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Top 20 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell online in 2021

Jackson Haime

It’s 2021, and eCommerce is coming off its biggest year ever in 2020, with the industry growing at record rates. Whether you’re looking to start your eCommerce business or add some top trending products to your online store, we’ve done the trending product research for you. 

Without further ado, these are the best dropshipping products to sell in 2021. 

The year of Self-care

2020 and 2021 have been the years of self-care for people around the world. One of the biggest factors of self-care is taking care of your physical health. This means that tons of online shoppers are looking to improve their well-being and take some ‘me’ time in the coming months. Searches for self-care hit their peak right at the beginning of 2021, meaning that this dropshipping niche is coming in hot for the new year. 

Oral Care

Oral care, traditionally, makes people think of toothbrushes and their dentists, but there is a lot more to oral hygiene than just brushing your teeth. If you haven’t already found your perfect niche, oral care is a fantastic place to start. Between more sustainable options for toothbrushes and essential staples like tongue cleaners and charcoal whiteners, taking care of your customer’s smiles is one of the best ways to keep them smiling in 2021.  Not to mention, having sustainable oral care options in both ingredients and packaging is a huge win for conscious shoppers, and your dropshipping business. 

Check out this  sustainable oral care set from a US Supplier

Eye Masks 

2020 did a lot of damage to many people’s sleep cycles, and getting those back on track during a pandemic can be a tall order. Sleep masks are one of the best ways to wind down from a screen-filled day and help guarantee that customers will get a good night’s sleep. Sleep masks help you fall asleep faster and drastically improve the quality of your sleep.  

Check out this aromatherapy eye mask from a US supplier

At Home Workouts

Gyms are closed in many places around the world, and even as they open back up more people have made the switch to working out at home. Outside of weight benches and home gyms, there are dozens of options for home workouts. Something as simple as a yoga mat or a jump rope can be one of the most efficient cardio exercises on the planet. Getting your customers moving is a fantastic strategy, plus google searches for exercise equipment are double what they were in 2019! It doesn't hurt to mention that working out is an incredible way to be physically and mentally healthier, especially when spending most of your time at home. 

Derma Rollers

Derma rolling or micro-needling is one of the biggest skin trends coming out of 2020, with searches for micro-needling hitting their peak in February 2021. Skincare was already an excellent niche for selling online, but dropshipping products like derma rollers are popular but have less brand name competition than similar skincare products like creams and lotions. Riding the wave for derma rollers and ensuring that your customers get their products quickly by using a US supplier will ensure you have an explosive start in 2021. 

dermaroller from US supplier
Check out this derma roller supplier from the US

Comfort Fashion

With everyone spending more time at home in 2021, it’s a big year for making sure you’re comfortable. Whether you’re in a zoom meeting for work or doing some trending product research, comfy clothes are a must and are some of the best selling dropshipping products out there. .

Loose and Comfy Jeans

More and more jeans are straying away from skinny and tight as they get trumped by athleisure wear (more on that later!), but that doesn’t mean that jeans aren’t still a fashion staple; it just means that it’s time for the classic blue jean to chill out and embrace a relaxed fit in 2021. Focusing on customer’s comfort and the fantasy of a quiet Sunday afternoon is a perfect way to capture customer attention with 2021 energy. 

Check out these boyfriend jeans on Spocket

Fancy(ish) Pajamas

2020 was the year of PJ Day, and that trend isn’t going away, which means a lot of customers are looking to get a sleepwear set that they can wear when answering the door or jumping into a last-minute meeting. Whatever the reason, it’s a great time to give your customers some respectable pajama options in 2021. 

Check out these fancy pajamas from the UK

Comfortable (and) professional pants

It’s no secret that what you wear directly affects your mood. After wearing sweatpants and no makeup for weeks at a time, you start to lose your professional flow and feel out of touch with what it once was to be an adult. Getting dressed and maintaining a routine are critical to managing your stress and work life, so why not opt for clothing that is both work from home and office approved? 

 hat simple question is why professional-looking comfort wear has peaked in 2020 and is still going strong in 2021. Clothes that your customers can relax in without getting too casual for the camera are sure to jumpstart your business this season.

Check out these comfortable dress pants from a US supplier 


Athleisure is a trend inspired by yoga pants that are turning materials traditionally used to work out into comfy clothes you can wear around the house without getting too hot. From lightweight tank-tops to the classic yoga pants, athleisure has been a consistent trend since late 2019 and isn’t going anywhere. Dressing your customers for their most active stay-at-home days is a fantastic way to ensure they keep coming back for more. Keep in mind, yoga mats and tools for at home workouts are still in, and it can’t hurt to include these as add ons to any clothing purchase. 

Check out this athleisure set from a US supplier

All things home 

Spending so much time at home has shown many people around the world that their house, apartment or mansion could use a little personality to bring up the mood. Whether that comes from live plants that need care and attention or colorful pillows and bedding sets, home decor and renovation is at an all time high. 

Air Purifier and Humidifiers

Getting out for some fresh air has been a rare thing recently, and more and more people are getting sick and tired of the stale indoor air. Whether their room is too dry, too humid or too dusty, cleaning and maintaining the air in your home and office space has become an enormous trend and focus for many customers in 2021. Air purifiers had their biggest month on google EVER in September 2020, and that trend isn’t going anywhere. 

Humidifiers also prevent dry noses and throats as well as protect your skin from drying out. Tie this into a self care routine and you’ve got a winning home decor and self care combo. 

Check out this irresistible retro nightstand humidifier from the UK

Plants and succulents

Indoor plants have a long list of recorded mental health benefits and had their most popular year ever on the internet in late 2020. While it can sometimes be hard to sell live plants in a dropshipping model, tons of dropshipping products are growing right alongside them. Automatic watering systems and unique pots are enormous opportunities for you to find your niche in 2021 within a flowering industry. Plants also clean the air and add a beautiful touch of nature to your home decor - a combination you don’t want to miss out on. 

Check out these live plants from suppliers in the US

Organic / Boho Bedding

Bedding has always been a broad niche, but two main trends are popping up in 2021. The sustainability trend had its most significant spike in searches in the past five years at the end of 2020, and ensuring sustainable products is one of the best ways to carve out your place in the bedding niche. Alongside sustainability, the boho fashion trend has been skyrocketing in the past several months, with colorful splashes and funky patterns showing up on everything from shirts to, you guessed it, bedding. A colorful aesthetic and sustainable suppliers is the perfect way to take advantage of all the dropshipping product research money could buy. 

Check out this organic cotton bedding set from SU suppliers

Decorative Throw Pillows

There has been a lot of couch time in the past year, and a lot of people have realized that their seats are a little bare and boring. Luckily, tons of amazing designs and artists out there are happy to help with that problem, and you can easily connect those designs with new and eager home decor enthusiasts. Since 

Check out this throw pillow from a US supplier

Prints and Wall Decor: 

Alongside decorative pillows and other splashes of color, direct wall art is one of the best products to sell online year after year. On top of that, choosing high quality designs and printers can ensure that you stand out from the crowd. You can even use prints to combine dropshipping and a local business by working with local artists to make standout designs. Put them in a frame and you’ve got yourself a unique piece that makes your home feel like your own. 

Babies and Pets

The birthrate in the US has been climbing steadily for the past three years, and the trend of online shopping has been catching up with it. Alongside all of the babies, there has been so much ped adoption going on that shelters in Canada are struggling to keep up with demand. With so many new parents out there looking to shop for their new family members; selling trending baby and pet products is a golden opportunity. 

Pet beds and toys

With so many people spending their lives inside with their furry friends, pets and people are going through more toys than ever, and owners are keen to keep their pets busy while they work. Pets have always been a consistent dropshipping niche, but this year, it is a fantastic time to jump into a profitable, evergreen niche. It's important to remember that pets are a hyper-competitive scene, so stay competitive with faster shipping, higher quality products, and trustworthy branding. 

Check out this pet bed from a US supplier

Wooden Baby and Kids Toys

With so much time spent at home, many parents are worried about how much time their kids spend with screens. Classic wooden toys solve this problem for parents while also benefiting from the sustainability niche, which means they win all-around in 2021. Traditional wooden toys also advertise very well with older audiences looking to buy for their grandchildren, making them easier to build targeted ads than other children's toys. 

Check out this Wooden baby gym from a supplier in the US

Home Office Essentials

Working from home might end up being the new normal after 2020, which means that video calls, home offices and health products related to WFH are here to stay. Home offices had their first big moment in April 2020, but we’re still seeing these trending product ideas be twice as popular as it was just a year ago. Many companies have already switched to a remote-first environment and are giving their employees allowances for building their perfect work setup. Here’s a few items that we noticed growing drastically.

Decorative Table Lamps 

Table lamps and lighting are some of the first things people think of when it comes to decoration in their home office. Table lamps are a simple way to combine utility and personality for customers who are just starting their home office journey. From a retro table lamp to a more Scandinavian vibe, people are taking control of their lighting and using it to create the hygge home of their dreams. 

Check out this wooden table lamp from a US supplier

Ring Lights

Alongside webcams and zoom meetings, ring lights are one of the standout winners of the work-from-home culture. Previously monopolized by beauty gurus and internet personalities, ring lights are the best way to make sure you look great on camera, which everyone needs to do these days. With more and more people looking for ring lights for their home offices, there is an opportunity for well-designed, single product stores to be a slam dunk business idea in 2021. 

Check out this ring light from a US supplier

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Like sleep masks, blue light blocking glasses are one of the many ways customers can help themselves sleep after a long day of staring at screens and working online. Blue light glasses block out certain colors of light that can irritate your eyes, meaning that you can find customers for life with people who love a pair of glasses they bought from you. On top of that, it gives people a reason to get a fresh new pair of glasses and change their look as often as they’d like. 

Blue light blockers were gaining momentum slowly in the past few years, but they skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021 becoming one of the year's biggest trending products.

Wrapping Up

If you’re still not sure what product to sell, you can check out thousands of products from US suppliers with a free trial from Spocket! Supercharge your store in 2021 with the right, high quality dropshipping products to make sure you ride the eCommerce wave

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Jackson Haime

Jackson Haime is a professional e-commerce nerd specializing in everything startup and small business related. After working for Shopify for two years he transitioned to writing about e-commerce full time. Check out his website Jacksonhai.me for more information.

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