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Top Niche Products to Sell for a Profitable 2024 Holiday Season

Nadia Staikos

We're already into October, which means the holiday season is quickly approaching. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, now is the perfect time to expand your store's product line, or start the online store you've been contemplating.

Online holiday shopping is an upward trend, with many people opting to shop from the comfort of their own home to avoid wasting time in line-ups, and running around to different stores. This year, COVID has added one more big reason for people to conduct their search for unique holiday gifts from home, and you could be the one to sell them. Here are some ideas for the best niche products that are sure to be on everyone's lists:

Houseplants and Indoor Garden Accessories

macrame plant hangers are a trending product in 2020

These are always a fun idea, but especially now that people are spending so much more time in their own home. People are going to want to make the bleak winter months more tolerable by brightening their indoor space with greenery, especially when that space has become their office, their school, and the backdrop for social group chats. You can even dropship real, living house plants. Not only do they do wonders to liven any décor, indoor plants actually clean the air and remove toxins.

There are many varieties of palms, ferns, and fig plants that are aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance, and there are easygoing options that also flower, like the peace lily. Snake plants, spider plants and Devil's Ivy pretty much thrive on neglect, so there are options for even the least-green thumbs out there.

Plant accessories are also an inexpensive way to add some personality to a space, think: macrame plant hangers, and planters and pots to add fun pops of colour and textural variety to any room.

Take a look at all of the proud #plantmom and #plantdad Instagrammers showing off their gorgeous monsteras and succulents, and you'll see that this trend isn't going anywhere. These are the kinds of items that plant owners are shopping for, and then can buy them from your online store.

Kitchenware and Tools for the Home Chef


The rise of foodie culture has only been amplified by the pandemic, with more and more people sharpening their culinary skills and looking for the next new way to impress friends, family, and followers from their home kitchen.

Whether it's a regular weeknight dinner or a Zoom holiday party, people will be doing a lot of cooking at home. People are trying their hand at everything from baking bread and fancy desserts to perfecting signature cocktails, so kitchenware shops are a great place to start for people who are new to dropshipping. Upgraded kitchen tools for the at-home chef are always going to be hot sellers, and with loads of options for every budget, the sky really is the limit here.

From specialty ingredients — like spices and seasonings — that will amp up any dish, to the fancy dishware to serve it on, kitchenware can round out any holiday shopping list. Even for the chef who has it all, you can personalize anything, like cutting boards, aprons, tea towels, glassware, oven mitts — a sure way to deliver holiday smiles. If items like these are available in your store online, there's no need for shoppers to look elsewhere.

Wireless Earbuds/Headphones and Phone Accessories

We are spending more time than ever on our phones, computers, and tablets, and let's face it: business or personal, this trend seems here to stay. With electronic devices comes accessories, and people can never get enough of the latest and greatest options out there.

With multiple people sharing household space and trying to work from home offices and homeschool, earbuds are a must. And because they never seem to be around when you need them, we all know you can never have enough charging cables. Although electronic accessories are very practical gift ideas, they can be fun, too.

How about unique phone cases or noise-cancelling headphones for music-lovers? These products are all going to be must-haves, and are the kinds of things that consumers will be looking for this season.

Men's Grooming Kits and Shaving Products

More and more men are adopting regular beauty regimens, and the men's grooming industry has been getting bigger over the last few years. Moisturizers and haircare products marketed for men are huge, and can make perfect gifts, even for men who currently have no idea such products exist—or, maybe especially for them!

Beards are in, but they need to be well-cared for. Thankfully, there are many products—like beard oil and different types of combs, brushes, and clippers—to help do just that. And because beards aren't everyone's thing, men's shaving kits and speciality aftershave products are a must. Men's grooming kits are everywhere right now, and this is still a growing market. Get in on it. 

Home Fitness Products

With so many gyms and studios closed or with limited capacities, everyone is working out at home. Most people don't have the space or resources for a home gym's full set-up, and fortunately, it isn't necessary. People are learning what you can do with a couple of different hand-weights and some resistance bands.

A suspension kit is a versatile gift for someone who is missing the variety of equipment at their gym. A chin-up bar installed in a doorway can serve as a convenient reminder to squeeze in a few reps any time of day. The proper equipment at home—like yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and straps—can even make a Zoom yoga session feel just like you're back in the studio.

Exercise helps to improve mental health as well as physical, and people are realizing that there's no better gift you can get for someone you care about. Your eCommerce business is the perfect place for people to find curated home fitness products without trying to hunt them down in person or worry about items being out of stock.

Looking for products to sell? 

These are just a few niche product examples — the Internet really is your oyster. If you're having trouble deciding which niche products to sell this Holiday season, the best thing to do is go with items that you use and love yourself. The most convincing marketing comes from people who are passionate about their product, and many dropshippers are successful by selling products that they can personally endorse.

Go with a niche where you have experience, and it will show. It's really easy to set up a dropshipping business and now isn't too late to start one in time for this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. All of the types of products I've mentioned — and so many more — are readily available from our premium dropshipping suppliers and waiting to be added to your online store to start selling today.

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Nadia Staikos

Nadia Staikos is a Toronto-based writer. When she isn't writing about Ecommerce, she's writing fiction that can be found in various literary magazines.

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