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Supplier Profile

Supplier Profile: The face behind Maroon Molly and the team's journey with Spocket

Isha Mandloi

Maroon Molly is a home decor company based in the small town of Port Orchard, Washington created by Kelsie, and her husband Marcus. Kelsie believes every home deserves an artistic zing and a reminder of the sunny spots in life- and her signs embody just that.

She started off with Spocket right when it was in its origin stages in 2017: she was one of the earliest partners of the app, and today, her products are a part of over 2000 stores, with sales pouring in every day.

From fun kitchen wall hangings to cute shelf-sitters with dog puns, Kelsie handcrafts wooden signs that makes homes a little brighter, a little livelier.

Her signs rouse people to live their lives to the fullest, to ‘Stay Humble, Hustle Hard’- she says laughingly of her best-selling sign.

This might be why she has had over 1000 orders on Spocket- at no expense of hers. Her products have been extremely popular with retailers from all sorts of niches, and customers have often sent back pictures of their signs.

With retailers marketing for Kelsie’s products, she is able to lean back and continue creating art without worrying about analytics and advertisements. This has made it possible for her store to grow with literally zero investment through Spocket-- as it is entirely free, and marketing costs are avoided!

It was a win-win for both Kelsie and the retailers-- and her lovely signs found lovely homes!

What makes her signs so unique and attractive is that each piece has a personality that makes it different from all the other pieces. The flaws of the wood, the love and effort that go into every sign cannot be replicated by a machine.

Maroon Molly is a two-person army with just Kelsie and Marcus, and every step of the process is handled entirely by them. Right from finding the right wood, designing the boards and finally creating each piece meticulously. Her designs are inspired by the people around her, recommendations and requests from the community which allows for her wooden signs to connect to people with all sorts of interests and tastes!

She says, “I believed in Saba’s vision from the moment he reached out to us. There were many online retailers that reached out to us who were interested to work with us and sell our products on their stores. However, being a two-person army, we were not ready for the additional manual work to fulfill such orders.

Spocket was the perfect solution, as it provided full automation. We now simply direct all retailers that reach out to us to Spocket.

Whenever they sell a product, we receive the order on our side of Spocket and we fulfill like our regular orders. It is all so seamless, easy and free of cost.
We don’t even need the additional customer support, as Spocket manages that part for us.

We now see orders going from our backyard to different corners of the world, with people right from the US to India selling our products.”

Kelsie hopes her signs bring laughter to every home they settle in- for they do so at her own home. Her profession with Spocket has allowed her to spend time with her family, which she cherishes. During certain periods of order surges such as Christmas time, Kelsie and Marcus work 17 hour days, 7 days a week.

But she quickly rises to say that she loves the work she does- and is incredibly blessed to be an e-commerce entrepreneur. Spocket has opened doors for her that would usually be no options, and their passion to create has changed their lives. The occasional long hours do not bother them, as long as they are bringing joy to homes all over the world.

Her work combines the warm happy homely tones with innovative calligraphy, both of which come naturally to her. Her art comes right from her heart!

Spocket is always looking for suppliers that bring their own singular style to their products-- it is our mission to spread the word about products that hold substance, and add value to people’s lives. Spocket aims to build a community in e-commerce that is glued together with the passion for novelty, innovation and uniqueness: so that suppliers and retailers can do business with more trust, more joy.

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Isha Mandloi

Isha is a content creator at Spocket. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. She creates insightful content focussed on ecommerce, marketing and growth.

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