not been left out of the customization excitement, and selling customized towels online provides a unique opportunity to make money on this trend.  This enables you to build functional yet fashionable goods that are tailored to individual preferences.  Customization can take various forms, such as allowing consumers to submit their favorite vacation images for beach towel remembrance. You can partner with a Print-on-Demand business for production while you focus on creativity. It is critical to create an online store with high-quality photographs exhibiting several towel varieties (beach towels, bath towels, and hand towels) as well as design alternatives. Share your absorbent and attractive towels on social media.

Custom Towels
Credit: Etsy

Custom Face Masks

While the requirement to wear a mask for everyday usage may be relaxed in some locations, there is still a big market for personalized masks available online. This niche provides an opportunity to combine safety and personal expression, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product with two functions.  Customization can take numerous forms, including allowing consumers to upload their own drawings or images for a humorous or artistic touch, as well as providing pre-designed choices with hilarious slogans or sports team logos. Online platforms make it easier for creators and customers to connect, encouraging creativity and innovation in design. Furthermore, the option to personalize masks based on specific requirements, such as size, fabric type, and additional functions such as filters, increases their appeal and utility. 

Custom Face Mask
Credit: Etsy

Custom Backpacks

Selling customized backpacks online has become an increasingly lucrative business as self-expression and personalized goods have grown in popularity. This enables you to appeal to a diverse range of customers, from students and travelers looking for one-of-a-kind designs to professionals seeking a personal touch. Customers can customize their own artwork, select from a collection of curated designs, or edit pre-made templates with text, logos, or even images. Collaborating with a Print-on-Demand provider allows them to handle production and fulfillment, leaving you to concentrate on design and marketing. Creating an appealing online store with high-quality photographs exhibiting various backpack models (laptop backpacks, vacation packs, daypacks) and customization options is critical. Promote your functional and fashionable backpacks on social media frequently. 

Custom Backpacks
Credit: Merchlist

Top Custom Print Products to Sell FAQs

Which custom print products are most profitable?

While all of the custom print products mentioned in this blog are profitable, some of the most profitable custom print or print on demand products are custom t-shirts, hoodies, bottles, and mugs.

Is print on demand still profitable?

Yes, print-on-demand or custom print products are profitable.

Where to sell print on demand products?

You can sell print-on-demand products on online shops such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc. If you don’t own one, Spocket can help you build your online store.

What can you sell on Amazon Print on Demand?

You can sell custom clothing, such as custom t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, on Amazon Print on Demand

How do I sell a customized product online?

You can sell a customized product online by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Search for a profitable product.
  • Select a sales method.
  • Select suppliers.
  • Create an online store.
  • Use software to automate workflows.
  • Market your products.
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Ashutosh Ranjan

Ashutosh is a Postgraduate in Engineering and has years of experience in content writing across wide domains, including educational and e-commerce.

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