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Best Etsy product research tools

Top Etsy Product Research and SEO Keyword Tools

Navjot Virk

Selling on Etsy presents a great opportunity to make sales with a global audience looking to purchase handmade, vintage, and craft items. Whether you are a professional seller or still new to the creative marketplace, navigating Etsy's bustling marketplace is a daunting task.  Imagine understanding what products will leave your customers breathless and buying like crazy, or knowing the keyword strings that can make your listing shine in the Etsy search results! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? That's where the Etsy product research and SEO keyword tools come into play.

The following comprehensive guide provides you with the best Etsy product research tools that you can use to find profitable products, optimize listings for high visibility, and keep an eye on your competition. By the end of this article, you should have had a good idea of the best Etsy product research tools you have available and how you could use them to help increase sales and grow your business.

Understanding Etsy Product Research and SEO Keyword Tools

If you want to run a successful Etsy shop, it is imperative to understand the market. That is primarily the reason you need Etsy product research tools. The market data you collect, including customer preferences and competitor performance, will all be used to make informed decisions about what to sell, ensuring you meet the demand and therefore, guarantee success. Similarly, SEO strategy is also very important for Etsy as it determines how easily potential customers can find your products when they search for relevant terms.

These keyword and product research tools for Etsy are designed to help you:

  • Identify emerging trends in your niche and evaluate demand.
  • Analyse competitors' strategies and find opportunities to differentiate yourself.
  • Set competitive prices while maintaining profitability for your products.
  • Identifying profitable products by analyzing sales data, customer reviews, trend monitoring, and exploring new niches.
  • Selecting the right categories and attributes based on keywords to ensure that products reach the right audience.
  • Target customer searches and boost your ranking by using the right keywords as Etsy’s search algorithm considers keyword relevance when ranking listings.

Therefore, Etsy product research and SEO keyword tools help you identify the best products to sell and ensure they reach the right audience, setting your Etsy shop up for success.

10 Best Etsy Product Research Tools

Here are the top 10 Etsy product research tools in detail with their key features to help you choose the best for your online business:

1. Alura- An Ultimate Keywords Tool for Etsy, All in One

 Alura- Etsy Product Research Tool

Alura is a top Etsy product research tool, with so many features in one place to support Etsy sellers. It has an extensive suite of features to provide important resources at every level to all, whether the novices, who are just starting or the experienced entrepreneurs. It can become an indispensable tool because of its incredibly user-friendly application coupled with robust functionality for managing and optimizing your Etsy online store.

Key Features:

  • Product Research: It has a Product Seeker and Shop Analyser feature to provide you with fresh product ideas, analyze potentials, and offer insights into top sellers and products.
  • Keyword Research: Alura allows for in-depth detail on the number of views, customer favorites, level of competition, sales, and average pricing reports. This will help sellers identify top-ranking keywords and improve their listing performance.
  • Email Marketing: The Email Sender feature lets you retain customer engagement and run effective marketing campaigns with a customizable email template list.

AI Assistant: Ava, Alura's AI assistant, helps you improve product descriptions, customer responses, and review replies for specific needs.

Alura Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Comes with a Chrome extension which makes it easy to use Alura’s features without leaving your browser, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Some users say that Alura's statistics are between 85% and 90% accurate, which may be a worry for individuals who want precise data.
  • Free Plan: $0/ month
  • Growth Plan: $19/month
  • Professional Plan: $29/ month
Has a user-friendly design which ensures that sellers of all experience levels can navigate and utilise its features effectively. Some advanced features of Alura come with a hefty price tag when compared to other tools, making them one of the priciest options.
Covers every aspect of managing an Etsy shop, including SEO and marketing.

2. Etsy Hunt

Etsy Hunt Keyword Tool

EtsyHunt is a complete SEO and product research tool for Etsy with the world's largest database of Etsy products. It helps in identifying useful keywords and finding best-selling products, therefore helping entrepreneurs optimize their online shops and gain better insight into competition. It's an indispensable toolkit for Etsy entrepreneurs to continue striving for the performance of the Etsy shop and increase the chances of standing out in the competitive marketplace.

Etsy Hunt Features

Key Features:

  • Large Database: More than 44 million Etsy products, along with exhaustive reports on high-selling products.
  • Keyword Research: Find and prioritize high-converting keywords with detailed metrics like Google search performance.
  • Etsy Shop Analyser: Discover the sales performance, reviews, and ratings of top merchants.
  • Fee Calculator: Calculate the fees related to Etsy on every tier to track and maintain profitability.
  • Listing Optimisation: Get specific SEO recommendations and use free plugins like Etsy Rank and Etsy Tags.
Etsy Hunt Keyword Tool
Advantages Limitations Pricing
User-friendly interface with free extensions for quick data access. The extensive data can be overwhelming, especially for new sellers, requiring time to interpret effectively.
  • The free plan: $0/month.
  • Basic Plan: $3.99/month.
  • Pro Plan: $19.99/month.
  • Team Plan: $59.99/month.
Detailed data helps in identifying profitable products and optimizing listings.
Offers competitive pricing plans suitable for different levels of sellers.

3. eRank

eRank Product and Keyword Research Tool

eRank is built to serve as a one-stop product research tool for Etsy, helping you navigate through this competitive marketplace invincibly. Boasting a host of features, Etsy sellers can optimize their listings on eRank, stay updated with the trends, and perform deep product and keyword research, all focused on enhancing the performance of the online shop. While eRank does offer a lot of valuable information for a good price, it is limited in search functionality and customer support. 

Key Features:

  • Keyword Explorer: It helps in the analysis of search terms with information on total views, average views daily and weekly, and pricing data based on over 100 listings, giving you a clear picture of the performance of keywords.
  • Top Seller Analysis: Offers insights into the strategies of the top Etsy sellers, including their locations, sales performance, and popular categories, so you can benchmark your shop against the best.
  • Rank Checker: Track the ranking of your listings and keywords compared to the competition.
  • Trend Inspection: Keep an eye on trending keywords on Etsy and broaden into big marketplaces like Amazon and Google Shopping to have a pulse on the market demand.
  • Listing Analytics: Get a detailed analysis of your listings' performance to identify strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Optimization Recommendations: Get personalized recommendations to make your listings more visible and able to sell to keep your shop always optimized for success.
eRank Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
eRank offers affordable solutions suitable for sellers at all development stages. Customerservice responsiveness and support quality are relatively low, according to users.
  • Free Plan: $0/Month
  • Basic Plan: $5.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $9.99/month
  • Expert Plan: $29.99/month
Access consistent, detailed data that aid in making informed decisions about keyword strategy and listing optimization. Search capabilities are capped at 50 lookups per day for the rank checker and 200 for keyword research, even on a Pro plan.

4. Marmalead

Marmalead Etsy Product and Keyword Research Tool

Marmalead is an intuitive Etsy keyword research tool used by more than 260,000 Etsy shops. It has been created to help sellers optimize their listings with exact keyword research and a host of different SEO resources. Marmalead is the best Etsy product research tool which is easy to use even for beginners in the Etsy selling world. Although being a little expensive, it offers valuable insights and tools to improve your listings and the overall performance of your shop. Note that, it is not a free Etsy product research tool.

Key Features:

  • MarmaMeter: It provides a comprehensive analysis of the keyword in terms of search volume, engagement, and competition.
  • Storm: It is the Etsy keyword tool that helps run brainstorming sessions for keywords and generate relevant keyword ideas.
  • Keyword Forecasting: The tool gives insights into the performance of keywords over time and helps you plan keywords strategically across your listings.
  • Trending Keywords: This feature helps to provide the users with the latest trending keywords to ensure that listings remain on trend.
Marmalead Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners. It is a bit pricier than other tools. Entrepreneur Plan: $19/month or $15.83/month if paid annually.
Generates a score for the listings and recommends possible SEO improvements to make the listing more visible and profitable. Compared to other tools, it offers fewer features and lacks a free trial.

5. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai SEO Tool for Etsay

Sale Samurai is a powerful all-in-one product research tool for Etsy that helps sellers increase sales on Etsy by providing in-depth analytics and insights. It is best known for extensive keyword research and advanced filtering capabilities, allowing sellers to find low-competition keywords and estimate their search volume, which will help them increase the visibility of their online shop. It excels in creating super-relevant long-tail keywords while providing insightful analytics for listings to remain relevant in a competitive marketplace like Etsy.

Key Features:

  • Targeted Keyword Research: It offers intent-driven long-tail keywords with accurate data on search volumes, ensuring your products reach the right audience.
  • Customer Insights Data: Uses customer behavior and preference to improve your listing optimizations.
  • Chrome Extension: Facilitates ease of keyword and product research directly from your browser to allow you to perform seamlessly.
  • Advanced Filters: It provides you with robust filters to streamline the process of searching for data and sellers looking for the most relevant keywords and products.
  • Fee Calculator: Simplifies profit calculations by considering all Etsy seller fees and taxes, giving a clear view of potential earnings.
Sale Samurai Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Generates buyer-intent long-tail keywords, thus forming higher conversion rates since these types of keywords attract highly interested customers. No live customer support
  • Monthly Plan: $9.99/month.
  • Yearly Plan: $99.99/year.
It comes at a competitive price, making it an excellent purchase for those sellers who want to enhance their shop’s performance on a budget. Competitor insights are somewhat limited, providing only basic information.
Assists in strategic planning around key shopping dates, optimizing inventory, and marketing efforts. Absence of structured learning resources.

6. EverBee

EverBee Etsy Keyword Tool

EverBee is a dynamic Etsy product research tool designed to revolutionize your selling strategy with product trends, store analytics, and keyword insights. This contains a handy Chrome extension that permits sellers to estimate sales and perform deep product research while effectively tracking competitors. Advanced sellers who want to take their business to the next level on Etsy should use EverBee to gain more perspective on market trends and unlock their full listing potential. The free plan is very useful for doing basic things but paid plans offer more advanced features and insights for business growth.

EverBee Features

Important Features:

  • Product Research Tool: Recognise trending products and potential best-sellers by key metric analysis.
  • Keyword Finder: Generate and evaluate keywords for SEO optimization in Etsy listing descriptions.
  • Product Analytics: Detailed reports on the performance of the product, view, competition level, and sale index.
  • Listing Rank Tracker: This feature helps you to understand if the listing moves up or down over time. This is very important for ranking your Etsy listings. This is available in paid plans.
  • Etsy Shop Analytics: Comprehensive analytics of your Etsy shop allows the identification of growth opportunities.
  • Trademark Monitor: Protect your brand from potential trademark infringements by receiving alerts.
EverBee Analytics
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Easy to use. The speed of loading is less for some users, which compromises the overall user experience.
  • Hobby Plan: $0/month.
  • Growth Plan: $29.99/month or $239/year.
  • Business Plan: $99/month or $828/year.
It helps in accessing valuable data and at the same time performs competitive analysis right on Etsy pages with a Chrome extension for on-the-go research. Advanced tools, namely, a listing rank tracker and other major tools, are obscured in the free plan.

7. Crest

Crest Etsy Product Research Tool

Crest is a versatile product research and SEO tool for Etsy, helping numerous sellers on the platform optimize their listings, conduct thorough keyword research, and analyze their shops' performance. Crest is a one-stop solution where you can manage and grow your Etsy shop effectively with a range of featured designs. It is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced sellers. Crest is an affordable Etsy product research tool with functionality that makes it an indispensable tool for every seller aiming to enhance their shop’s visibility.

Key features:

  • Shop Analytics: It provides you with insights into your shop's data, helping you understand performance trends and areas of improvement in great detail.
  • Customer Insights by Location: Understand your customer behavior by location. It provides worldwide analytics on order values and total sales.
  • Real-Time SEO Optimisation: Offers instant feedback for optimal visibility on your SEO listings such as titles, tags, and descriptions. Find long tail keywords related to your products for better optimization of listings.
  • Set Goals and Forecast: It helps to track real-time data on sales performance and set achievable business goals based on forecast reports.
  • Video Content Generation: Generate video content out of existing listings and share for better engagement.
Crest Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Has a pocket-friendly solution without compromising the features It supports limited shop searches, only up to ten shops per subscription in the free trial.
  • Free Plan: $0 per month
  • Pro Plan: $12.99 per month, granting access to all features
Provides deep insights into customer behavior and reports in graphs, which helps to make data-driven decisions.

8. Esale

eSale: Etsy Product and Keyword Research Tool

Esale is a useful tool for managing an Etsy shop, intended to increase sales by analytic data and shop optimization strategies. It has a set of features that are tailor-made to help the seller understand and improve his shop's performance. What makes Esale unique is the in-depth analysis of categories and keywords, a user-friendly interface, and real-time SEO optimization tools. This Etsy product research tool is suitable for sellers looking to optimize the visibility of their shop and improve sales performance.

eSale Features

Key Features:

  • Category Trend Insights: Provides up-to-date analysis of trends in various Etsy categories to help sellers stay ahead of market demands.
  • Shop Analysis: Provides in-depth analysis of your Etsy dropshipping shop's performance, sales data, and customer behavior, to highlight areas for improvement
  • Listing SEO Optimisation: Analyses and optimizes the titles, descriptions, and tags within your listings to make them more visible and easily found on Etsy search.
  • Keyword Expansion: Find new, related keywords that actual customers search for and gain information about views, sales, and competition to enhance your keyword strategy.
  • Utility Tools: It comes integrated with several tools, which include a fee calculator and video content generation, to aid in shop management and make it more efficient.
  • Browser Extensions: Easily access the features right from your web browser to improve efficiency and productivity.
Advantages Limitations Pricing
Provide detailed analysis of the product conversion rates and help to identify and fix problems in the sales funnel. While providing valuable insights, some users may find the depth of data analysis not as extensive as other high-end tools. Free: Require registration and activation
The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Other Etsy Product Research Tools

There are some other Product research tools which offer great features and can be used with Etsy:

Tool Popularity Free Version Features
Keyword Tool Dominator Widely used Limited free usage
  • Provides keyword suggestions and search volume.
  • Offers keyword search for multiple platforms.
KeySearch Known in the broader SEO community Limited free plan
  • Comprehensive keyword research and analysis.
  • Competitor analysis and rank tracking.
Google Keyword Planner Extremely popular Yes
  • Offers keyword ideas and search volume data from Google.
  • Helps with PPC campaigns.
Keyword.io Used for diverse keyword research Yes
  • Generates keyword ideas across multiple search engines.
  • Offers keyword suggestions based on different categories.
Maker Words Niche tool for handmade markets No
  • Tailored for Etsy sellers, provides keyword and tag generation.
  • Helps optimize listings for better search visibility.
Rocketfy Emerging tools with specific uses Yes, a generous free plan
  • Offers SEO and keyword research tools for Etsy and other platforms.
  • Provides trend and competition analysis.
  • Product review analyzer.
Toolsy Niche tool with a growing user base No
  • Offers keyword research and SEO tools for eCommerce and Amazon sellers.
  • Provides data-driven insights for product listings.
  • Basic features compared to others.
Product Flint Lesser-known tool No
  • Keyword analytics, finder, shop analyzer.
  • AI-powered generators for listings and product descriptions.
Koalanda Niche but useful Limited free plan available
  • High-accuracy data (sales history and keyword search scores).
  • Keyword and product research functionalities.
Insight Factory Market analysis tool Yes, a credit-based system
  • Analysis of trending products, estimated sales, and low-competition keywords.
  • Credit-based access system.
Makerwords Niche tool for Etsy and Amazon No
  • Estimated search volume on Etsy and Amazon.
  • Relatively thin on features and lacks a free trial.

It is extremely important to choose the right Etsy product research and SEO keywords tool to get the most visibility and sales in your online shop. Some best tools include Alura, eRank, and Marmalead, which cover users' needs perfectly for both keyword and product research. 

We hope that the above information will assist you in making an informed decision on the Etsy product research tool for your online store. Explore these tools to discover trending products, optimize your listings, and grow your Etsy business. 

FAQs on Etsy Product Research Tools

1. Which are the free Etsy product research tools?

The Etsy product research tools free are eRank, Alura, Everbee, Etsy Hunt, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool Dominator, Keyword.io

2. What features should I look for in an Etsy product research tool?

Look for keyword research, competition analysis, SEO optimization, trend monitoring, and product analytics features to help you dig into optimizing your listings.

3. How do Etsy product research tools help increase sales?

The tools give insight into customer preferences, competitor strategies, and trending products that will help you make informed decisions and improve the performance of your shop in terms of visibility and sales on Etsy.

4. Are Etsy product research tools suitable for beginners?

Indeed, most of the Etsy product research tools come with a user-friendly interface, and many have excellent guides to help navigate beginners through the process of optimization of listings and the search for the most profitable products.

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