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Top Shopify Affiliate Programs to Join for Maximum Earnings in 2024

Vanhishikha Bhargava

Earning from an affiliate model can be tough. You need to identify what your niche is, who your audience is and what they’re more likely to interact with. But what makes it even more challenging is being able to find promising programs to sign up for. That’s why we did the research for you and created this list of the best Shopify Affiliate Programs that you should sign up for! 

Best Shopify Affiliate Programs 

1. Spocket 

Spocket is one of the biggest dropshipping suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors of high-quality US/EU products. They enable brands to choose the best products to sell from thousands of suppliers across the globe. With more than 30,000 merchants running their dropshipping business with Spocket, the app has a credible following. 


The Spocket Shopify affiliate program lets you earn a whopping $450 for each customer you bring. All you need to do is spread the word using videos, blogs, and social media. Learn more here

2. Recart 

Recart is a Shopify app that enables stores to set up Messenger Marketing in minutes. It provides them with smart tools to convert store visitors into subscribers with a 5-14% conversion rate. The app is being used extensively by merchants to solve cart abandonment, customer engagement and discount promotions. 


The Shopify affiliate program lets you earn about $240 for each customer you bring onboard. Whether you’re a merchant yourself, an ecommerce expert or an agency, all you need to do is recommend Recart in your circle. Learn more here

3. Loox 

The Loox Shopify app enables stores to leverage the power of social proof. It sends automatic review requests to their customers for product reviews, offering discounts in turn. The app then also lets the merchant showcase these reviews in beautiful galleries of photos to build credibility. 


The Shopify affiliate program of Loox promises a 20% commission for one year. You could also opt for availing a 20% discount for your clients, along with an extended trial period in both the cases. Learn more here.

4. Growave

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, and increase conversions with ease. You get features like Reviews, Wishlists, Rewards and Loyalty, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, Social Sharing, and Social login - all under one dashboard for a great price.


With Growave's affiliate program you get to earn 20% of the sale you make on successful merchant signup. Learn more here.

5. ReConvert 

Turning visitors into customers is great. But successful stores are those that turn their customers into repeat sales. That’s what ReConvert enables merchants to do with a thank you page builder for upselling. Driving additional revenue for stores, it’s one of the most promising Shopify apps today.  


ReConvert’s Shopify affiliate program lets you earn a promising 10% commission from stores that you bring in for a lifetime plan. Learn more here

6. Lucky Orange 

A Shopify app that enables merchants to understand their shoppers better. It helps them see where they are coming from and what they’re interacting with using real-time dynamic heatmaps and recordings. It then turns this data into actionables to help stores optimize their sites for higher conversions. 

Lucky Orange 

The Lucky Orange Shopify affiliate program offers $20 on an average sale of $20 of their monthly subscription. If you sign up for an annual contract on their average plan, you can receive up to $86 to $208 for recommending them. Learn more here

7. Flashchat

Another Messenger Marketing app that Shopify stores use is Flashchat. It enables merchants to set up Messenger subscriptions on their product pages and automate cart recovery campaigns in minutes. 


The Shopify affiliate program of the app only requires you to recommend Flashchat to your existing and future clients. With different benchmarks, it promises commissions that increase as you refer more merchants to the app. Learn more here

8. Spently

Repeat customers bring down your acquisition costs. But they also tend to purchase more from your store, increasing your average order value. But driving them back to the store can be challenging. That’s where Spently comes in to help you automate post-purchase follow-ups to recover abandoned carts, recommend more products and increase repeat sales. 


When you join their affiliate program, you get to earn 20% of the sale you make on successful merchant signup. Learn more here

9. PushOwl 

A promising web push notification service provider, PushOwl works with 12,000+ merchants on Shopify. It enables them to reach their customers in real-time with web push notifications to recover carts, promote sales and keep them engaged to drive more sales. 


You can earn 20% of every sale made on recommending PushOwl to your customers and followers. All you need to do is sign up for the partner program and start promoting it on social media and other channels. Learn more here.

10. WooHoo 

A one of its kind Shopify app, WooHoo helps merchants build their email list with gamified popups. With spin the wheel, card dance, pick a gift and reel of coupons, the app makes email popups more fun and interactive for shoppers. 


With the Shopify affiliate program of WooHoo, you can earn 30% of recurring commission on merchants that sign up from your referral. You can choose to promote your referral link the way you want. Learn more here

11. Plobal Apps 

Mobile commerce is on the rise and most online shoppers make purchase on the go. But developing a mobile app takes up too many resources and is often a costly affair. That’s where Plobal Apps comes in by building an eCommerce app for your Shopify store, in minutes, using a simple DIY platform. 

Plobal Apps 

Plobal Apps’s Shopify affiliate program offers both monthly and annual commissions. You get to make 25% of the monthly subscriptions you bring in; and 30% of the annual subscriptions that come through you. To know more, get in touch with them on sales@plobalapps.com

12. Tidio

Online shoppers often leave the store without making a purchase because they are confused. That’s where a live chat comes in to help these shoppers and also, save the sale a merchant may lose. Tidio is a Shopify that enables merchants to set up a live chat across all their pages in minutes. 


The affiliate program lets you earn a 30% revenue share from every paid customer that you refer. Additionally, they also offer support to affiliates who have just begun their journey. Learn more here

13. ReferralCandy 

Consumers trust consumers more than advertisements from brands. That’s why referral programs are such a hit in the eCommerce industry. You reach a wider audience and also bring down your customer acquisition costs. Now ReferralCandy makes it easy for merchants to set up these programs and track progress in terms of the sales they bring in. 


Joining the Shopify affiliate program of ReferralCandy is a win-win for you and the merchants. The program gets you $15 in cash every time you recommend the app to a store and they sign up. Learn more here

14. Printful 

Printful is a Shopify app that enables merchants to create and sell custom products online. It offers easy print-on-demand dropshipping and fulfillment warehouse services. So all a merchant really needs to do is connect their store and fill the dashboard with their designs. 


The Shopify affiliate program of Printful too is pretty simple. You recommend the app and their services to your existing and future clients and get to earn a 10% commission on every order for 9 months. Learn more here

15. SmartrMail  

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels when it comes to engaging with shoppers and driving more sales. SmartrMail takes this a step further by offering automated product recommendation emails, email newsletters, and advanced cart recovery campaigns.   

The SmartrMail Shopify affiliate program gives out commission payouts that are 15% of their monthly recurring revenue, for one year. Learn more here

16. Privy 

Most online shoppers don’t make a purchase on their first visit. That’s why it is important to establish a channel for regular communication, before they leave. Privy enables Shopify stores to set up popups to capture more emails, improve on-site conversions and grow sales.  Their email product offers all the ecommerce basics - welcome emails, abandoned carts, order follow-ups, Newsletters and more. It's a great fit for Shopify merchants getting started and for the partners that talk to those audiences.

Their Shopify affiliate program gives you a 10% revenue share on recurring subscriptions. They also give you a library of training and best practices materials, along with ready-to-use selling sheets to make promotions easier. Learn more here

17. BoldCommerce 

If you’re wanting to promote a suite of powerful tools to the merchants you’re working with, Bold Commerce is your go-to. With the apps, Cashier, Subscriptions and Upsell, Bold Commerce empowers online stores to grow faster. They also offer a range of managed services like digital advertising, development and design and conversion rate optimization.



The affiliate program offers a recurring revenue share for recommending their apps to merchants. They also additionally offer a dedicated account manager to help you get the most out of your partnership. Learn more here

18. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is yet another Shopify app that enables stores to set up email pop ups across their product pages. Popularly used to build email lists and prevent cart abandonment, the popups can be triggered on exit-intent or on-site behavior of the shopper, leading to more conversions. 


Their Shopify affiliate program promises earning 20% of every sale which is made through your promotions. The OptinMonster team though manually reviews the applications for affiliates on ShareASale. Learn more here

19. Omnisend 

Running an online store is not easy. At times, it can get overwhelming and hard to manage, alongside marketing activities. Omnisend offers eCommerce marketing automation to help stores run an omnichannel growth strategy across multiple platforms - right from social media, email to the chat apps their shoppers active on. 


In the Omnisend affiliate program, 300% of commissions are paid on every subscription and there’s no threshold to how you can earn. They additionally equip you with a marketing plan to promote their app in your network. Learn more here

20. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is yet another popular marketing automation platform for Shopify stores. It enables you to segment and automate marketing campaigns, and continually optimize them based on the shopper’s response, leading to a higher number of conversions. Klaviyo helps brands listen, and act on customer data. 

The Klaviyo affiliate program is broken into two offerings - agency and influencer. On referring new customers to their app, you earn recurring revenue. They also offer partner training to ensure you’re equipped to help you merchants grow using the app. Learn more here

21. Rise.ai 

There’s nothing that spreads faster than word of mouth, but for that you need to retain more customers. That’s where loyalty programs, gifts cards, store credits and more come into play, to bring back shoppers to your brand - everytime. Rise.ai is a Shopify app that automates this strategy to retain customers in minutes, driving more repeat sales and revenue. 

Rise.ai’s Shopify affiliate program offers a 20% recurring revenue on every sale made through your recommendations. They also offer an extended trial to the merchants you bring onboard to sweeten the deal. Learn more here

Which affiliate program should you sign up for? 

We’d say ALL. 

But we also recommend first understanding who your target audience is. This will help you understand their needs and challenges better. Based on that, choose the affiliate programs that help you address those needs, and at the same time earn from those apps. 

We call it the perfect win-win situation. 

Do you know of an affiliate program that should be listed here? Let us know.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava

Vanhishikha Bhargava is a Content Marketer and eCommerce enthusiast. She’s always on the lookout for growth strategies for online businesses.

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