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payment gateway for shopify

Top Shopify Payment Gateways: Expert Recommendations

Ashutosh Ranjan

Are you willing to sell your products online on Shopify Store and worried about how to receive payments, then choosing the best payment gateway can relieve your stress dealing with payments and help you to focus on your business hassle-free. Here, in this blog, we will help you find the best payment gateways for Shopify Store according to your budget and needs. 

Before diving into the list of payment gateways let us look into what payment gateways are and how they work and what are the benefits of using them.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a kind of technology that allows retailers to process payments from their customers. Merchants utilize a payment gateway technology to facilitate debit and credit card transactions, with customers. This includes the card reading devices in stores and the online payment processing platforms, on e-commerce websites. In physical stores, point of sale (POS) terminals are used for accepting credit card information via cards or smartphones. Online retailers rely on payment gateways as the checkout step where customers input their credit card information or credentials.

List of Top 10 Payment Gateways for Shopify

Selecting a payment gateway for all types of transactions is critical for businesses looking to provide flexible and secure payment choices to their clients. PayPal, Stripe, and Square are three of the most popular online payment gateway service providers in the United States, and they are known for their powerful platforms. These platforms serve as credit card gateways, enabling safe transactions for both domestic and foreign firms. For merchants aiming to expand abroad, an international payment gateway list might contain companies such as Adyen and Worldpay, which provide frictionless cross-border transactions. Here is a comprehensive list of payment gateways covering significant gateway providers that operate globally and provide a variety of online payment gateway services.

Shopify Payment

The top one on the list is the Shopify Payment itself. It is Shopify's own payment gateway, which enables ecommerce retailers to accept both online and in-person purchases using a single platform. It includes every feature and solution you'll need to properly manage and handle payments on your website without using a third-party solution. This payment option offers store owners a free card reader for physical payments. Customers' payments often take up to three business days to reflect in your bank account.

Shopify Payment

Pros of Shopify Payment

  • Shopify Payments is part of the Shopify platform, which eliminates the need for complex integrations.
  • If you utilize Shopify Payments, you can save up to 2% on transaction fees from third-party payment gateways.
  • It does automated fraud analysis on your store orders.
  • It is PCI DSS compliant, hence you need not worry about sensitive financial data
  • Shopify payments allow you to simply track your payments.
  • It has lower processing fees than other payment gateways.
  • It allows you to accept the customer's native currency for purchases and supports automatic currency conversion.
  • It upgrades your store with 3D Secure checkouts.
  • Shopify payments allow you to purchase shipping labels directly from Shopify.
  • By activating Shopify Payment, you will be eligible for up to $200 in shipping insurance (when utilizing Shopify Shipping in your store).
  • Accepts many payment methods, including credit cards, digital wallets, Shop Pay, buy now, pay later, and PayPal. 
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Automatic deposits to withdraw funds from your Shopify admin to your company bank account

Cons of Shopify Payments

  • Shopify payments are not available to stores in all countries.
  • You may not receive the payment immediately.
  • Only available for Shopify retailers.
  • Extra cost for transactions processed through third-party payment gateways for merchants who do not use Shopify Plus.

Pricing of Shopify Payments

The detailed pricing list of Shopify payments is shown in the image below:

Shopify Payment Pricing

2. Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateways since it is not connected to any one ecommerce platform. It enables retailers to accept credit card and mobile payments and integrates seamlessly with the majority of websites and mobile apps.

Stripe makes transactions easier by providing a comprehensive toolkit and simple yet effective features. Stipe enables you to accept debit and credit card payments, as well as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

Stripe also allows you to set up recurring payments, so your customers don't have to pay everything at once and you don't have to worry about them forgetting.

Stipe Payment Gateway

Pros of Stripe Payment Gateway

  • Stripe provides excellent choices for bespoke payment needs.
  • Stripe allows you to modify the checkout flow.
  • Stripe provides a wide selection of payment alternatives.
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Customization features for branding the payment experience
  • Automatic currency conversion for overseas payments.
  • Subscription billing functionality for processing recurring payments and securely storing card details.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting tools
  • It provides simple and speedy integration.
  • Stripe protects payments with dynamic 3D security.
  • Stripe accepts over 135 different currencies.
  • Email, live chat, and phone assistance are all available 24/7

Cons of Stripe

  • Requires higher technical expertise for setup and usage.
  • Support documentation is highly technical.
  • If a customer disputes their payment, they may face high chargeback fees.
  • Stripe is pricey for small enterprises.
  • Stripe offers limited functionality for in-person payments.

Pricing of Stripe

  • Stripe charges a processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢ for card and wallet transactions. 
  • There are additional charges for manually inserted cards (0.5%), currency conversions (1%), and international cards (1.5%).
Stripe Pyament Gateway Pricing

3. Paypal

Paypal does not need an introduction in the world of payments. It enables anyone to process payments via the Internet. It is a well-known name in the field of online payments and offers fraud prevention measures for both consumers and sellers.

According to the poll, "51% of customers trust businesses more if PayPal is accepted".

PayPal is ideal for new stores and small companies. That is why, when you create a new Shopify store, PayPal is automatically added to the payment settings. PayPal lets you accept credit card payments, bank account payments, and PayPal balances from your Shopify store.

Paypal Payment Gateway

Pros of Paypal

  • Popular and reliable service; globally a renowned brand that may influence customer trust and conversion rates.
  • Automated Invoicing capabilities.
  • Anti-fraud programs for both buyers and sellers.
  • One-touch checkout to enhance the consumer experience.
  • Supports international payments in a variety of currencies.
  • There are no set-up fees.
  • PayPal allows you to sell your products internationally.
  • It helps you establish a brand reputation and increase customer trust in your store.
  • PayPal accepts payments in multiple currencies.

Cons of Paypal

  • Separate setup and checkout process.
  • Charges additional transaction fees.
  • Higher transaction fees compared to alternative payment gateways.
  • Some merchants allege that PayPal has unexpectedly locked and blocked their accounts and payments.
  • Withdrawals can take 4-5 business days to clear in your bank account.

Paypal Gateway Pricing

  • PayPal charges 3.49% of the transaction plus a 49¢ fee. 
  • Merchants processing overseas payments are charged an additional 1.5% fee on top of the normal transaction fee, plus a predetermined cost for the specific currency.
Paypal Gateway Pricing


Adyen is a global payment gateway that lets retailers accept payments in a variety of currencies and countries. If you value subscriptions and foreign payments, this is a fantastic choice to investigate. 

Ayden Payment Gateway

Pros of Ayden

  • Multiple payment methods including debit and credit cards.
  • AI-powered risk analysis systems protect your organization from fraud.
  • Support for subscriptions and recurring payments.
  • Capability for accepting payments across several regions with a single integration, online or offline.
  • 24/7 client support.
  • Create branded physical and digital cards.
  • Tokenization enables safe transactions to be conducted anywhere, including online, via a mobile app, and in-store.

Cons of Ayden

  • Not the best solution for small web enterprises.
  • Limited customization options.
  • The pricing approach is more complex than other payment gateways. 

Pricing of Ayden

Adyen does not impose monthly fees; however, the cost of its payment gateway is determined by your customer's issuing bank. This fluctuates between 3% and 12%, plus 13¢.

Ayden Payement Gateway Pricing

Apple Pay Gateway

Apple Pay allows you to offer a rapid checkout alternative to Apple consumers. When a user visits your Shopify store via the Safari browser on their Mac or iOS device, they can use the Apple Pay button (for dynamic checkout) and scan their fingerprint to complete online payment transactions.

When customers use this payment method to make a purchase, they are not required to input their card information or shipping address. This allows them to select for a super-fast checkout.

Apple Pay Gateway

Pros of Apple Pay

  • It enables rapid payment choices for your customers.
  • It comes with a simple setup process.
  • It automatically recognizes Apple users and provides expedited checkout.
  • There are no additional expenses for using this online payment service.

Cons of Apple Pay

  • To activate ApplePay in your store, you must utilize a payment gateway or credit card payment provider.

Pricing of Apple Pay

  • Accepting online purchases with Apple Pay is free!
  • You just need to pay the transaction costs for Shopify's payment gateways.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a popular payment option that offers a safe and convenient way to accept payments. It accepts online payments using the card and shipping information linked with the customer's Amazon account.

Customers who use Amazon Pay can finish their order more quickly by using the shipping address and payment information already stored in their Amazon account. Their billing address is kept private and not disclosed to Shopify.

Amazon Pay Gateway

Pros of Amazon Pay

  • It provides 49% faster payment processing than traditional checkouts.
  • This payment option ensures data privacy.
  • You can add a dynamic checkout button to your product page.
  • It eliminates high-risk transactions and protects you against chargebacks.
  • Excellent customer service that is quick and easy to contact.

Cons of Amazon Pay

  • It does not support retailers in many countries.
  • It only supports a small number of currencies.
  • It takes 2-3 business days to clear the payment.

Pricing of Amazon Pay

You must pay Shopify third-party transaction costs every time a consumer uses Amazon’s payment method.

Google Pay Gateway

Google Pay (GPay) is a very popular mobile payment method nowadays. It is a simple and safe way to pay bills or transmit money amongst GPay customers.

Google Pay Gateway

Pros of Google Pay

  • Users trust this secure platform.
  • It offers amazing incentives, awards, and cash back to encourage users to make payments.
  • The integration process is simple.
  • The seller or receiver cannot see credit or debit card information.

Cons of Google Pay

  • The Google Pay button is only available in a few browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and UCWeb UC Browser.
  • Google Pay is not available to merchants in France.
  • You must use any payment gateway to enable Google Pay in your store.
  • Reaching out to their customer support is quite difficult.

Pricing of Google Pay

  • Using Google Pay is free! To enable Google Pay for your customers, first activate Shopify Payments in your store. 
  • Shopify Payment is your payment gateway. 
  • As a result, because you are not using a third-party payment source, you are not required to pay Shopify's "third-party transaction fees".

Authorize.Net Gateway

Authorize.net may be an option if you require a payment gateway that is compatible with your Visa merchant account. The software is owned and administered by Visa, making it simple to connect your payment gateway to your Visa merchant account.

Authorize.net Gateway

Pros of Authorize.Net

  • Accept payments via credit or debit cards, cheques, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
  • Advanced fraud detection to prevent fraudulent internet transactions.
  • High uptime rates.
  • Option to send invoices to clients through the same payment gateway.
  • Customizable Forms of Payment.

Cons of Authorize.Net

  • A monthly subscription is required.
  • The interface is poor compared to other gateways.

Pricing of Authorize.Net

  • The fee for Authorize.net is determined by whether you want to utilize the payment gateway alone or with its merchant account. 
  • The payment gateway costs $25 per month plus a 10¢ + 10¢ daily batch fee.
Authorize.net pricing


WorldPay is a payment service company that operates its own gateway.

Worldpay Gateway

Pros of Worldpay

  • 24/7 client support.
  • No monthly subscription price. 
  • Suitable for enterprises of any size.
  • Excellent security measures, including OmniShield, to safeguard payment information.
  • Accepts over 300 payment options and several currencies.

Cons of Worldpay

  • Pricing information is not transparent for issuing card networks, such as American Express and Discover.

Worldpay Pricing

  • WorldPay's rate is determined by the payment method your customer chooses. This ranges from 0.75% to 2.75%.


Verifone, formerly known as "2CheckOut," is a Shopify payment method that is less popular than the majority of the ones on this list. Verifone includes a risk management and compliance area that can help you monitor potential fraud and privacy issues. It also has a tax computation option to help you manage your taxes.

Verifone payment Gateway

Pros of Verifone

  • It utilizes a flat-rate pricing structure.
  • Offer global access and support for many payment methods.

Cons of Verifone

  • It is not available for Shopify store owners who offer products that are considered high-risk.

Pricing of Verifone

  • Verifone only charges fees for successful sales: 2.4%-3.9% plus 30¢-45¢, based on the seller's country, industry, and business model. 
  • An average price of 2%-5% is charged for home currency conversion, in addition to the daily bank exchange rate. 
  • Users who process more than $50,000 per month can contact Verifone's sales team for volume-based pricing.

Why Do You Need to Choose a Good Payment Gateway?

The motive behind choosing a service is absolutely the features and advantages it offers. Let us see what are the benefits of using a good payment gateway:

  • Payment Gateway offers Security
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Localized Pricing for International Business

What to Consider When Selecting a Payment Gateway Provider for Your Shopify Store

Let us know what factors you should consider while choosing the best payment gateway provider for you.

Processing Fee and Transaction Cost

Business is about making a profit. Hence, merchants should always look for a platform having lower processing fees and transaction costs.

Payment processing fees can affect everything from your profit margin to your pricing structure, so do not neglect this factor.

Flexible Payment Methods

Flexible payment methods increase the conversion rate of successful purchasing which can ultimately boost your business. 11% of online shoppers have abandoned their online shopping carts because the retailer does not accept their preferred mode of payment.

Many payment processors accept more than just credit and debit cards. Make sure your selected provider accepts all of the payment methods you require.

Global Presence

A payment gateway with a global presence can help you sell your products globally thus earning more profits. This enables you to access and serve customers from other regions, so expanding your store's reach and earning potential.

Must be Secure and Detect Fraud

Payment gateways manage sensitive financial information, which you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Check that your shortlisted payment gateway is PCI DSS compliant and has security features such as encryption and tokenization. Protecting your company and customers from fraudulent transactions is a critical priority.

Easy Integration with Shopify

A seamless integration process is required for a hassle-free buying experience. Choose a payment source that connects effortlessly with Shopify, minimizing technological complexity and allowing clients to make payments without interruption.

Customer Support and Experience

For the long-term sustainability of the business, the customers visiting your store must have an awesome experience of hassle-free transactions. At the same time, you must also have a good customer support service to solve any issue as a priority.

FAQs on Best Payment Gateways for Shopify

Do you need a payment gateway for Shopify?

Yes. You must integrate the Shopify Payment gateway or third-party payment gateways before Shopify can begin receiving payments from your customers.

Which is the best payment gateway for the Shopify store?

Some of the best gateways for the Shopify Store include Shopify payment, Paypal, Stripe, etc.

Is Shopify Payment Gateway free?

No, the Shopify payment gateway is not free. Their charges are mentioned on their website

Is PayPal best for Shopify?

Paypal is known globally and offers wonderful features but it also has some cons. Hence, the best depends on your needs and budget

Is PayPal free with Shopify?

No, Paypal is not free with Shopify

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