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Black Friday

Top 10 Must-Have Products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024

Rosie Greaves

10 Products You Should Know About for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

BFCM 2020 — Gear up now!

Last year, Black Friday generated an incredible $7.2 billion in online sales in the United States alone. A record number that beat sales in 2018 by 14%!

You don't need us to tell you, that’s powerful stuff. 

So, with Black Friday just around the corner (November 29th), you need to prepare to make the most out of this holiday. We thought we’d help you out by highlighting ten products we predict will sell like hotcakes this Black Friday. 

Does that sound like a good plan? Great! Let’s get to it.

1. Foldable Dog Water Bottle

Take a look at the Google Trends graph below. You can clearly see the demand for travel water bottles for dogs skyrockets in popularity. When you think about it, this is hardly surprising, lots of dog owners travel around during the holidays and take their furry friends with them. Dog accessories like the portable water bottle will undoubtedly come in handy as pet parents travel around visiting family and friends. 

Take this product pictured below:

The above foldaway doggy plastic water bottle bowl holds 250ml, and comes in red, blue, and yellow. Whether your customers are buying this item for themselves or as a gift for their dog-loving friends, we’re confident this product will attract attention this Black Friday!

For more products like this, check out what supplier Black Lily has to offer. 

2. Tummy Control Pants

The holiday season is a double-edged sword when it comes to pigging out. Yes, there’s nothing more satisfying than indulging in delicious home-cooked food and sweet treats over Thanksgiving and Christmas, BUT this can wreak havoc on your waistline.

The solution?

High-waisted slimming pants.

More and more consumers seek shapewear this time of year in preparation for the holidays. Again, as you can see from Google Trends, sales of tummy control knickers have grown in popularity in recent years, BUT they’re especially hot this time of year. 

Take this pair as an example:

As you can see, this pair of nude tummy control underwear is high-waisted and provides contouring shaper shorts. This pair is described as providing ‘moderate control and shaping’ as well as a comfortable elastic waistband. Available in various sizes.

For more goodies like this, check out what supplier Lime Lucy has to offer. 

3. Women's Coats and Jackets

It stands to reason, the demand for coats rises during this time of year. after all, as it gets colder, we all want to stay warm and stylish. In particular, we’ve seen smart-looking fall and winter coats for women soar in popularity. We’re talking about the kind of coat someone can wear to the office, and on a chilly night out. 

There are tons of trends and styles out there. But, here’s an example of the kind of coat we’re talking about: 

We love how sophisticated this coat looks! It’s fabulous all around, and the neutral coloring makes it both versatile and sleek. It’s the kind of coat that complements virtually any outfit or occasion.

For more women’s apparel like this, check out what supplier Silver Sam has to offer. 

4. Men’s Quilted Bomber Jacket

Inevitably, the demand for men’s jackets also increases in popularity around Black Friday. However, over the last few years we have seen that quilted bomber jackets have remained a solid favorite, especially at this time of year. 

Let’s take a look at this quilted jacket as an example:

We love this jacket for its versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you’re nipping to the shops, going on a night out, or enjoying a stroll off of the beaten path, this coat is just the ticket. This particular product boasts a polyester shell with 650-fill premium down insulation. So, rest assured, your customers will remain warm and cozy as they go about their day. When they get home, this jacket easily compresses into the included pouch, making it incredibly easy to store. 

This quilted men's jacket also comes with the following features:

  • A zip-up front
  • Ribbed elastic cuffs
  • Two side slant pockets
  • Slim fit design 
  • Designed in LA, USA
  • Machine washable on a cold wash and tumble dryable on a low dry

For more men’s apparel like this, check out what supplier Lime Milo has to offer. 

5. Tree of Life Necklace

As you can see in the graph below, ‘tree of life’ necklaces have remained steadily popular over the last five years and shoot up in popularity around Black Friday. It’s a favorite amongst jewelry lovers because it’s a beautiful yet thoughtful present for friends, family, and significant others alike.

Take a look at this tree of life necklace:

You don’t need us to tell you that this pendant is gorgeous. With its beauty and powerful symbolism, it’s no wonder it’s such a hit with online shoppers. Here are some of the features this particular product boasts:

  • 18 inches long, plus a two-inch long extender
  • A lobster clasp
  • Plated in 18K gold 
  • Guaranteed to retain its color and shine, so rest assured, this necklace will go the distance!
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in Italy

For jewelry pieces like this, check out what supplier Silver Misty has to offer. 

6. Unicorn Toys

You can’t scroll through your Facebook feed without being exposed to the latest unicorn ‘must-have.’ No one can deny the magical appeal of a unicorn. Whether it's a plush toy, a portable charger, or a cute print on just about anything, the unicorn is here to stay. Appealing to the unicorn within us, unicorn toys in particular increase in popularity around this time of year. 

If kid’s toys don’t fit your niche, then you can probably find some other unicorn-themed gear to sell on your store. There’s stuff in virtually every niche: apparel, health and beauty, sports accessories, stationery, etc. You name it, you can probably jump on the unicorn bandwagon for Black Friday. 

Take this unicorn toy, for instance:

The unicorn toy pictured here is filled with enchantment! This toy is super soft and silky, and the horn shimmers with fun-loving sparkle. Her cute ears and furry tail only add to the appeal of this lovable toy. this toy is tested against and passed ASTM requirements. So, rest assured, you’re selling your customers a top-quality product. 

For more gorgeous bits and pieces like this, check out what supplier Lavender Charlie has to offer. 

7. Baby Socks That Stay On

Just as much as we love some thick socks for ourselves, every parent wants to ensure that their little bundles of joy are wrapped up warm during the holiday season. This is where thick baby socks with grips come into their own. After all, I think we can all agree, there’s nothing worse than cold feet?

Check these adorably warm baby socks:

These cartoon-themed baby socks are as cute as they are snuggly. Made with 100% cotton and boasting anti-slip features, this product is bound to be a hit this holiday season. 

For other baby and kids products like this, check out what supplier Grey Poseidon has to offer. 

8. Blackhead Removal Tools

There’s a good chance you’ll have seen these blackhead removers advertised on Facebook. These ads have received incredibly high levels of engagement, which is reflected by their increasing popularity over the last 12 months. People can remove blackheads at home using a tool that works almost like miniature vacuum cleaners for your face...they literally suck all the nasties out! If you sell products in the health and beauty niche, you’d be a fool not to market this product this Black Friday 2020.

Take a look at this blackhead remover

As you can see from the before and after pictures, this product is extremely effective! This particular blackhead remover comes with a rechargeable battery that customers love. They won’t have to go to the trouble and expense of purchasing fresh batteries to get this product to work. Plus, this product is certified by both the CE and FDA, so your customers can be confident that they’re getting bang for their buck when they purchase this goodie. 

This particular gadget comes with three features:

  1. The removal of the blackhead and/or acne and the repairing of the pit
  2. Skin rejuvenation and exfoliation
  3. Deep facial and pore cleansing

If you’re interested in similar products, check out what supplier Tan Aphrodite has to offer. 

9. Rose Gold Colored Ladies Watch 

A bit like the unicorn trend we just spoke about, rose gold is everywhere! It doesn’t matter whether it’s decor for your home, jewelry, or stationary, you can’t move from this gorgeous color. So, it’s hardly surprising that rose gold colored lady's watches are no exception. As you can see, rose gold watches have remained consistently in demand around the time of Black Friday for the last five years.

Take this watch as an example (it’s gorgeous!):

This watch is literally sparkling. The diamond-cut faceted crystal is layered on top of a pure white enamel dial, which is what gives this watch its gorgeous shimmer. This chic watch boasts a face with a 30mm diameter, sitting on a rose gold mesh band. It truly is the height of luxury, which is just one of the many reasons why this product makes for the perfect Christmas present. 

And, you don’t need us to tell you that shoppers use Black Friday as a fabulous opportunity to kickstart their Christmas shopping. You’ll also be pleased to hear, the battery life of this watch boasts an impressive life span. 

Here are a few other hallmarks to note:

  • There are 12 applied rhinestones used as hour indices
  • The hands are dauphine-style
  • The watch case is made out of stainless steel
  • It’s shower-proof
  • It’s made and hand-assembled in Switzerland

If you’re interested in products like this, check out what supplier Indigo Coco has to offer. 

10. Christmas Laser Light

Last but not least, we couldn’t publish an article about the best Black Friday products without mentioning something Christmas-related....cue Christmas laser lights. You’ve probably seen a couple of these dotted around your neighborhood. More and more people each year are buying these outdoor lights and shining them outside the front of their houses. They’re fun, novel, and Christmassy -- what’s not to love about that?!

Take a look at this outdoor laser light as an example. 

This particular laser light boasts three watts worth of power and 100 to 240 voltage. This laser light shines both green and red colors. But, be aware, this product is only worth marketing to an American audience because it boasts a US-style plug. 

If you’re interested in other products like this, check out what supplier Plum Poppy has to offer. 

Are You Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

We hope that this article has provided you with some inspiration for your black Friday sales. You really can't go wrong with any of the above suggestions, so if in doubt, stick to this list!

But, before you do anything else, we suggest that you try using an app to help you find other high-quality products to sell this Black Friday. If you haven't found an extension like this yet for your online store, give Spocket a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

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Rosie Greaves

Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist specializing in all things digital marketing, B2B, and lifestyle. In addition to Spocket, you can find her published on Reader's Digest, E-commerce Platforms, and Judicious Inc.

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