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5 raging products that you need to sell during Christmas season- Fuel your holiday sales with top products!

Isha Mandloi

As you work on the holiday marketing plan for your online store, you need to know exactly which products are perfect for sales during the season. Winter brings with itself a number unique seasonal trends, and you can make the most of it by choosing the right products.

Amidst the vast number of categories and niches now made available at a click's distance, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But we have done the research by testing engagement and curated a list of products that are trending this Christmas: the most necessary ingredient for the recipe for success is right here at your hand. Here are 6 product ideas for Christmas that you cannot miss!

We have outlined the best strategies to sell certain niches as well, so you can make the most of the products!

What to sell:

1. Fun and Fashionable Beanies and Scarves:

Beanies are in high demand during this time of the year, being the perfect middle-ground to style and the weather. And with the shivery temperatures, everyone wants to keep a chic scarf handy. Given the versatility of scarves, they are an iconic addition to any outfit! There are never too many scarves- these two great products are all the rage right now. These are really popular gifts for girlfriends and spouses during Christmas time!

You can find great beanies and scarves for highly discounted rates on Spocket: add them to your store right as the Christmas cheer begins to spread!

Screenshot of the Spocket app's search page showing results for beanies, a popular holiday product

How to Sell:

  1. Remember to include measurements and fabric details, since those are what people usually look for when considering purchasing scarves.
  2. The second thing to remember is to hitch your product to a current trend: whether it is an ongoing Twitter thread or a March for Environmental Awareness. Sell more than a beanie- hook in customers by tying user intent to a product.
  3. Often, scarves are long enough to be used as hijabs, so you can definitely use keywords related to ‘hijab’ for sales!
  4. Scarves can be of quite a few types: Pashmina wraps, square scarves, infinity scarves, neckerchiefs- you can create different collections for each on your store, each with a special theme. Write fashion blogs such as ’10 Different Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf’.

What to Sell:

2. Cute Gifts for Him/Her:

With Christmas and the New Year incoming at rapid speed, people are hunting for gifts to give their spouses and partners. People are searching for Christmas gift ideas- Google Trends shows a quickly rising graph:

Google Trends results for the search term Christmas gift ideas over October, November and December 2018

Gifts are just an obvious choice for dropshipping this holiday season. Add Christmas products for boyfriends and girlfriends as categories- along with similar categories for gifts for moms and dads: people are on the look-out, all you have to do is be seen. The average expected expenditure on gifts per person this season is $794- make sure this shopping takes place on your store.

Gifts might include watches, backpacks, personalised artwork, jewelry, candles, iPhone cases: make sure to add them to your store and create special curations for these!

How to Sell:

1. Create marketing campaigns that get the attention of gifters. Create special gift guides that have a very specific target audience. For example, Bustle creates loads of articles about gifting which then bring huge traffic from Pinterest- which is another great idea, considering Pinterest is a popular platform for DIY gifts.

Article by Bustle called 74 Best Gifts under $10

2. Collect Stories. Proactively reach out to customers who purchased a product, and request them to send photos or tell the story behind the gift. Social proof is not limited to reviews- in fact, seeing real people purchasing and enjoying the product increases the credibility of your store, and makes people believe in the power of the product!Start your New Year campaign already. New Year’s presents are another great idea: from bath salts to resolution gifts such as journals. Add them and market them!

What to Sell:

3. Mugs For S’mores and Hot Chocolate:

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm Christmas by the fireside with family and music and some good hot chocolate? Mugs make the best Christmas gifts- and the ones with motivational quotes can push one to finally achieve those New Year resolutions!

Mugs make the best Christmas gifts for dads- and Spocket has a special collection of Dad mugs just for the season!

Search page of the shopify app Spocket showing results for mugs

How to Sell:

  1. Use artboard.studio to create amazing mock-ups- this guarantees your products look different and more appealing to audiences. Plain white-background images might be a tad too boring for audiences, but with interesting backgrounds and a human touch, your store is ready to go!
  2. Partner up with a local cafe: with a little bit of offline promotion, you can create a long-term relationship with a neighbourhood coffee shop. Once people view your quirky mugs in real life, and know where they can source the mugs from- there is a greater likelihood of sales.

What to Sell:

4. Festive Christmas Decor:

Right from Christmas Tree decorations, holiday banners and wall stickers to Christmas lights and themed pillow covers- Christmas decor is high in demand.

A number of customers do most of their Christmas decoration shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but that does not mean that the sales for these products have gone down. Holiday decorations are a great option for quick sales! The graph below shows that these are one of the most selling products this Christmas season:

Google Trends results for Christmas Decor through the year 2018

How to Sell:

  1. Use gift cards. Offer customers incentives to buy products from your store- through discounts and cash-backs. Usually Christmas decorations are on the lower end of the price range, which allows for greater discounts without damaging your profits. Utilise that!
  2. Christmas decor works best as an add-on or free item. You could try out giving away small trinkets to customers who make a purchase over 50 dollars, for example. Prompt users to spend a little more to unlock the free Christmas decor item.

What to Sell:

5. Warm, Toasty Sweaters and Jackets:

Trendy Jackets are one of the best products to sell during the holidays- they're the perfect gift for women and men alike. Along with beauty products, they rank among the top selling products for December and January alike. Winter clothing allows fashion and convenience to go hand in hand- building snowmen requires good insulation, and Spocket has the right products to facilitate that!

Search page of Spocket with results for 'jackets' showing

The statistics for coats and jackets paint a rosy picture for the future- by 2021, the global jackets and coats market is estimated to generate 94.5 billion U.S. dollars in retail sales:

A statista graph showing the growth in the sales of jackets and coats from 2012 and projected sales for 2021

Online retailers alone made $418 billion in the fashion niche this year: and winter is a strong period for shopping surges!

How to Sell:

  1. With Jackets and sweaters, they practically sell themselves- make sure you put out advertisements on Facebook and Instagram with intriguing, festival wording. Use catchy headlines, and make sure your photos are HD.
  2. Create a list on your store of the top jackets for winter 2019- frame your products as trends rather than just a jacket. For example, have a look at this article by Harper’s Bazaar, consisting on minimal descriptions and a photo gallery:
A photo blog post by Harper's Bazaar labelled 35 coats every fashion editor wants in her wardrobe this season

Such articles gain huge traffic, and while you can go for a different structure, blog posts similar to these can be a big benefit for your sales!

The Christmas season is upon us, hurry and start selling the right products for maximum sales!

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Isha Mandloi

Isha is a content creator at Spocket. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. She creates insightful content focussed on ecommerce, marketing and growth.

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