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45 Small Business Ideas

45 Small Business Ideas For Making Money In 2024

Adeel Qayum

Everyone's looking to start their own small business these days. It's sensible, right? Owning your business means you manage your time, work on what you love, and have the chance to increase your earnings.

But what kind of small business should you start? If you're looking for inspiration, here are 45 small business ideas to get you going.

1. Dropshipping

Think starting a business means you need a big stockpile of products? Nope, not with dropshipping. You pick a product from a supplier who handles all the packaging and shipping stuff. You just make the sale and they take care of the rest. Platforms like Spocket make it easy to find dropshipping suppliers that support your business.

2. Data entry clerk

Businesses everywhere need data entry clerks to input info into systems and spreadsheets. If you’re quick on a keyboard and detail-oriented, this could be the simple home business opportunity you’re looking for.

3. Affiliate marketing

If you have a blog or website, consider turning it into a money-maker through affiliate marketing. Simply integrate affiliate links into your content. When your readers click these links and make purchases, you earn a commission. Opt for a niche that matches your interests—like technology or fitness—and join relevant affiliate programs to boost your earnings.

4. Podcasting

Podcasts are seriously taking off. If you’ve got something to say, a podcast could be your platform. You’ll want a solid microphone and some audio software to get started. Bring on interesting guests to spice things up and don’t forget to engage your listeners to spread the word.

Women doing podcast

5. Online reseller

This one’s for the savvy shopper. Use platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Amazon to sell items—either stuff you own or bulk buys you’ve made. It’s a low-effort way to start a business. For less human interaction, let buyers pick up items from your doorstep.

6. DJ

If hyping up a crowd sounds like your kind of scene, starting a DJ business could be a perfect match. You might need about $1,500 for essential equipment if you're not already equipped. From there, you can bring the beats to events like weddings, school dances, and private parties, making every event memorable.

7. Makeup seller

Makeup is another solid business idea. Why? The cosmetics industry has been steadily growing and is expected to continue expanding. You can sell a wide range of products, from lipsticks and eyeshadows to foundations and skincare. Consider opening an online makeup store to cater to the growing demand while avoiding the hassles and expenses of traditional retail spaces.

8. Event planner

If you have a knack for details and love creating memorable moments, event planning could be your thing.  It’s one of the most profitable small businesses because people always need help with their big events. From glamorous weddings to big corporate events, there's a lot you can plan for clients that come your way.

9. Transcriptionist

As video content grows, so does the need for transcription services. Whether it's for casual marketing videos or more specialized legal or medical transcriptions, the demand is there. If you're eyeing the legal or medical fields, you'll need specific certifications, but they're generally affordable.

Transcriptionist Mic Image

10. Newsletter

Starting a newsletter means you've got something worth saying and people ready to listen. Use your knowledge and online presence to launch it. You'll need an email marketing tool and a strategy to attract subscribers. Money comes from ads, selling products or services, or eventually, charging for a subscription. But be patient: growing a dedicated audience takes time and dedication.

11. Baby products

Starting a baby products business is a great idea. Parents need all kinds of things for their little ones, so there's a big market for you to tap into. You could sell strollers, furniture, clothes, nursery gear, car seats, bath stuff, feeding supplies, and toys. To get the word out, try using Amazon or social media—they're great for reaching lots of people.

12. Meal prep

Meal prepping is huge right now, largely because everyone's busier than ever and looking for convenient ways to eat healthy. You can tap into this trend by starting your own meal prep service. Cook large batches of nutritious meals and deliver them right to your clients' doors each week. You can also offer customization options to suit individual dietary needs and preferences.

13. Property manager ​

If you're organized and good at managing tasks, consider property management. Many property owners need help maintaining homes they don't live in, especially if these are in different locations. As a property manager, you’d oversee everything from fixing issues to handling renters. Start by taking relevant courses and perhaps work with an existing property management firm to gain experience before launching your own business.

14. Gym owner

​Into fitness? Why not open your own gym? You could start one from scratch, affiliate with a brand, or open a franchise like Anytime Fitness or Planet Fitness. Franchises need an upfront investment—often more than $30,000—but the brand recognition can really pay off. You can also go smaller with a local studio focused on something specific like yoga or martial arts, which can thrive as niche fitness spots.

Gym Shop

15. Home decor seller

Starting a home decor business offers a creative outlet for those passionate about design. Without a formal degree, you can still enter the market with your experience. Planning is key—identify your target audience and product range thoroughly. As a home decor entrepreneur, specializing in specific areas like living rooms or gardens can help you carve out your niche in the market and establish a unique brand identity.

16. Voiceover artist

If you have a voice smoother than Morgan Freeman’s, consider becoming a voiceover artist. There’s a ton of demand with all the videos out there today. Set up a website to show off your voice skills, and join voiceover directories to find people looking for your golden tones.

17. Etsy shop owner

If you're into making things, think about selling on Etsy. You could whip up anything from jewelry to knitted items. Get your shop online and use social media to show off your creations. A little creativity with your posts could really attract people to your Etsy products.

18. Membership program

​Got a bunch of followers who hang on your every word? Turn that into cash with a membership program. It’s like a subscription—folks pay regularly to get exclusive stuff from you, whether that’s content, yoga classes, or art lessons. Setting this up on Shopify is as simple as listing a new product, just describe it as a membership to clue people in on the perks.

19. Moving company

If you have a truck and like getting your hands dirty, why not start a moving company? Just make sure you have all the right permits and insurance. Build your reputation with some local advertising, like flyers and Facebook posts, and get your buddies to talk you up.

Moving Company

20. Coffee shop

Crazy about coffee? Consider opening your own shop. You could go for a franchise, which means a bit more money upfront but less hassle with setup, or start from scratch for full creative control and bigger potential rewards later. Running a coffee shop on the side of a full-time remote job? It’s manageable, especially if you hire a skilled barista to cover for you.

21. Online teacher

If you're good at something, teach it online. You can do one-on-one or group classes. Decide what you want to teach—anything from math to how to write a killer resume. Then, promote your classes online or in local Facebook groups to start gathering students.

22. Travel planner

Dream job alert! Being a travel planner means getting all sorts of perks like cheap hotel rates and the scoop on the best flights. Imagine planning niche trips, maybe adventure getaways to Iceland or cultural tours in South America. What's better is you can do this from anywhere—even from home.

23.Gift kit creator

How exciting is it to receive a box filled with customized snacks, wine, gadgets, and knick-knacks? Gift kit creators craft these wonderful collections by scouring markets to assemble the perfect mix for their audience. You can start your own gift kit business by brainstorming unique themes or occasions for your kits. Some ideas “Outdoor Adventure Pack,” ‘Self-Care Spa Box,” and “Weekend Brunch Kit.”

24. Home organization service

Let's talk clutter. We all have it, right? But what if someone could swoop in, work their magic, and leave your place looking like a Pinterest dream? Enter: home organizing services. Charge a premium, make spaces sparkle, and maybe even sell off some stuff for extra cash. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

25. Phone accessories seller

Because so many people have mobile phones now, there's a huge market for phone accessories. You can explore different styles like print-on-demand, handmade, or even niche products through dropshipping. Some phone accessories to consider are cases, wireless chargers, portable speakers, tripods, and charms.

Phone accessories

26. Vacation host

Have you ever stayed in someone’s home instead of a hotel? You could do that too, hosting travelers in your own space with companies like Airbnb. Just be nice, welcoming, and quick on your feet for any surprises. A little training in customer service could help. Stock up on things like fresh sheets and disposable toiletries, and you're good to go.

27. Home-baked goods seller

Homemade always wins hearts. Consider baking and selling cookies, biscuits, and other goods directly your kitchen. Use social media like Facebook and Instagram to show off your treats and get the word out. Start small, maybe with just your friends and neighbors to see how it goes. As word spreads and your treats gain popularity, you can expand to selling at local events or markets.

28. Stationary seller

A stationery business might seem old-school, but it's actually quite trendy. With the rise of bullet journaling, letter writing, and scrapbooking, there's a growing demand for unique and personalized stationery items. You can tap into this trend by opening your own online stationery store. To keep costs low, consider dropshipping stationary items rather than investing in inventory upfront.

29. Food store

For those passionate about a specific type of food—think cheese, wine, or craft beer—opening a specialty food store might just click. Start by filling shelves with goodies from local artisans and maybe throw in some events like wine tastings to keep things lively. Also, setting up a little area where folks can hang out and try bites might make your spot the new go-to place.

Food Store

30. Furniture refurbishing

If those power washing and cleaning videos satisfy you, try your hand at furniture refurbishing. You can often find damaged furniture for free or cheap on places like Facebook Marketplace. Clean them up, maybe give them a new life with some refurbishing, and resell for a profit. It's a solid gig if you have the transport and some help to manage the heavy lifting.

31. Subscription box service

How about launching a subscription box service? You can focus on themes like wellness, artisan crafts, or gourmet foods. Design each box to offer unique items that cater to specific interests. For marketing, utilize social media platforms to showcase the unique contents of each box. Once you gain some traction, consider partnering with influencers to expand your reach further.

32. B&B

Dreaming of running a cozy spot for travelers? A B&B could be a great fit. Start with a decent-sized space and make sure to check local zoning laws to get things right. You can also personalize each room with unique themes, adding charm and character. For an added touch, consider offering homemade breakfasts or organizing local tours to showcase the best of your area.

33. Handmade goods seller  

If you’re crafty, selling handmade items like jewelry could be a great way to share your skills. Set up shop online on platforms like Etsy or even your own site. It’s flexible—you can craft as much or as little as you want, turning that hobby into a tidy little business.

34. Videographer

Creative types might find a videography business rewarding. No formal qualifications are necessary, though high-quality equipment and a portfolio website are essential. Whether you capture weddings, family portraits, or corporate events, your visual skills can create lasting memories for clients.


35. Sewing and alterations

Sewing and alterations could be a lucrative business for those skilled with a needle and thread. Especially beneficial near event hubs like Renaissance fairs, you can capitalize on the demand for custom clothing and emergency repairs. Invest in a good sewing machine and necessary materials to start offering your services.

36. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is ideal for those who excel with numbers and details. Managing financial tasks for small businesses, from payroll to taxes, could be your niche. While not mandatory, gaining a certification like QuickBooks boosts your credibility. Consider forming an LLC to protect yourself and organize your business efficiently.

37. Book publisher

Thinking about writing a book? Now’s a great time to go for it with all the online publishing tools available. Whether it’s a novel or a guide, you can put it out as an ebook or even print on demand with services like Blurb. This way, you skip the wait with publishers and get your work straight to your readers.

38. Virtual assistant

If you’re super organized and good at managing tasks, how about being a virtual assistant? You help out with daily business stuff from your own home, which is pretty great if you like setting your own schedule. You could be making travel plans one day and writing a copy the next. It’s perfect for staying behind the scenes but still making a big impact.

Virtual Assistant

39. Massage therapist

Massage therapy is perfect for those looking to enter the wellness industry. Certification is necessary, involving training and an exam. Once certified, options include visiting clients at home, opening a salon, or collaborating with health professionals. Expanding your service offerings can increase clientele and diversify your business.

40. Music seller

Selling your own music could be a real vibe if you're into crafting tunes. Platforms like The Drum Broker or CD Baby are perfect for getting your music to folks who need it for commercials or projects. It’s a solid way to break into the music scene and get noticed without the usual industry runaround.

41. Nanny

Love hanging out with kids? Starting a nanny service could be a blast. Whether it’s part-time or offering live-in options, you can find a setup that works for you and the families you help. Plus, it’s a chance to be creative and have fun every day.

42. Handyman

If you're the type who enjoys fixing things and solving problems, consider a handyman business. You could help homeowners with repairs and improvements. Each day might bring something new, from a leaky faucet to installing shelves. You decide which projects to take on, setting your own schedule and rates.

43. Niche cleaning service

Cleaning might not sound glam, but it can be kinda rewarding, especially if you specialize. Think beyond the usual—maybe cleaning homes after a big life event, or sprucing up cars. It's about making life easier for your clients. Start small, build trust, and who knows? Your cleaning service could become the go-to in your town.

Niche cleaning service

44. Personal chef

Love cooking? Consider becoming a personal chef. Market your culinary skills to local families or businesses. To cut initial costs, cook in batches for specific groups, like vegetarians, or sell dishes at local markets or via a food truck. You can also start a meal prep delivery service, preparing a week’s meals for clients.

45. Digital products

How about selling digital products? Think templates, journals, automated workflows. People can download these from anywhere. Start by designing some cool items on Canva, then pop them on a website or a place like Etsy to sell. See what clicks with people and go from there.

Turning Your Small Business Ambition into Reality

Starting your first business is always an exciting journey. You get to learn new skills, tackle various challenges, and create something truly your own. Use the small business ideas above to find inspiration and choose a path that aligns with your interests and goals. With dedication and hard work, you can build a successful and fulfilling business.

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Adeel Qayum

Adeel holds a Master’s degree in digital marketing and is a passionate e-commerce marketer. He specializes in long-form content creation and has a conversion mindset, which helps him focus on elements that generate sales for businesses.

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