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Print On Demand Websites for Successful Stationery Dropshipping

Gemma Henry

Print On Demand Websites for Stationery Dropshipping Businesses

If you’re looking to add some print on design stationery to your dropshipping offering, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the best POD suppliers that will print your designs on stationery and listed them below.

From their print on demand paper products to custom packaging, print on demand services are invested in the popularity of stationery products in the dropshipping world. Scroll on to see who makes the cut when it comes to trusted service providers.

 1. Printify

One of the better-known sites for creating print on demand stationary has to be Printify. It stands out from the crowd thanks to it featuring a community of different print on demand service providers.

With access to more POD providers, you’ll inevitably have a lot more options in terms of product choice. From printing providers to the print on demand office supplies, pricing options and beyond, you’ll have the ability to tailor your product offering to your customer base and business needs perfectly at Printify.

And with access to its mockup generator being completely free for Printify merchants, bringing your design and product creations to life will be easy.

Discover the pros and cons to choosing Printify as your print on demand partner below.

Printify Pros

These features make Printify a good option for anyone looking to start custom stationery dropshipping:

  • Easy to use: Its user-friendly features ensure that the Printify platform is simple to use whether you’re a dropshipping pro or a total newb. Simply choose a product from the catalogue, select the stationery dropshipper you want to use, and upload the customizable stationery design you want to print on it. 
  • 24/7 customer service: Printify boasts access to live chat assistance 24/7. 


Printify, like its competitors, does have some drawbacks that dropshippers looking for a reliable POD partner need to know. Learn more below:

  • Production time inaccuracy. Printify displays an average product production time when you come to place an order. But it can actually take much longer. This mean you’ll need to do some expectation management. And that goes for both your customers’ expectations, and your own! 
  • Confusion with quality ratings. If you’re creating print on demand with custom packaging products - specifically for an online audience - and are looking for partners who have a high product quality rating, be aware that those ratings don’t necessarily relate to their stationery and packaging printing services. The quality ratings are actually averaged out across the supplier’s entire print on demand product collection.

2. Printful

Printful is a print on demand service provider that is ideal for beginners and dropshipping pros alike.

But one thing to be aware of is that Printful’s base prices can be more expensive than other print on demand providers. 

But, Printful’s print on demand products are usually better quality than comparable print on demand services too. This provides us with a workaround for those lower profit margins given we can list the products at a higher price. 

Like many of its competitors, Printful integrates seamlessly with many top e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more. All of which also support the Spocket plug-in! 

This means you can continue to benefit from access to trusted dropshipping suppliers while exploring print on demand opportunities at Printful too.

Printful pros 

Here’s the main reasons to consider partnering with Printful as a print on demand stationery dropshipping solution:

  • User-friendly interface. The Printful site is really easy to navigate. Thanks to its user-friendly features and intuitive interface, dropshippers choosing printful will have access to a mockup generator and design inspiration too.
  • 20% off your first product sample. Find out what the quality is like before you start offering Printful products through your dropshipping store more affordably with a 20% discount off your first product sample.
  • Good customer service. Printful excels in terms of its customer service. Both the response time and the quality of those responses have been praised by Printful partners in its customer reviews.

Printful cons

And when it comes to partnering with Printful for print on demand stationery, there are inevitably a few drawbacks you need to know about too. These include:

  • Generally higher base prices. Its print on demand products start at a higher price point which can be off-putting for many dropshippers. But, given that the products are generally higher in quality, you’ll be able to mark them up higher too so that these print on demand products are still profitable for your dropshipping business. 
  • Refund restrictions apply. As tends to be the case with most made-to-order products, refunds on a change of mind basis are not possible. This means that in the event that your customer has ordered an incorrect size or color, it won’t be possible to return it for a refund. To minimize the risks this poses to your POD dropshipping business, you’ll need to explain this in detail on the individual product pages. Doing so will reduce the chances of receiving negative customer reviews further down the line.

3. Prodigi

Prodigi may not be as well-known as Printful or Printify but it's a reliable print on demand service provider that is consistently growing in popularity, especially with dropshippers with a UK-based audience.

Prodigi is headquartered in the UK. But, it also has in-house printing production sites located in the UK, the US, and the Netherlands. 

Offering a diverse selection of print on demand products spanning many popular categories, Prodigi is fast-becoming a go-to for dropshippers looking for POD services across clothing, accessories, stationery, and even homewares. 

Prodigi pros

Anyone looking for a reliable print on demand stationary partner will appreciate the USPs offered by Prodigi. As well as great-quality printing services, you can also expect to benefit from:

  • Simple and logical platform. Prodigi boasts a user-friendly system that is not only easy to use but also makes sense to its users too.
  • Responsive customer service team. Good customer service shouldn’t be overlooked in the dropshipping or POD world. Partnering with a print on demand stationery provider that responds efficiently can help set your dropshipping store apart from its competitors. After partnering with Prodigi, many express how great the customer service has been both in terms of efficiency and thoroughness.

Prodigy Cons:   

Along with the benefits, Prodigi does have a few downsides to understand too. Here they are:

  • Restricted integration options. At present, Prodigi only integrates with Shopify and Bigcommerce. So, if your dropshipping store is hosted by an alternative provider, your orders may need to be completed manually if using Prodigi’s POD services.
  • Lengthy shipping times. Prodigi’s shipping times can be much lengthier than its competitors. And in a world where we’re all playing catch up thanks to Amazon Prime, this could be a deal-breaker for your dropshipping business.


Teelaunch is a great option for entrepreneurs looking to build brand awareness. What’s more, its print on demand stationery products and printing services are ideal for dropshippers. 

If you want to sell high-quality products at competitive prices, Teelaunch could be the ideal POD service for your dropshipping store. 

Teelaunch pros

With DTG (direct to garment) printing on fabrics and access to a range of different POD products, Teelaunch is popular with dropshippers. But the perks of this option don’t stop there:

  • Automated profit calculator. With Teelaunch’s handy automated profit calculator, working out how much profit your design will earn you is one of those nice to have features. And so, upon completing a product design, take advantage of it to track product profitability.
  • Print on demand on branded products. Teelaunch even offers the option to print your designs on branded products too. If you spot a brand you know and trust in that list, building brand trust with your customers could be much easier too.

Teelaunch cons

And as we’ve seen with all of our POD stationery providers so far, Teelaunch isn’t without its own downsides. Here they are so that you can work out whether it’s the right choice for your dropshipping business:

  • Limited accessibility. Again, at Teelaunch there is limited accessibility. Currently it only integrates with Shopify and Etsy. What this means is that if your current hosting service is not Shopify or Etsy, an alternative print on demand partner could be a much better choice unless you want to manually upload every customer order you receive.
  • Limited branding opportunities. Branding opportunities are essential. But at Teelaunch, those branding opportunities could be seen as limited. It does enable you to add your store’s logo to individual order and packing slips. And it also facilitates including branded inserts inside the package along with your print on demand stationery items.

5. Gelato

When looking for print on demand stationery, Gelato is one of the lesser-known competitors. But being lesser known doesn’t mean it’s not a valid one to consider. 

Gelato boasts production sites in 34 different countries. It also collaborates with over 100 print on demand service providers. What’s more, it also partners with more than 40 global logistics partners, including well-known couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. This makes Gelato one of the best POD stationery options for dropshippers with a global customer base.

And another of its USPs is its eco-friendly practices. Gelato keeps the production and shipments of its POD stationery products local. This, in turn, allows dropshippers to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Gelato pros

When it comes to stationery print on demand products, Gelato has some great pros that are sure to get you thinking:

  • Enables dropshippers to follow eco-friendly practices. Gelato has production sites in 34 countries across the globe. This allows it to facilitate eco-friendly operations by printing and dispatching your customer’s order from the production site that is located closest to their requested delivery address. This enables you, as a dropshipping ecommerce provider, to minimize your carbon footprint.
  • Varied product offering. Gelato does not only offer print on demand stationery. It also enables dropshippers to print their designs onto clothing, tote bags, wall art, and even phone cases too. This is great for those considering expansion further down the line too.

Gelato cons

But, Gelato isn’t without its drawbacks. Dropshippers considering partnering with Gelato need to know:

  • Custom branding is only available with paid plans. Only those with a paid subscription plan are able to purchase branded customizations like branded labels and packaging inserts. Plus, it’s good to know that this service isn’t available across the entire product catalog, even for those paying members. 
  • Some product restrictions. More well-known sites such as Printful have become a go-to as they seem to be able to offer POD services on almost anything. Unfortunately, at present, Gelato’s offering isn’t quite as expansive.

Final thoughts

Each one of these print on demand stationery partners come with their own list of pros and cons. And, the right choice for you ultimately will come down to the needs of your dropshipping business. 

Whether it’s eco-friendly packaging, a massive product range, or great customer service that best ties in with the needs of your business, we’re confident that there’s a POD service provider listed above that ticks that box.

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