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Ebay product research tool

Top 10 eBay Product Research Tools for Sellers (2024)

Navjot Virk

With millions of listings in place and the ever-shifting landscape of trends, knowing what to sell and how to price your product is an intimidating ordeal for eBay store owners. Making smart decisions on eBay is all about effective product research and eBay product research tools are their secret weapon. Just like a compass guides people in the wild, these e-commerce tools help merchants focus on profitable products, ecommerce trends, and their competition.

If you are a new store owner struggling to navigate through these tools or a seasoned seller looking to uncover profitable opportunities, you have come to the right place! This blog post will give you insights on eBay dropshipping product research tools you need to outshine the competition. Let's transform your eBay selling experience with knowledge and tools that are bound to make you thrive.

10 Best eBay Product Research Tools 2024

The product research tools for eBay help determine shipping costs, suggest top SEO keywords, monitor competition, and give real-time updates.

Let's explore how these tools can open new doors for you and your eBay business.

1. Terapeak

Terapeak- Free eBay Research Tool

Terapeak is a powerful product research tool for eBay which is fully integrated into eBay's Seller Hub. It provides robust features and comprehensive insights derived directly from eBay’s data and hence, enables sellers to make critical decisions by knowing real sales data.

What makes Terapeak different is that it's the only tool that powers exclusively using eBay data to eBay sellers, just like eBay hosting. Terapeak is by far one of the best eBay product research tools available on the market, providing you with critical, all-important insights from its data by eBay.

Key Features of Terapeak:

  • Research Tools: Terapeak comes with an advanced research tool, which includes:
    • Filtered Searches and Visual Aids: Filtered search by
      • Category-specific searches.
      • Visualise data through graphs, charts, and statistics.
    • Keyword Analysis:
      • In-depth analysis with the use of specific keywords.
      • Insights into the product performance in terms of bid counts and average prices.
    • Free Shipping Insights: Show the percentage of sellers who are offering free shipping with the given product.
  • Multi-User Functionality: For larger eBay dropshipping stores, this feature will allow multiple numbers of users to access Terapeak with customizable access levels.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: It has well-defined graphs and charts that display all critical data such as:
    • Average Prices: You get to understand the average prices for the items on the eBay platform.
    • Product Performance: It will give you a general snapshot of the product performance and key metrics including the number of units sold, number of sellers, average prices, and customer "watch" counts.
  • Sourcing Insights: It gives insights into high and low-demand categories for inventory sourcing identifies profitable opportunities and creates strategies for sourcing.
Terapeak features.
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Costs nothing extra for eBay store subscribers.
  • Assist in finding successful products using keyword search.
It's only for registered eBay sellers, and it only uses eBay data. Many other platforms have the same data and information. Terapeak is a free product research tool for eBay sellers. Only registered eBay sellers can access it, and you must have a valid eBay account to use it.

2. ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics

ZIK Analytics is a comprehensive eBay bulk product research tool that features some unique features, such as the percentage of successful listings, which will help you gauge your chance of success. It helps users find profitable products, calculate eBay fees, and even create ideal product titles to boost visibility in eBay search results. It provides excellent insights into the market, including the number of listings, sold products, total sales earnings, average product price, and historical trends. 

It is an eBay product research software tools suite meant to help sellers truly dominate the platform. With time, ZIK Analytics has evolved to become a fully-fledged import machine, like Spocket, from where users can look for winning products and suppliers, and then import these products into their eBay stores.

Key Features of ZIK Analytics:

  • eBay Market Research: It helps the sellers to:
    • Search eBay products.
    • View trending eBay products with average prices and total listings.
    • Look at statistics, including sell-through rate, items sold, and total earnings.
  • AliExpress Market Research
    • Scrapes data from AliExpress to assist you in finding a supplier.
    • Shows seller ratings, sold items, votes, shipping methods, and revenue.
  • ZIK Pro Tools:
    • Scans other marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.
    • Provides you with product images, titles, prices, and profit estimates.
    • Data scraper for downloading product data from different platforms.
    • Trend products are identified.
ZIK Analytics Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Shows products with high demand.
  • Over 100 million products in the database.
  • A long list of the best suppliers in the market.
  • Only the highest plan allows importing items from suppliers.
  • Starter Plan: $29.99/month
  • Standard Plan: $59.99/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $89.99/month

3. Algopix

Algopix- AI Powered Product Research tool

Algopix is an efficient product research tool that finds products focusing on the current market trends and is created to be specific for platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. This tool allows sellers to research individual products, categories, and whole stores.

Users can evaluate single products to see whether they are worth selling by using a dashboard that displays product ranks on each of these platforms and provides insight into sales performance, the keywords used in the ad copy, and competitor analysis. 

The tool also allows the seller to source from a database of suppliers to find profitable products, and it details all of the product variants to determine the best-selling product. 

Key Features of Algopix:

  • Store Analysis: Perform detailed analysis of eBay sellers and their storefronts, including outward-facing customer aspects as well as internal aspects.
  • Single-Product Analysis: Estimate the sales potential, product rank, and sales performance through the ad copy keywords and competitor analysis on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Sourcing: Use a supplier database to find and source profitable products.
  • Variants Analysis: Identification and analysis of sales performance of various product variants.
Algopix Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Up to 400 items are researched daily.
  • Detailed store analysis with a paid account.
  • AI copywriter for adverts and sales.
  • No ability to integrate directly with eBay or Walmart to upload items.
  • Will need to be added manually to move over the supplier's product details to your website.
  • Free plan: users can research ten products per day.
  • Business Plan: $28 per month, 400 item analyses per day, and offers store research features.

4. ShelfTrend

 SheltTrend Product Research Tool

ShelfTrend is a powerful eBay winning product research tool for a seller in pursuit of an internationally optimized sales strategy.  It gives insights from over a billion listings in 500 eBay companies of more than 20 countries on how to monitor the competition and identify winning products and top-performing companies.

It is apt for the international seller to get insights into the competition, identify the winning products by country, and explore the top.

This tool is perfect for those looking to dive deep into eBay marketplace dynamics and leverage data to enhance their selling performance.

Key Features of ShelfTrend:

  • eBay Product Search: Check out the levels of competition and also keep an eye on the product features that help in conversion and the frequency of keyword usage.
  • eBay Seller Research: Look into the listing and sales activity of eBay sellers to understand the strategy they are using.
  • High-Ranking Listings: Find top-ranked listings and understand their success drivers.
  • Supply Demand Report: Find popular searched products to get a feel of the demand in the market.
 ShelfTrend Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Interactive Analytic Charts: Non-static, interesting charts for better data interpretation.
  • Overseas Platforms: Over 20 eBay marketplaces.
  • Spot Winning Products: Quickly find the best listings.
  • No Supplier Database: They do not have a supplier list or any database.
Free basic plan, Pro starts at $24.99/month

5. AutoDS

AutoDS product research tool

AutoDS is one of the most versatile eBay product research tools for dropshippers. For eBay dropshippers, this is pretty much a one-stop shop, offering every feature imaginable in product management and daily task automation. Unlike other platforms that prioritize Shopify, AutoDS focuses exclusively on eBay by providing the functionality of integration and advanced automation tools.

This is a one-stop platform that provides a database of more than 1 million products and integrates with the largest suppliers, such as Amazon and AliExpress, to automate the process of dropshipping.

AutoDS Suppliers

Key Features of AutoDS:

  • Case Management: Maintain all refunds, cancellations, and other cases in one dashboard.
  • Tracking: Keep monitoring the shipments from the suppliers to the customers and provide eBay buyers with tracking numbers.
  • Automated Fulfillment: On purchase by a customer, the orders would automatically get processed and suppliers are automatically notified to ship the items.
  • Product Lister: Import products to eBay with customizable prices and variations, and schedule uploads.
AutoDS Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Save time with automated listing and order management.
  • List multiple products at a time to scale your eBay store.
The tool for product research focuses on supplier data, not eBay seller insights.
  • Import 200: $9.90/month
  • Starter 400: $17.90/month
  • Advanced 800: $32.90/month
  • Advanced 1.2K and More: Starts at $48/month
  • Master 10K and More: Starts at $299/month

6. SaleHoo

SaleHoo Product Research Tool For eBay

SaleHoo is a tool for product research that is considered an all-in-one supplier directory for dropshipping, private labeling, and wholesale sourcing. In addition to the long list of trusted suppliers, SaleHoo comes with a range of tools to help ease the process of doing product research, ensuring that users always get profitable products and that they are ahead of market trends. It is best used with Shopify integration, though it does not offer direct integration with eBay.

This lets users know the profitability of every product through simplified competition ratings and in-detail sales trends, side-by-side with other products to provide insight on the best products to source.

Key Features of SaleHoo:

  • SaleHoo Educate: A series of videos and courses that focus on how to start and scale a dropshipping business to the seven-figure level.
  • SaleHoo Market Labs: An eBay winning product research tool that provides data on the market price, potential profit, and product cost plus shipping to help users find winning products.
  • SaleHoo Directory: Access over 2.5 million products from more than 8,000 trusted wholesale suppliers. Instantly contact suppliers.
SaleHoo Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Millions of products and thousands of suppliers.
  • Full dropshipping courses and tutorials are available to help sellers succeed.
  • Lacks eBay Integration
  • Limited Stats on eBay Market Data
  • Starts at $67/year
  • Basic: $27 per month
  • Premium: $97 per month

7. Dropship.IO

Dropship.IO Product Research Tool

Dropship.IO is one of the most robust eBay dropshipping product research tools based on competitor analysis and product profitability, available across different platforms. It is a must-have for any dropshipper who aims to optimize their product research and become profitable through all e-commerce platforms. Centered around analyzing the performance of dropshippers, it provides a full set of features to facilitate better competitive analysis, the choice of products and stores, and tracking.

This platform allows a user to fish out the best-selling products and know what they are doing right, providing an intelligent decision-making strategy on product curation and marketing on online selling platforms.

Dropship.IO Features

Key Features of Dropship.IO:

  • Competitor Research: Discover other dropshippers selling the same products, their marketing strategies, apps used, and their revenues.
  • Chrome Extension: This free Chrome extension is to spy on products that are outside of Dropship.IO, save Facebook ads, and review them later in your account.
  • Dropship University: Contains 18 lessons from A-Z on dropshipping, helpful for applying to different platforms.
  • Product Database: Search by keyword to view revenue projections and product demand. Useful to determine profitable products while running an eBay dropshipping business
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • It makes spying on products and saving ads quite easy.
  • Keep track of the daily revenue performance.
  • Add more winning and successful products to your dropshipping store.
Currently, it only supports tracking the stores of Shopify.
  • 7-day free trial to test the service.
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Premium: $79/month


 IXSPY product research tool

IXSPY is a multipurpose product research tool for eBay and provides valuable insights despite it doesn’t offer data from eBay directly. It includes all the top e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Etsy, and AliExpress, making it an all-in-one solution to find winning products. Based on the data from these platforms, eBay sellers get to realize profitable products and, in return, seize market opportunities.

IXSPY has opened the doors to billions of products across different marketplaces, which should come in handy for eBay dropshippers looking to ride on some winning products sourced from a different marketplace. It is good for sellers who wish to enter into market diversification or for sellers who wish to penetrate more into the niche markets on eBay.

Key Features of IXSPY:

  • Chrome Extensions: Detailed product analysis can be done via its browser extensions for Shopify, Etsy, AliExpress, and Shopee.
  • Product Analysis: Get to know the price of an item, its sales trend, sales index over the past seven days, and monthly sales across platforms.
  • Shopify Rankings: Discover winning products and monitor specific Shopify stores. Use extensive filtering options and save products and stores into your dashboard to track daily revenue and stats.
IXSPY Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Cross-Platform Coverage
  • Facebook Ad Library Access
  • Platform-Specific Searches
  • Opaque Pricing Structure
  • No eBay Data: In the absence of data from eBay, IXSPY can still be useful. High-selling products can be found on marketplaces such as Etsy, and low competition from eBay can be utilized to get an edge over the market.
Paid plans, specifics not provided

9. PowerDrop

PowerDrop Product Research Tool

PowerDrop is a new eBay dropshipping product research tool, containing a brand-new Exclusive Search function to filter out non-dropshipping products, giving you invaluable insights not only into sales-through rates, supplier sources, and competitor analytics.

If you are a newcomer to dropshipping or wish to expand your product range, PowerDrop tools include indispensable features such as keyword-based product research, competitor tracking, and product analysis.

 PowerDrop Feature

Key Features of PowerDrop:

  • Product Spy: Category-based research on top-performing eBay listings, with price and title analytics, to improve your listings using the best keywords.
  • Competitor Search: Find other drop shippers selling the same products. A table that shows the sellers' names and countries, the estimated monthly sales volume, and the estimated exact monthly number of active listings.

Product Research: Search with keywords for your products. Check the revenue, sell-through rate, average sale price, and competition level.

PowerDrop Product Research Tool Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • You can source suppliers directly from the platform.
  • Scans over 500 sellers in just one click.
It doesn't tell you how you can optimize your eBay listing. $24.99 per month for the basic plan, with a limitation of 100 scans per session.

10. Title Builder

Title Builder eBay product research tool

Title Builder is a powerful eBay tool for product research that helps eBay sellers optimize important SEO factors, such as item titles and categories. It is a perfect tool to help any eBay seller to enhance their listing SEO for free. TitleBuilder will generate SEO-friendly titles and provide valuable keyword insights in several languages, based on top-searched keywords across multiple eBay marketplaces, thus giving sellers an edge when it comes to attracting more buyers and offering more visibility. 

Key Features:

  • Instant Title Creation: Create full item titles in a moment using top-searched keywords.
  • Category Suggestions: Item category suggestions by eBay to categorize your items in the best way.
  • Keyword Insights: New and trending keyword ideas are shared with you so you can enhance your listing visibility.
  • Image Association: Product images are shown that are associated with similar keywords for better context.
  • Keyword Evaluation: Keyword score and competition level evaluation for improved keyword selection.
Title Builder Features
Advantages Limitations Pricing
  • Offer you insights into how the keywords are performing and their competition.
  • Help you to generate titles in multiple languages, catering to eBay marketplaces across the world.
  • It is intended and designed only for eBay and not any other e-commerce platforms.
It is free to use.

Lastly, we would suggest that you consider your specific needs, budget, target market, and any preferred features when selecting the eBay product research tools for your eBay selling. Choosing the right eBay product research tool can significantly impact your success as a seller. All the above product research tools for eBay provide you with comprehensive market insights, efficient listing management, and powerful SEO tools. Remember that analyzing market trends, optimizing your listings, and staying ahead of the competition are critical to successful eBay selling.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your tool, start researching, and watch your eBay business thrive! 

FAQS on eBay Product Research Tools

1. What features should I focus on before choosing an eBay product research tool?

The features like market analysis, SEO, integration, the cost of using the tool, customer support, user interface, and reviews of other sellers. In any tool you choose, you should consider it in terms of what you want to achieve within the budget of the business.

2. What is the advantage of using a product research tool that integrates with eBay?

Product research tool integration makes work easier and faster by allowing one to do listings, inventory management, and order fulfillment without leaving the research tool.

3. How do eBay product research tools help me find profitable products?

You can identify high-potential trending products that are high in demand and low in competition through product demand, competition and sales trends, and keyword performance provided by product research tools.

4. Is there an eBay product research tool free?

Yes, free product research tools for eBay are Terapeak and TitleBuilder. Free tools can be a good starting point to explore basic functionalities and understand how they can benefit your eBay selling strategy.

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