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20 Best Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Store

Muammer Hüseyinoglu

Getting sales is hard. Especially if you’re new to eCommerce. You have to think about what products to sell, how to sell them, how to build your website, and so much more that it becomes daunting. This is why we recommend building your eCommerce store with Shopify. You can effectively cut out the complexities of web design, coding and focus on what really matters to you: Sales.

That’s not the only reason to use Shopify. If you’re not utilizing the App Store then you could potentially be missing out on thousands of dollars in sales! 

We’ve curated a list of the absolute best Shopify apps to help your online business achieve the sales you’ve always wanted.

1. Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping has quickly become one of the most popular methods for eCommerce retailers to launch a store and increase their SKUs risk-free.


spocket dropshipping

Spocket offers a dropshipping marketplace with vetted US and EU suppliers so your customers can receive their order fast. They are a newer app that has elevated the standard for the dropshipping industry. What makes them stand out are: consistent and vetted suppliers, US and EU products, branded invoicing, world-class customer support, ample unique hand-crafted products and a forever-free plan. This combination of features allows retailers to create a sustainable business and brand instead of a one-off store.

2. Best Utility Apps

Adding useful utility apps can take the versatility of your Shopify store to the next level, help you optimize conversions and drive sales.


AliScraper powered by Spocket Chrome Extension, dropshipping with AliExpress products has never been easier. This free product importer automates AliExpress dropshipping on your online store via Spocket.

You can easily filter products by shipping destination and carrier. Plus, it simplifies the process of importing AliExpress dropshipping products, allowing you to add winning products to your store in one click.

AliScraper Chrome Extension Features:

Fast, One-Click Product Importer
Automatically import AliExpress dropshipping products without the back and forth hassle.

24/7 Customer Support
A dedicated support team available to help you at any time with AliExpress dropshipping

Process hundreds of orders instantly with Spocket
One-click bulk processing for hundreds of products at a time through Spocket.

Check AliExpress delivery options with ease
Easily identify courier options that work for your customers, and simplify product tracking.

Fulfill AliExpress Dropshipping orders faster
Complete the fulfillment cycle faster and spend more time building your brand


Growave - an all-in-one Shopify marketing app with powerful tools for reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, gift cards, referrals, rewards, and UGC. Growave replaces several apps with one solid app. It lets you boost on-site conversion and grow your brand. Improved admin UX & UI and compatibility with Online Store 2.0 make it easy to set up. Multi-language for cross-border selling and 24/7 live support. Power your store with essential tools to boost repeat sales, CLV & retention.

Free GDPR + EU Cookie Bar

GDPR + EU Cookie Bar

Coupo's EU/GDPR Cookie Bar shows all your website visitors a GDPR friendly cookie consent banner that informs your users that your website uses cookies and allows them to view your privacy policy.

As soon as your visitors agree to your terms, the banner disappears automatically!

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange

See your Shopify store through the eyes of people on your website. Watch their every click, move and scroll to help you answer the question, “why aren’t more people converting?” Whether it’s through session recordings, dynamic heatmaps or form analytics, you can analyze and improve your store like a pro. You can even connect with customers before they leave to save the sale or ask a poll question to build inventory. One Shopify store grew conversions by 450% in 103 days with Lucky Orange!

Loox - Photo Reviews

Loox collects social proof that people trust with photo reviews. With Loox, you can create automatic emails asking customers for reviews and offer a discount once they review. When people see photos from happy customers, they will be more likely to buy from your store. Loox allows you to import product reviews from any source, send automatic email review requests, customize your email timing, review form questions, and create customer review pages.



If you can’t take professional products photos, Pixc can turn your amateur product photos into high-quality, professional-looking and optimized photos. Pixc has a credit system that you can use with two different options:

  • Base options (2 credits per photo): Remove / recolor background, add border, crop / reformat image.
  • Advanced options (1 credit per photo): Add shadows, remove model, add additional file types.


Rewind is the top-rated backup app in the Shopify App Store. Shopify backs up all of its data, but you can’t access it. This is where it is crucial to use a backup app in case of you or your developer make a mistake on your website. With just a few clicks, you can restore it to the last backup.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat

Good live chat agents are costly, hard to come by, and exhausted with too much work. Chatbots are eager to serve but have problems with understanding the nuances of human language. Why not try a mixed approach to conversational ecommerce? With Tidio Live Chat boosted with chatbots you can get the best of both worlds and easily connect with your customers.

Add Tidio live chat widget to your Shopify store to:

  • Generate leads
  • Automate customer support
  • Improve CX & conversion rates



Jumper is an all in one tool that streamlines the purchase journey across multiple digital marketing channels. In addition to live chat and a unique social CRM, the real value comes from the conversational marketing features. With Jumper you can add checkouts to your live chat or through automated conversational bots that can be used across multiple social platforms and messenger apps. E simplification Jumper brings to the purchase journey achieves an average 20-30% conversion rate.


Prisync claims to increase your profit margins and sales growth with competitive pricing intelligence and dynamic pricing engine. It provides you to track and monitor market prices & stock availability data and dynamically adjust your store prices automatically according to certain rules you can set.


Gorgias is the hottest customer support helpdesk for Shopify merchants. It allows store owners to centralize all their support tickets from social media, email or even live chat. With its deep Shopify integration, it allows agents to perform key actions like checking order status or refunding orders without leaving their helpdesk.

Numerous productivity features like phrase prediction, rules and macros allow store owners to cut support time by up to 20%. Plus, third-party apps like ChannelReply allow you to support other ecommerce channels like Amazon and eBay.

3. Best Marketing Automation Apps

Many Shopify store owners look to automate as many parts of their business as possible. These apps are key to getting parts of your store automated so you can focus on more important matters. When you’re busy, these apps will get take care of your customers once you set them up.



Instead of trying to focus on multiple channels at once, Recart became the best at Facebook messenger and give them users true value. With Recart, you can recover abandoned carts, send receipts and ask for product reviews with their Loox integration.


Reamaze is a unique live chat app created for Shopify. It can respond to the customer by using all existing order details. You can use Reamaze through email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, VOIP, and live chat conversations. It also sends automated coupon codes, review requests, and saved replies.

4. Best Email Marketing Apps

Most beginner dropshippers use Facebook and/or Instagram for organic traffic and paid ads but it’s essential you use email marketing as well.

According to social media usage report in 2018:

  • 68% of Americans use Facebook
  • 35% of Americans use Instagram
  • 90% of Americans use email

Email marketing is an excellent way to increase your customer retention rate and widen your community.


SmartrMail is one of the easiest Shopify email marketing apps to use. With SmartrMail you can quickly set up best practice automations including abandoned carts and win-back campaigns with ease. The deep integration with Shopify also lets you add products into emails with images and descriptions in a single click as well as send personalized product recommendations. There’s also more advanced features like a Facebook custom audiences integration and a generous free plan.


With Omnisend, you can segment your customers based on their shopping and email campaign behaviour. Then, you can specify your email marketing campaigns for each subscriber segment. Omnisend works beyond just email, it can target users using FB Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. On top of that, it allows you to sync these segments to your Google and Facebook ads.


Privy converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. It let you grow an email list, reduce cart abandonment and automate your email marketing. With Privy, you can create customizable pop ups, spin-to-win wheels, banners, announcement bars, run A/B split tests to understand how small changes impact conversion rates, send newsletters, abandoned cart emails and order follow up emails. It is an absolute amazing all-in-one for growing your email list.

5. Best Page Builder Apps

Thanks to user-friendly interfaces, it’s easier than ever to build a website with decent design. If you want to take it to the next level, use a great page builder app so you don’t make our designers cry because of unpleasant home pages. Here are 2 page builder apps you must try if you want to build fully customizable websites and landing pages:



If you don't have coding skills, you can create pages with ease with Shogun by dragging and dropping, also known as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Once you’ve created your pages, you can measure specific page analytics like click through rate, add to card ratio and form submissions.


ReConvert is another simple page builder app that focused on thank-you pages. With ReConvert you can create a time-sensitive pop-up offer, capture customer birthdays, track orders, create post purchase surveys and much more.

6. Best Reward Apps

Many dropshippers start to struggle with the problem of driving traffic even after 3-4 months. One common reason is lack of loyalty. If you don’t sell a subscription service or product, customers are more likely to bounce and try competitors. The solution? Reward them with points.



Rise gift card can send scheduled gift cards, create bulk codes and store credits.

With Rise.ai solutions, you can engage with current customers to increase their loyalty or incentivize potential customers by driving them to your store.

Referral Candy

Referral Candy

Referral Candy believes the power of word of mouth marketing. So, it provides you to create customizable referral programs, track referral sales and automatic rewards payout.

7. Best All-In-One App Platforms

If you get lost in the Shopify App Store and can’t catch the right synchronization between apps, there are also all-in-one platforms. These platforms work well with your Shopify store, and you won’t need to track your app payments. 

Bold Commerce

Bold Commerce is a rich app platform for eCommerce owners and partners. It has 20+ apps in pricing & promotion, recurring payments, checkout, customization, customer experience, order management, automation and partnership categories.


Growave is a big, all-in-one marketing platform. It focuses on growing your traffic, engaging with your customers and boosting your sales. Growave has 10 different categories, including dozens of apps. You can try all of them free for 30 days.


It can be confusing which apps to use when you’re getting started because of the plethora of options available. It is recommend you to check your marketing strategy and budget while you are deciding which apps to install or buy because that will affect your app choices. You may not need photo review app if you sell digital services, or you might have a limited budget for marketing campaigns. Set a plan first, and execute it with these recommended apps.

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Muammer Hüseyinoglu

Muammer is a marketing analytics manager at Turkcell and freelance contributor. He extracts meaning from the data and turns them into stories.

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