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Amazon E-commerce: Analysing over 108 Billion Global Visits and Growth in 2023

Rosie Greaves

E-commerce continues to redefine the way we shop in the modern age. The world is literally at your fingertips: a handbag, a comic book, a new tire, you name it, you can buy it. Here, we have collected a comprehensive analysis from 2019 to 2023 that captures the dramatic growth trajectory of Amazon's global platform.

Using SEMrush's robust analytics, we've scrutinized the meteoric rise in Amazon e-commerce global visits, reaching a historic peak of 108.3 billion in 2023. This figure represents a remarkable 33.81% growth over the last five years, underscoring the platform's burgeoning dominance.

The study unveils the United States, Japan, and India as pivotal markets, driving an overwhelming majority of visits, with the US alone accounting for nearly 38.79% of total traffic. 

Amazon's US domain, amazon.com, achieved an unprecedented 51.1 billion visits, a testament to the country's leading role in the e-commerce sector.

These research insights provide a gateway to understanding the sheer scale of Amazon's e-commerce reach, the evolving landscape of global online retail, and the strategic implications for future market developments.

Key Findings

  1. E-commerce Growth (2019-2023): Amazon's e-commerce traffic saw a substantial increase of 36.6 billion visits from 71.7 billion in 2019 to 108.3 billion in 2023, representing 33.81% growth.
  2. 2023 Record Visits: In 2023, Amazon e-commerce recorded the highest number of global visits in history, totaling 108.3 billion, averaging 9.03 billion visits per month and about 300 million visits per day.
  3. Domain Contributions: The US domain (amazon.com) led with 51.1 billion visits (47.18%), Japan (amazon.co.jp) with 11.4 billion visits (10.53%), and India (amazon.in) with 8.8 billion visits (8.13%).
  4. Top Traffic Countries: The United States (38.79%), Japan (10.39%), and India (8.94%) drove the most traffic to Amazon e-commerce.
  5. Monthly Visit Fluctuations: March and October experienced the highest traffic gains, with over 1 billion additional visits compared to their previous months, while February and August saw the most significant traffic declines.

Amazon E-commerce: Global Traffic Growth in the Last 5 Years (2019-2023)

Global interest in Amazon e-commerce has notably risen, with total visits climbing from 71.7 billion in 2019 to 108.3 billion in 2023. This marks a significant increase, with a peak yearly growth of 20.95% in 2020, reflecting a shift towards online shopping that doesn’t just encompass the holiday seasons, but all year round. 

Despite a slight dip in 2022, there was a strong recovery in 2023, culminating in a 33.81% growth (36.6 billion visits) over the five-year period. 

In 2023, Amazon averaged about 9 billion visits per month, translating to around 300 million visits daily, underscoring its capacity to maintain a high volume of consumer traffic and its leading position in the global e-commerce market.

Total Global Visits of Amazon E-commerce by Country Web Domain, 2023

In 2023, Amazon's e-commerce platform experienced a total of 108.3 billion visits across its 20 country domains, with significant variations in traffic by region.

North America: Total 56.6B Visits

  • United States: The US domain, amazon.com, led by a wide margin, receiving 51.1 billion visits, accounting for 47.18% of Amazon's total global traffic, indicating a strong domestic market.
  • Canada: amazon.ca contributes 3.4 billion visits, 3.10% of the total.
  • Mexico: amazon.com.mx adds 2.2 billion visits, 2.04% of the total.

Asia: Total 21B Visits

  • Japan: The Japanese domain, amazon.co.jp, was the second most visited, with 11.4 billion visits, making up 10.53% of the total, reflecting Amazon's substantial presence in Asia.
  • India: Amazon.in followed closely with 8.8 billion visits, comprising 8.13% of the total, showcasing rapid e-commerce adoption in one of the world's most populous countries.
  • Turkey: amazon.com.tr sees 776.3 million visits, 0.72% of the total.
  • China: amazon.cn gets 14.6 million visits, a mere 0.01% of the total.
  • Singapore: amazon.com.sg with 1.1 million visits, representing a negligible percentage.

Europe: Total 25.6B Visits

  • Germany: amazon.de with 7.9 billion visits, 7.28% of the total.
  • United Kingdom: amazon.co.uk brings in 6.9 billion visits, 6.38% of the total.
  • France: amazon.fr accounts for 3.6 billion visits, 3.33% of the total.
  • Italy: amazon.it records 3.2 billion visits, 2.95% of the total.
  • Spain: amazon.es has 3.1 billion visits, 2.84% of the total.
  • Netherlands: amazon.nl with 453.8 million visits, 0.42% of the total.
  • Poland: amazon.pl sees 268.7 million visits, 0.25% of the total.
  • Sweden: amazon.se gets 202.6 million visits, 0.19% of the total.

South America: Total 3.3B Visits

  • Brazil: amazon.com.br registers 3.3 billion visits, 3.03% of the total.

Oceania: Total 923M Visits

  • Australia: amazon.com.au has 923.0 million visits, 0.85% of the total.

Middle East: Total 823M Visits

  • Saudi Arabia: amazon.sa with 452.1 million visits, 0.42% of the total.
  • United Arab Emirates: amazon.ae contributes 371.1 million visits, 0.34% of the total.

The data indicates Amazon’s relentless dominance, especially in North America, significant penetration in Asian markets, and a solid presence across Europe. South America and Oceania have fewer visits but still noteworthy contributions, while the Middle East shows emerging growth potential. 

The diverse distribution of traffic across continents highlights Amazon's strategic marketing position which allows it this unique global influence.

Total Global Visits of Amazon E-commerce by Month, 2023

In 2023, Amazon e-commerce visits displayed notable monthly fluctuations. Here's a detailed summary of the key insights:

January had a very strong start, with 9.4 billion visits overall, drawing in big crowds, no doubt.

February saw a slight decrease to 8.4 billion, a drop of 1.0 billion visits or -11.82% from January, which could be simply attributed to fewer days in the month.

March experienced a solid rebound to 9.7 billion visits, an increase of 1.3 billion or 13.81%, potentially due to seasonal sales or holidays.

April's visits dipped a little again to 9.1 billion, a -595.8 million change, down by -6.52%, possibly due to a post-holiday season slowdown.

May showed stability with a slight increase to 9.2 billion visits, a modest 19.5 million up from April.

June's traffic reduced again to 8.4 billion visits, a significant decrease of -742.8 million visits or -8.83%, which could be due to seasonal factors once again.

July bounced back to 9.2 billion visits, a substantial increase of 737.9 million visits or 8.06%, reflecting potential summer sale events.

August and September both recorded 8.0 billion visits, with August seeing a -1.1 billion change (-13.87%) and September remaining stable with a slight -15.4 million change.

October showed growth with 9.1 billion visits, up by 1.0 billion or 11.36%, possibly linked to early holiday shopping for all those well-organised Christmas shoppers.

November continued the upward trend with 9.9 billion visits, an increase of 828.2 million or 8.38%, likely boosted by Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

December maintained the high traffic with 9.9 billion visits, showing a negligible decrease of -6.4 million visits or -0.06%, which is typical as the holiday shopping season wraps up.

The data suggests seasonality in shopping habits, with spikes typically around March, July, October, and November, which most probably coincides with sales events and major holidays (Santa has a lot to buy on those Christmas lists).

The declines in February, April, June, and August might reflect off-peak periods when people are less inclined to spend or are trying to save a little money.. 

Overall, Amazon's e-commerce site maintained high traffic throughout the year, even in the slower months, averaging 9 billion monthly visits.

Top 20 Visiting Countries of Amazon Global E-commerce, 2023

In 2023, Amazon's global e-commerce platform was visited billions of times by users worldwide. The distribution of these visits across countries offers important insight into global consumer behavior and market penetration. Here's a snapshot of the top 20 visiting countries:

1. United States: 

Dominating with 42.0 billion visits and accounting for 38.79% of total traffic, highlighting its central and most profitable role in Amazon's global e-commerce operations. The US is a firm believer in digital shopping.

2. Japan: 

Securing the second spot with 11.3 billion visits, making up 10.39% of the traffic and showing a strong preference for Amazon in this advanced and tech-savvy nation.

3. India: 

With 9.7 billion visits, representing 8.94%, India's burgeoning internet population reflects its growing e-commerce market.

4. Germany: 

At fourth place, contributing 6.8 billion visits and 6.32%, Germany firmly leads Amazon's market in Europe.

5. United Kingdom:

Close behind, the UK commands 5.97% with 6.5 billion visits, emphasizing its strong e-commerce culture and a lust for next day delivery.

6. Brazil: 

With 3.8 billion visits and 3.50%, Brazil takes the lead in South America, showing significant engagement with Amazon and e-commerce.

7. Canada: 

Matching Brazil's visit count, Canada represents 3.46% of the visits, indicating a solid North American market for Amazon.

8. France: 

French users visited Amazon 3.4 billion times, 3.11% of the total, signifying a firm market position in Europe, but significantly less than Germany.

9. Italy: 

Italian users accounted for 3.00% with 3.2 billion visits, underscoring a steady market presence.

10. Spain: 

Contributing 2.9 billion visits, Spanish users make up 2.70% of Amazon's traffic, reflecting its strong and effective European market strategy. Europe has well and truly caught the Amazon bug.

11. Mexico: 

With 2.6 billion visits, Mexico holds a 2.40% share, showing Amazon's expansion in Latin American markets.

12. Australia: 

Australians visited Amazon 1.1 billion times, making up 1.03% of the visits, highlighting its global reach in Oceania. Is there anywhere it won’t go?

13. Turkey: 

Turkish users contributed 1.0 billion visits, indicating a growing e-commerce interest at 0.93%.

14. Austria: 

With 702.3 million visits, Austria represents 0.65% of the total, showing Amazon's reach even in smaller European countries.

15. Netherlands: 

Dutch users accounted for 634.0 million visits, a 0.59% share, reflecting another strong user base.

16. Saudi Arabia: 

Bringing Amazon's presence into the Middle East, Saudi Arabia had 473.6 million visits, amounting to 0.44% market share. That’s another continent crossed off the list!

17. Poland: 

Polish users visited Amazon 448.0 million times, holding a 0.41% market share.

18. Colombia: 

With 357.1 million visits, Colombia shows a growing interest in Amazon at 0.33%.

19. United Arab Emirates: 

The UAE contributed 325.1 million visits, about 0.30%, indicating a significant uptake in a key Middle Eastern economy.

20. Ireland: 

Rounding out the top 20, Ireland had 315.0 million visits, making up 0.29% of Amazon's global visits.

This list reflects the widespread appeal of Amazon's e-commerce platform, with the United States remaining its stronghold by a considerable margin. However, the market share from Japan and India highlights the growing importance of the Asian market and that no one can resist the advantages Amazon offers the world. 

Meanwhile, consistent numbers across European countries show Amazon's established presence there, especially in countries such as Germany. Notably, the growing numbers from Brazil and Mexico underscore the increasing significance of the Latin American market. Together, these statistics paint a very clear picture of Amazon's extensive global reach and the diverse geographic distribution of its user base.


Traffic Data Aggregation: 

We collected data on yearly and monthly visits to 20 country-specific Amazon domains, using SEMrush's advanced analytics tools to precisely measure e-commerce traffic from 2019 to 2023.

Domain-Specific Analysis: 

We analyzed the traffic patterns throughout 2023 for each domain, meticulously recording fluctuations to discern monthly trends and seasonal impacts on consumer behavior.

Global Traffic Synthesis: 

We aggregated the traffic across all selected domains to calculate Amazon's total global e-commerce visits in 2023, quantifying the platform's reach and growth.

Regional Traffic Distribution: 

By examining the visits numbers from each country, we mapped out the regional distribution of Amazon's traffic, offering insight into the platform's market penetration and geographical appeal within the global e-commerce landscape.

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