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The Best Online Jobs and Where to Find Them

The Best Online Jobs and Where to Find Them

Rosie Greaves

The way we work has changed. Today, more people than ever work online. Recent statistics show that the number of people worldwide who work remotely has increased from 20% in 2020 to 28% in 2023.

You can do many jobs online, with the technology industry having the lion’s share of employees who work remotely (67%). The beauty of online working is that it offers greater flexibility, with online jobs providing the freedom to work anywhere.

This is especially so for the 1.57 billion freelancers worldwide, representing 46.6% of the global workforce.

If you’re interested in finding jobs you can do online from home (or even as a digital nomad), look no further. We’ve compiled a list of legitimate online jobs you can consider applying for, whether online part-time jobs or ones you can pursue as a full-time career.

We’ll give you a brief overview of each job, a rough idea of its pay (at the time of writing), and where you can find it. Some of these jobs could even be done while you also run a money-making side hustle, such as dropshipping!

Let’s dive in and check out the best jobs online!

Recommended Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

We’ve organized our list of online jobs into categories to help you find jobs that fit your particular interests or skill set. Some jobs require experience and knowledge, while others require no expertise or can be carried out using transferable skills you’ve acquired.

We hope you find something that sparks your interest.

Social Media, Marketing, and Ad Jobs

Social Media Manager

Have you run campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X, and TikTok? If so, you could try to find work supporting businesses in promoting their products. Part of this role involves managing online comments from customers and potential customers, aiming to increase engagement and sales.

Typical creative tasks may also involve:

  • Sharing video and organic content.
  • Writing posts.
  • Ensuring the business brand and tone of voice are consistent.
Social Media Manager

Email Marketer

Email marketing is integral to any business that wants to boost its sales and increase customer engagement. While some companies use email automation tools provided by various apps and ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, there is still room for creative email marketers. They develop ideas for campaigns, email subject lines, and snappy email content that entices customers to click through and make a purchase.

Other tasks may include enticing customers to sign up for email newsletters, convincing them to return to their abandoned carts, and growing customer engagement through sales and click-throughs.

Email Marketer

SEO Expert

Read any blogs about how to grow your business and sell more products. You’ll see regular references emphasizing the importance of SEO. The aim of SEO is to improve a business’s search engine rankings, so any company looking for an SEO expert will want to see evidence of how/where you’ve done that. They will also want to know how you optimize existing website content and whether or not you understand the importance of building backlinks. Ideally, you’ll have relevant industry experience, e.g., ecommerce businesses.

You’ll also be adept at keyword research, be able to think analytically, and be proficient with popular SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Analytics.

Google Seo

Instagram Influencer

There are approximately 64 million Instagram influencer accounts. Of these,  91.7% classify themselves as nano influencers (1-10k followers), 8.4% as micro-influencers (10-50K followers), 0.83% (500K-1m followers) as macro, with just 0.05% are mega influencers (1m+ followers).

Becoming an influencer isn't easy, but it could be an interesting side hustle as you build contacts with brands and followers. Smaller and mid-size businesses are more likely to look to nano and micro-influencers because they are more affordable and have a more niche audience.

Working as an Instagram influencer is one of those good online jobs you can work part-time. You’ll need to demonstrate your ability to create attractive Instagram Stories, write enticing captions, and know which hashtags to use.

Instagram Influencer

Marketing Automation Specialist

If you’re already freelancing in marketing, you’ll be familiar with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot and Klaviyo. In addition, many ecommerce businesses running their stores via ecommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce will utilize built-in marketing automation tools.

Working as a marketing automation specialist means you are skilled at setting up targeted ad campaigns and creating emails, including onboarding/welcome emails, thank you emails, birthday greetings, special offer emails, and so on.

You’ll need to demonstrate how you have used marketing automation to boost a business’s reach and how you use marketing automation tools to streamline marketing processes.

Automation Specialist

Meta Ads Specialist

Running successful ads on Meta can be challenging for businesses that need more expertise to create clever ads that burst through and gain tons of traction. Out of all the social media platforms, Meta has the most active monthly users (MAUs) at 3.05 billion, followed by WhatsApp at 2.78 billion and YouTube at 2.49 billion.

Suppose you have experience running successful meta ad campaigns and can demonstrate this. In that case, you can consider focusing your online job applications in this field. You’ll need to demonstrate the ability to set up enticing Meta ad campaigns, tailor campaigns to different audience segments, and be proficient in how Meta-ads work.

Meta ads

Design and Graphics Jobs

Website Designer

Suppose you’re skilled at designing websites and can demonstrate examples of sites you’ve created for a range of businesses. In that case, you may be able to put your talents to good use. Companies may hire you if you are proficient in computer operating systems, including software and hardware. You’ll also have a keen eye for detail and the skills to manage client relationships while understanding their specific business needs.

Website Designer

Graphic Designer

If you specialize in graphic design and use Adobe Photoshop, you may be able to pick up online jobs in this field. However, you may also find work as a graphic designer if you’re proficient in using more basic tools like Canva and PicMonkey.

You’ll need a keen eye for detail, listening to and fulfilling briefs while managing client expectations, and sound design skills.

Graphic Designer

Editorial Jobs

Freelance Writer

If you write well, how about looking for online work as a blog writer? Whether you’re a generalist or a specialist writer, you could write engaging and interesting blogs for businesses, articles for magazines and newspapers, and so on. You’ll need to turn work around quickly, be able to write short and long-form pieces, and understand the importance of using keywords if you’re writing for businesses.

Freelance writer


If you have a keen eye for detail, are highly proficient at grammar, are highly proficient in English, and have excellent verbal communication skills. Proofreading could be one of those easy-to-do online jobs from home.

This work involves a lot of variety. You could proofread blogs, reports, books, business documents, and more. Your work could ensure that content goes out full of embarrassing errors!


Freelance Editor

Your job is to refine and review all digital and print media content. You may be asked to edit articles, essays, reports, and other kinds of text. You’ll look for grammatical errors, check accuracy, improve sentence structure, and ensure the article is straightforward.

You’ll be expected to evidence your work through a portfolio and have food contacts within the publishing community.

Freelance Editor

Online Reviewer

What better way to put your love of something to good use than to make money from it? For example, some companies pay people to write reviews about music, fashion, commercials, and so on. It’s a fun way to generate some income, and you’ll be paid to test out short music samples, rate new albums, and review tracks. Giving such feedback helps record labels, brands, and artists perfect their look and sound before they go out on general release.

You’ll need good writing skills and have an excellent command of English.

Online Reviewer
  • Average earnings: $5–$15 per hour
  • Where to look: Slicethepie

Administrative and Finance Jobs

Data Entry Worker

Here’s one of those online jobs you can do around other work that doesn’t require much experience. You’ll need keyboard skills, attention to detail, patience, and the ability to quickly input alphabetical, numerical, and symbolic data.

You’ll also need to be proficient in using MS Word and Excel.

Data entry work

Virtual Assistant

One option for someone with excellent organizational and transferable skills is to work online as a virtual assistant. Examples of tasks include taking phone calls, making travel arrangements, writing letters, answering emails, etc. The beauty of this role is you can do it anywhere and for multiple clients.

Virtual Assistant


If you’re good with budgets and numbers, bookkeeping could be a great online job to fit around other kinds of work. Many businesses use bookkeepers to ensure their finances are correctly itemized and managed. You will need to have experience recording income and expenditures, sending invoices, and creating financial reports, including monthly, quarterly, and annual ones.

You may find jobs like this on local community noticeboards.

  • Average earnings: $25-50 per hour
  • Where to look: Indeed, Upwork

Creative Industry Jobs

Voiceover Artist

Do you have an attractive accent and voice? How about working as a voiceover artist for ads, audio recordings, podcasts, movies, cartoons, and so on? You will need some equipment to get started, including a fast internet connection, a computer, a good-quality studio microphone and headphones, and the ability to use software such as Audacity.

Voiceover artist

Podcast Producer

You may already have creative skills (writing, editing, etc.). Do you have content ideas that are better suited to a different medium, such as podcasts? If you want to be a podcast producer, you’ll need:

  • Audio editing skills
  • The ability to deep-research topics
  • The ability to collaborate with presenters
  • A talent for writing audience-engaging scripts.

You'll also need a decent set of headphones, a studio-quality microphone, a fast internet connection for your computer, and the capacity to monetize your podcast via advertising and subscriptions.

Podcast Producer
  • Average earnings: $30–150 per hour
  • Where to look: Upwork, Indeed

Quality Assurance and Data jobs

Data Analyst

Data analysts are in high demand and can be employed across various industries, including finance, business intelligence, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Working online as a data analyst means you will process data to find trends and insights that help businesses achieve their targets.

You’ll need strong math and analytical skills and a good understanding of data analysis tools like Excel, NumPy, Python, and others.

Data Analyst
  • Average earnings: $30-50 per hour
  • Where to look: Upwork, Toptal

Website Tester

Businesses want to know how their websites are perceived and how easy they are to use. To do this, they engage website testers to give them feedback about how easy a site is to navigate and what the user experience is like. All this is typically done via a face-to-face video chat or a series of online questions.

Ideally, you’ll be proficient at internet usage and be able to navigate websites with ease.

Website Tester

Other Jobs

Online Tutor

Do you have a degree in a subject you can monetize via online tutoring? For example, you may work with students to coach them through math or science exams or work with different companies to coach their new staff or executives on topics you specialize in, such as teaching English as a foreign language. You’ll likely need to evidence your qualifications (eg, bachelor's or Master’s degree and/or a TEFL qualification)

Alternatively, you could use platforms like Thinkific or Kajabi to create online courses to which users can subscribe.

Online Tutor

Customer Service Agent/Chat Agent

Proficient problem solvers who enjoy human interaction may enjoy working online as customer service agents. This role will involve some phone chat as well as online interactions. Good quality customer service skills and patience when dealing with potentially problematic customers are important.

If you prefer not to have phone contact, a full-time online job as a chat agent may suit you better. Most of this work is text-based chat, and you’ll have to deal with multiple queries simultaneously.

Customer Service Agent

Micro Jobs

Last but not least, we call these micro jobs because they pay a few dollars and tend to be short and one-off jobs. Examples include on-demand tasks such as online research, one-off social media posts, a one-off blog, basic copy typing or transcription, and so on. Other micro jobs might be signing up to online survey companies that pay you in vouchers to complete surveys on behalf of different brands and organizations.

Micro jobs

Are You Ready to Start Working Online?

It may take you some time to find the best online jobs. Hopefully, our list of some of the best jobs online will spark your imagination and help you find your dream job that you can do online from home.

Working online and remotely is here to stay, with 75% of the global workforce believing that remote working is the “new normal.

Your goal may be simply finding an online job that temporarily supplements your entrepreneurial ecommerce business. Alternatively, you could look for an online job you can complete while traveling. All the jobs on our list offer much more flexibility than office-based workers experience.

Have any of the online jobs on our list inspired you to dig deeper? Or are you already working in some of these roles? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and good luck with your online job applications!

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Rosie Greaves

Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist specializing in all things digital marketing, B2B, and lifestyle. In addition to Spocket, you can find her published on Reader's Digest, E-commerce Platforms, and Judicious Inc. Check out her website Blog with Rosie for more information.

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