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5 Easy Steps to Using Business Name Generators the right way

Rodney Brazil

As the employment trend toward a "gig" economy continues, entrepreneurs are taking the leap into starting their own business and are realizing the importance of picking a great business name to go with it.

Every entrepreneur, from every niche, must make a critical decision upfront about the title of their dropshipping business. A powerful name conveys the right tone and distinguishes you from the competition, it can make all the difference between success and struggle.

Your business brand name becomes inextricably linked to everything from usernames, website domain, to business cards, making it incredibly hard to change later.

While it's possible to rename your business, it could lead to both customer confusion and a considerable out-of-pocket expense for rebranding. So, it’s critical to make the best choice possible at the start of your business venture. 

Fortunately, artificial intelligence can provide valuable assistance in getting you on the right track. Creative business name generators use AI to suggest options with proven, on-target characteristics. Some of these options may even act as an inspiration to get you to the perfect brand name!

Essentially, these are brand name generators that help you take the first step into building a brand people will love. Successful dropshippers like Kyle created their dropshipping business by relying on their artistry and eye-catching visuals to ingrain their brand name into each customer. 

 It can be a time consuming and overwhelming task, but, we’ve outlined some simple steps to get you set up with a list of cool brand names, that customers won’t forget.

So, How do you pick a business name? 

Start with writing down a bunch of words that resonate with your niche, and that are also keywords that your audience might search for in google. Go ahead and look through social media for inspiration, if you’re not sure where to start.

Here are some scientifically studied elements of a good business name to start you off on the right path:

  • Your Business name should be one to three words max.
  • One to two words should have a maximum of 4 syllables all together. 
  • Keep the characters as short as possible for each word
  • Visual symmetry: Try and keep the words in equal length to one another

Now that we’ve got those down, the perfect business name is just a few clicks away. Here are five steps you can take to make business name generators work to your advantage.

1. Don't just go with the first result that pops up. 

Internet-savvy people today know that the first Google result is not always the best option. When the stakes are high, it's crucial to check out a variety of options, and use deductive reasoning to make the right choice. 

The same thing goes for business card generator results. These online tools use algorithms to take words and details that you provide, and present many variations based on existing company name patterns. Just because Jeff Bezos had success naming his company Amazon doesn't mean you'll make millions calling your business "Borneo." 

Free online company name generators typically take the names, services, or other words that you came up with, and jumble them into all kinds of combinations and synonyms using AI. 

Some of the results will be exciting, and some will be confusing. It's up to you to filter the results. Take a look at the example below. 

I looked for some business names revolving around “Cactus Home Decor”. So far, I’m thinking Cactus Lab and Cactus Pulse are pretty cool brand names!

Business name generator example listing

So, before you commit to something, make sure that you’ve looked at all of the options available to you. 

2. Think outside the box.

Your business name — which is essential for getting repeat customers — can be inspired by many things, not just your primary product or service. 

You might find inspiration in your favorite childhood memory, or go-to travel destination. Dropshippers like Erin took inspiration from her pets and baby's birthday to generate a cool brand name that built her thriving dropshipping business. Your business name will often be the first thing to catch a prospective buyer's attention, but the story behind it has the potential to keep them engaged. 

So look within yourself and the purpose behind your entrepreneurial journey to find some hidden gems that could help you find your brand name. 

As you enter the words or names you came up with into a brand name generator, try typing in something a little different each time. Since these tools are free, if you get a set of results that don't make sense, all you have to do is start over. 

It's better to have a long list of ideas to narrow down, like a diamond in the rough. Always keep in mind that this will be your brand, and you’ll have to make a design of the name that suits your overall vision. Take a look at the example below for my ideas around “Orchid home decor”.

Business name generator logo

3. Get results from several online brand name generators.

With the majority of search engine market share, it's no secret the vast majority of people in the world consider Google their go-to search engine. But for important decisions, you might turn to Bing and Yandex as well, to make sure you've covered all your bases. 

The same practice holds when using AI to search for business name ideas. Try them all, and keep searching until the perfect idea comes up. Don’t settle for just any name, make sure it’s special and fits your business perfectly. 

Here are a few of the best free business name generators to get you started:

4. Don't be afraid of simplicity.

Name's like "Bella’s Baby Boutique" may seem elementary, but that's not necessarily so. It all depends on how you plan to position your services. 

If your product offering and target audience are simple, then a straightforward business name is likely a good idea. It’s also a great reminder to your customers that they’re supporting a local small business, someone with a family and a dream. 

 It's also vital to remember that long, complicated names might be harder to remember. When someone lands on your website for the first time, you want to have a name that's easy enough for them to find their way back. 

5. Make sure you can get a suitable domain name to go with it.

Throughout the process, keep in mind that being unique and original isn’t just a matter of creating your brand. You’ll need to select a business name that has an available domain name, so you can purchase it and start building. 

Just like your business name, AI can provide you with a variety of good company names through a domain name generator

Even if you don't plan to have a live website from the second you open up shop, it's best to have your desired domain name registered and ready for launch. Registering a domain is relatively inexpensive, and prevents competitors from setting up a website with your business name. 


Spending extra time and dedication to brainstorm upfront will help ensure you pick the right name for your business. By leveraging AI technology, free company name generators, and a bit of business intuition, you can easily make the right choice to move you even closer to success.

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Rodney Brazil

Rodney is a marketing specialist and writer at NameCheap. As Content SEO Manager, he strives to create entertaining and valuable publications for all internet creators. Offline, he enjoys running, theatre, and pizza.

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