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Print on Demand

Print on Demand Products Ideal for Dropshipping Business

Gemma Henry

Best Print on Demand Products for Drop Shipping

When it comes to dropshipping products, the world of print on demand opens new doors. If you’ve been looking for an option that will help you expand your catalog of drop shipping products, POD could be a great move.

Print on demand products are proving popular with dropshippers. They provide the opportunity to sell customized and unique products to dropship to your customer base. But still enable you to run your business without holding any inventory at all. 

From drinks coasters and scatter cushions to apparel, accessories and beyond, with POD you can stamp your own designs on everyday products and sell them through your ecommerce space. In this guide, we explore the different types of print on demand products to help you decide which ones to choose.

Scroll on to explore our top picks across print on demand dropshipping items.

The top 15 print on demand products for dropshipping

From the consistently in-demand to droppshipping products that are today’s hot topic, we’ve explored the very best POD items to dropship. And here they are!

1. Unisex t-shirts

If you’re looking for cheap dropshipping products, unisex t-shirts are extremely popular right now. And with the right print on demand partner, you could be creating new and exciting print on demand designs to have printed on unisex tees to start earning a profit in little to no time at all.

Unisex tees are timeless. That’s what makes them such great products for drop shipping. Worn by men, women, and non-binaries alike, unisex tees have long-been a staple of every wardrobe. For that reason, for anyone wanting to dropship goods, unisex t-shirts could prove an easy win.

2. Children’s t-shirts

Children never seem to stop growing. And their tastes change at the drop of a hat too. One week it’s all about Batman, and the next only Spider-Man merch will suffice. As such, parents are in need of a constant supply of POD drop shipping merchandise. That’s where your dropshipping store comes in.

Spot rising kids’ trends and design t-shirts that will be in high demand for a limited time. Then, import those designs to your drop shipping catalogue and watch the sales numbers start to climb!

3. Mugs

Who doesn’t love a custom mug? Whether you’re printing your own artwork or providing the opportunity for your customers to customize their own, mugs are a great example of a POD product that anyone drop shipping items to sell should add to their offering.

Print on demand mugs are evergreen and seasonal at the same time. You can offer a range of personalizable prints year-round and then introduce different seasonal designs in line with key holidays like Christmas, Easter, and even Valentines Day!

4. Hoodies

When it comes to drop ship products to sell online, hoodies are sure to fly off your virtual rails. And print on demand hoodies are a really versatile choice. With options to have customizable hoodies for teams or all over print hoodies, there’s options for every dropshipping store’s needs.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your POD hoodie designs, turn to celebs and influencers to see what’s popular right now. Or, if your dropshipping store’s niche is in kidswear, be sure to keep up with the most popular shows on Netflix and any trending YouTubers too.

5. All over printed yoga pants

Yoga is ever-popular in the wellness world. And so, a great option for wellness stores to consider addressing to the list of drop ship products to sell is all over print yoga pants. Genuinely, the bolder the print, the more popular it’s likely to be.

And this is where choosing a print on demand service provider you can trust comes in handy. If you’re entrusting a printing service to produce high-quality all over print on demand results, you’ll need some reassurance. Choose a POD that offers a discount for product samples like SPOD or Printful. That way you can double check the quality of the products and printing services before offering them to your customers.

6. Engraved jewelry

Nothing says I love you quite like a personalized piece of jewelry. That’s why engraved jewelry is a great product to consider adding to your dropshipping catalogue.

Plus, with so many different styles of jewelry to choose from, keeping your product offering on-brand is easier than you may have thought.

7. Tote bags

The handy, foldable and reusable shopping essential; the tote bag is a must-have for your next highstreet-based shopping spree. As such, creating some impressive and unique print on demand designs to your existing list of high profit dropshipping products is a great idea.

If you already dropship accessories, and are looking for a way to break into the print on demand space, tote bags is it.

8. Stationery

While thinking “what can I dropship?” stationery might not be the first thing to come to mind. And yet, stationery is a big business for online retailers and especially those with a POD income stream.

Add either customized or customizable pens, pencils, notebooks, and diaries to your current catalog and, with some careful marketing tactics, they’ll be flying off the shelves in no time.

9. Stickers

Asking yourself the question “what products can I dropship?”? Ever considered dropshipping print on demand stickers? For dropshipping stores that consider themselves a go-to for B2B essentials, stickers are an obvious choice. 

Stickers help to promote brand awareness and grow our audiences. So, by offering other businesses to source promotional products such as these at competitive prices, you’ll be providing a valuable service to a hungry audience.

10. Wall art

Whether your customer base is primarily made up of businesses or customers, wall art is a compelling product category to consider. And a sensible one for an existing homewares dropshipper to consider adding to their lineup!

Of all the POD things to drop ship, wall art is probably the most universally in-demand. All you’ll have to do is come up with a collection of unique, stiking, and visually appealing designs and you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

11. Cushions

A home can never have too many cushions. Or so they say anyway! As such, why not consider adding POD cushions and other home items to drop ship through your store.

You can create designs that tie in with the changing seasons, or let interior design trends be your guide. With some careful research and a bit of marketing know-how, you’ll have your POD cushion designs bolstering your profits in no time.

12. Towels

Another household staple that is essential for family members of all ages is the humble, often under-appreciated towel. Anyone asking the question “what can you drop ship?” might want to consider print on demand towels.

And this niche is surprisingly broad too. When it comes to towels there’s bath towels and hand towels. There’s also tea towels and beach towels. And then there’s even hair wraps (which are essentially towels in themselves anyway) to consider.

13. Phone cases

Phone cases are consistently in demand and with so many different models around, you can be as inclusive or restrictive in your offering as you please. 

When creating print on demand phone cases draw inspiration from design trends. Be it a hot topic TV show, the latest action movie, or that the color green is currently everywhere! Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground. Then generate desirable phone case designs in next to no time to cash in on those “of the moment” crazes!

14. Hats

Adding print on demand hats to your existing accessory-based dropshipping offering could yield you great results. Plus hats are an essential accessory year-round so there is the potential to create evergreen designs as well as following the current trends (or setting them!).

From caps to beanies, whatever the weather there’s a hat for that! The right dropshipping products to add to an existing store will depend on your target audience. So, above all else, remember to let them be your guide.

15. Water bottles

Water bottles are a contemporary must-have for all walks of life. We take them to work, the kids take them to schools, we need them handy at the gym, and they’re even useful when we’re traveling too. And so print on demand water bottles could be a great way to increase your dropshipping store’s offering.

Again, we’ll encourage you to draw on trending topics to create your customer POD dropshipping water bottle designs. There’s inspiration all around us all the time.

Where to sell dropshipping products

Dropshipping products are designed to simplify things for ecommerce store owners. And for anyone thinking “what can I drop ship?” the answer is anything you like. Dropshipping makes the seemingly impossible possible! 

But you’ll need a few different things to get started. Luckily, when choosing to venture down the dropshipping route, rather than relying on traditional retail, you won’t have any of those high-risk start up costs. With no need for a bricks and mortar store, no upfront costs relating to inventory, and no warehousing costs to fork out for storing products, dropshipping is relatively low-risk in comparison.

Online is exactly where to sell dropshipping products. And with Spocket by your side you can rest assured that you’ll have access to reliable and reputable dropshipping partners

You can also check out our guide on how to start a dropshipping business with US suppliers. It explains all that need-to-know info on everything from choosing a platform to optimizing your site for search engines, marketing your products, and beyond. 

Where to dropship items

When considering who (or where) your target audience should be, the best place to start is with something you know. If you are based in the US, look to dropship items within the US. And if you’re European, target a European audience. At least in the short-term anyway.

When thinking about where to dropship items, if you target an audience that is familiar to you, you’ll have a good grasp on their expectations. And therefore, you’ll be able to manage those expectations accordingly and minimize the risks of negative reviews.

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Gemma Henry

Gemma has a passion for writing, an enthusiasm for eCommerce, and a flair for creating informative content that drives others to follow their dreams. Her work foundations are built on thorough research to allow you to find all the need-to-know info in one place.

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