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Top 9 Best Summer Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2024: Your Guide to Seasonal Success

Enina Bicaku

If you’ve noticed that the days are longer, and the breeze feels warmer than you’ve guessed it. Summer is almost here! 

The long-awaited season brings sunshine, BBQs,  fun in the sun, and anything revolving around an ice-cold drink on a hot afternoon. This summer is the perfect time to bring on the best trending products to turn your store into the gateway of summer fun! 

Having a dropshipping business means providing amazing products for every season, So, without further ado, let's dive into the 9 products from every niche that are must-have dropshipping products to sell this summer!

Women’s Felt Hat


The source of trends is always a mystery, but Felt hats are a steady and promising summer product to have in your store. They’re beautiful, fit many sizes, and have an undeniable western appeal that no one can shake off. Check out this 100% wool hat from our US supplier Indigo Winterberry. 

Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 felt hat


They also show a steady demand and search on google, which means they’re not just a fad, these hats are here to stay and keep you stylish and shaded while they’re at it. 

Felt Hat - Google Trends


Another popular women’s hat would be the Panama Hat, a straw substitute with equal style and grace. These are just as beautiful and appeal to a smaller budget but with an equal desire to be stylish. The leather belt adds a beautiful accent and makes this the go-to for days in the sun. 


Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 panama hat


If you’ve ever been on a hammock, then you’re familiar with the laid back aesthetic and comfort it provides. Hammocks are reminiscent of vacations in the tropics, and a steady reminder to take it easy, and enjoy yourself. 

With a convenient hook for hanging, this hammock chair is perfect for any patio and is strong enough to hold a lot of weight and not take up too much space. To top it all off, its the perfect addition to a bohemian home, whether you want to place it inside or out!


Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 Nordic hammock


If you’re wondering how a hammock would do in your store, take a look at the trends below. There’s a steady and consistent demand for hammocks in the summer and an extremely high search rate for them at this current moment. Why not make your store the last search for the perfect hammock?

Hammock - Google Trends

Beach towels

Beach towels are a must in the summer. If you plan on being in the park, on the beach, or in your backyard, this lightweight and fast-drying Turkish towel will do the trick. The best part about these towels is they fold into a minuscule size, and are extremely fast drying. 

Made of Bamboo and Turkish cotton, this is a sustainable and bohemian alternative to any heavy and mixed material beach towel. It can also double as a cover-up, and is made by US suppliers. 


Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 Turkish Beach towel


If you’d like the best of both worlds, why not add this hammock/beach blanket fusion to your store? Irresistible to campers, backpackers, and outdoor adventurers. Folds up to a handheld size to suit a small bag, and a minimalist travel lifestyle.

Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 Hammock beach towel

Beach towels and hammocks are evergreen summer trending products with consistent volume and demand. In fact, if you start selling them now, you could have your hand at winning some customers over!

Beach Towel - Google Trends

Men and Women's Swimwear

Hot summer days are around the corner, and your customers are ready to hit the poolside or the beach with their new bikinis and swimming trunks. Swimwear is one of the hottest trending products to sell, with no shortage of customers looking for a flattering design and trendy colors. With low costs and the potential for high retail prices, it’s a must-have dropshipping product. 

High waisted bikini

We've done some of the heavy lifting for you by looking into the most popular swimwear trends for women right now. According to Elle, the high waisted bikini bottom look of the ’50s has come back into fashion with a bang! Unsurprisingly, this beautiful design snowballed in popularity after celebrities like Kim Kardashian lit up the internet with this style. 

Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 high waisted bikini


One-piece bikini’s are also a trend that’s here to stay. With plunging necklines and a comfortable, design, they’re perfect for pool parties and the beach. They’re also forgiving and give you comfort in hiding unflattering areas and embellishing your shape at the same time. 


Best dropshipping products to sell 2020 one piece bikini

Don’t forget about men’s swimming trunks!

Although men aren’t as picky about buying new, flattering swimming trunks every year, they will make the purchase if they see a color or aesthetic that they like. Take a look at these light orange swimming trunks, they’re the perfect length, with pockets, and have a dreamy orange hue that complements a tan and any beach outfit. 

Men's Swimming shorts Best dropshipping products to sell 2020


Another summer classic, the trend for swimwear is always skyrocketing in the Summer. Google trends gives us a consistent demand as well as volume of people looking for their new favorite swimsuit. Make sure you get on the wave and give your customers what they’re looking for! Searches for swimwear are beginning to peak this month. 

Swimwear - Google Trends

Floaties! For you and your drinks


The Unicorn craze isn’t going anywhere

Floaties are a fortified summer item that makes pool parties that much more fun. They’re irresistible for pool lovers, river floaters, and a perfect gift idea that everyone loves. Mix that with a unicorn shape and you got yourself a party. No pool or beach party is complete without the unicorn floaties. 

Unicorn Floatie Best dropshipping products to sell 2020


Floaties for your drinks

Have you ever been in a pool and wanted to have your drink at the same time? Well, that problem has now been solved. These adorable drink floaties are in the shape of otters, and keep your drink safe and floating nearby for you to reach. They’re the perfect add-on and are bound to make any pool party that much better. Don’t miss out on solving the pool drink problem, and get these otters in your store!

Otter Drink Floatie Best dropshipping products to sell 2020


Dual Hairbrush for Drying and Styling

For the ladies out there who can relate to that summer humidity, you’ve got the solutions for them all! This dual hairbrush is compact, and styles and dries your hair in a matter of minutes. Unruly hair doesn’t stand a chance, as this compact dual hairbrush is easy to carry, and gives you the freedom to go from the beach to a party, without looking like it. 

Dual Drying Hairbrush Best dropshipping products to sell 2020


This brush solves an array of problems women in warmer climates might face. Being one of them, I wouldn’t think twice about having this brush in my purse in any season. Keeps hair perfect, and makes you ready to take on the day, whatever it may be. 

Ionic Hairbrush

Ionic Hairbrush Best dropshipping products to sell 2020

This brush was build to use charges to smooth out and remove frizz from hair. For customers that live in rainy or humid weather, this might just be the lifesaver they’re looking for. Add this to your store to solve a problem, and give your customers the solution they’re looking for, as well as the hair they’ve dreamed of.

Sustainable Summer Dresses

The days of fast fashion are numbered. People are more conscious of their purchases than ever and look for high quality, long-lasting products that they can use for years to come. Why not appeal to these customers and add high quality, sustainable collections to your store?

The dress below is made of 100% Turkish cotton and produced by a US supplier. Its bohemian simplicity and soft, breathable touch if a breath of fresh air to many. Soon to be a favorite amongst your customers, and a must-have for the conscious consumer. 

Sustainable Summer Dress Best dropshipping products to sell 2020

This wrap dress also appeals to all sizes and has a slit on the side for movement and a flexible look that’s perfect for a casual day or a formal night. A win-win for all!

Slip-on Sandals

Slip-on Sandals Best dropshipping products to sell 2020

No summer collection is complete without some bright and comfortable slip-on sandals. 

Consumers love a slip-on sandal with bright colors and eye-catching designs. They’re perfect for a day in the city or a stroll along the beach. Make sure to add these as a suggestion to ensure your customers are covered from all bases.

Swim Diaper

Waterproof diaper Best dropshipping products to sell 2020

For all the new moms, this is an exciting find to make sure their baby gets some pool fun too. This swim diaper is waterproof and adjustable so your baby gets to experience their first pool party, without dealing with a wet soggy diaper. 

The perfect gift for new moms as well as a must-have for newborn and toddlers everywhere, you can’t miss out on having this problem-solving item in your summer collection. 

Summer Jewelry

Summer jewelry Anklet - Best dropshipping products to sell 2020


Summer jewelry always makes a comeback around this time. With the weather heating up and the sweaters being put away, people are itching to wear more jewelry and style themselves for summer fun. 

Anklets, multilayer jewelry as well as headbands and earrings are all trending products that are sure to bring you sales and happy customers. With Spocket’s array of jewelry US suppliers, you’re bound to find the perfect style for your store and impress your customers with fast shipping. Add these as a suggestion to your customers for a fabulous opportunity to upsell and make your store the one-stop-shop for summer accessories.

A Few Dropshipping Marketing Tips


Now you've seen this killer summer items list, it's time to get marketing. 

If you haven't already, we suggest integrating your brand's Pinterest and Instagram account with your online store. With Pinterest and Instagram making it easier than ever to sell dropshipping products through your account,  you have plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience and convert. 

There are millions of people looking for inspiration and ways to solve their problems, so there's a good chance you'll find your target market here. By publishing images of your products on these social media networks, you give followers a direct way to make a purchase. 


Needless to say, some of the above product images are divine, so there's a good chance you'll catch the eye of your Instagram users. Be sure to look up the most effective hashtags to use in your posts. These are a surefire way to boost engagement.  You should also post when your audience is most likely to be online. 


Top Tip: Only use hashtags that are highly relevant to your content and have an extensive reach. By 'reach' we mean, the number of posts that are tagged using a particular hashtag. Finding the scope of a potential hashtag's easy. Just use Instagram's search bar to see how many posts are using the same hashtag. You should see a number underneath each search result Instagram's populated -- that's the 'reach.'  


In addition to Instagram, launch a Facebook store. Facebook still remains the most-used social media platform on the web! 

You'll be pleased to hear, setting up a Facebook store is relatively simple. It does exactly what it says on the tin, you can start making sales via this platform and even integrate it with your Shopify store. We highly recommend doing this as you won't have to bother keeping two separate inventories.

If you want to sell the best dropshipping products this summer, you can't go wrong with any of the goodies listed above. But, before you dive straight in, have you found a website extension to help you source high-converting products? If not, why don't you give Spocket a try? We can almost guarantee you'll find products your customers will love. Try Spocket now for free!

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Enina Bicaku

Enina is an avid writer with a passion for eCommerce, technology, and self-made stories. Her work revolves around inspiring others to take the leap Into entrepreneurship and sharing stories on doing so.

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