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Top Dropshipping Niches and Products to Sell This Summer 2024

Rosie Greaves

So, you've scoured through all the best digital marketing blogs, you've attended a ton of webinars on online selling, and now you're ready to launch your dropshipping venture. 

But there's a good chance you're struggling with this question:

What should I sell?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of products out there for you to choose from -- so picking a winner can seem like an overwhelming task. 

Luckily for you, if you're looking for the best summer products to sell, you're in the right place. We're going to reveal three popular niches for you to consider delving into. 

Sound good? Great! Let's dive straight in!

1. Outdoor Fairy Lights

Can you think of anything better than sitting outside on a warm summer evening, with a book, a glass of wine, and beautiful twinkle lights glowing away? 

No -- we thought not. This is one of the many reasons why this product's so popular with consumers!

As a rule, you can expect outdoor fairy lights to grow in popularity with your shoppers during July. This trend has remained pretty consistent over the last few years, so if unsure what to sell, they're a pretty safe bet. The demand for outdoor twinkle lights continues to grow, with sales skyrocketing in Novemeber. . .just in time for Christmas. 

So if this niche interests you, we suggest marketing your twinkle lights during the summer and then re-marketing them again in October to encourage Christmas sales. As you can see, not only are these fabulous summer products for boosting sales, but if promoted effectively, you should continue reaping the rewards of your marketing efforts well into the winter!

Why Does This Product Work So Well?

One word: Pinterest. 

As you probably already know, Pinterest is predominantly used by women, and historically, women are more likely to purchase twinkle lights. 

In fact, Pinterest reaches as much as 83% of US women aged 25-54. So, needless to say, Pinterest is an excellent place to market your fairy lights. Not only because you're displaying them in front of your target audience, but they're also cheap enough for people to make an 'impulse buy' -- the same is true of Facebook and Instagram. So, if you're not using these platforms to your advantage, it's time that changed!

Here are a few examples of the kinds of lights we’re talking about...

Outdoor Garden LED Lights

This lightbulb design is bang on trend right now, you can't move for these kinds of fairy lights in garden centers -- so now's the time to jump on the bandwagon!

Outdoor Garden LED Lights - Spocket

Waterproof Outdoor Solar Garden Lights

Not only is this product gorgeous, but as we've already said, you could easily re-market these lights in a few months as Christmas-themed decor. 

2. Summer Dresses

You know it's summertime when the summer dresses come out. 

Typically, summer dress sales rise in May with an explosion in demand in July -- so if you haven't started selling summer dresses this year, it's not too late!

Google Trends Summer Dresses - Spocket

Interestingly, summer dresses manage to score over 300,000 monthly searches, each and every month. So, depending on how well you market them, you might be able to turn a profit in this niche all year round. 

How Do I Promote My Summer Dresses? 

First things first, ensure your website is entirely mobile-friendly. Then focus on creating and launching high-converting social media marketing campaigns. 

During the summer, millennials and Gen Z's love sharing what they're up to online. Take the 'hotdogs or legs' trend that stormed Facebook and Instagram -- this is a prime example of talented marketers using an online craze to their advantage.

Bright, vibrant apparel like summer dresses are incredibly visual, so they're best promoted on Pinterest and Instagram. Not to mention, this product is mostly bought by women, and as we've already said, Pinterest is primarily dominated by female users (side note: as is Instagram, although not as heavily). 

It's also worth noting that tons of entrepreneurs have success driving traffic to their e-commerce store via Facebook ads, in addition to listing their summer dresses on 'Google Shopping.' 

Here are a couple of summer dresses we like the look of...

Juliet Dress

We love this beautiful watercolor pencil print. It's gorgeous, comfy, and boasts a keyhole back with a button closure which is very in right now. 

Juliet Dress - Spocket

Malini Shelly Long Dress

Maxi dresses are a classic, they've been a wardrobe staple for the last decade, and it looks as though it'll stay that way for a long time to come. 

With these longer style dresses, you could easily target your ads to speak to women who are just about to go on holiday. After all, its relaxed style isn't just beautiful; it's also incredibly comfortable to wear -- ideal for lounging around on the beach.

We also love the elegant crochet along the chest of the dress, as well as the cute shell embellishments. So, you could easily dress this outfit up and head out for your evening meal -- these all examples of USP's you could use to market a product like this. 

Last but not least, it's made from 100% natural cotton, which is both light-weight, soft and incredibly breathable, making it ideal for anyone visiting somewhere exotic. 

Malini Shelly Long Dress

3. Sandals

If you're selling summer dresses already, it makes perfect sense also to sell sandals. Nine times out of then, they make the ideal accessory for rounding off your shopper's outfit.

So, what should spring to your mind?


Summer dresses and sandals provide a natural opportunity to cross-sell your products. 

Interestingly, wedge sandals have grown in popularity, which leads us to believe they'll sell like hotcakes this summer. This may be because fashion icons like Kate Middleton often rock the wedge-shoe look. You could capitalize on this in your ads to help appeal to your target demographic. 

Any Other Tips for Selling Sandals?

Just like any other kind of apparel, your product images count for a lot. So, only use high-quality snaps to promote your sandals. You want to upload as many photos as necessary, so the shopper gets the best possible impression of what the shoes actually look like.

If you want to amp things up a notch, we suggest publishing at least one of the following on your product sales pages:

  • A 360-degree image
  • A product video
  • An interactive image that changes when you choose a product variation

Top Tip: As a standard rule for your product photography,  upload images that cover your sandals from all angles -- even better if the shoes are worn by a real-life model. On the whole, these tend to convert better!

Here are a few fabulous examples of the kinds of sandals you could sell...

Summer Women Ladies Sandals Lace Up Sandals Female

Whether it's hitting the shops or heading out for a BBQ, this sort of sandal appeals to a wide array of women. As such, you shouldn't go too far wrong with adding a style like this to your product catalog.

Summer Sandals - Spocket

Women High Heel Sandals

As we've already said, wedged sandals are incredibly fashionable right now, so you could quickly produce a piece of content highlighting different celebrities who have rocked the same look -- this would work wonders for engaging your audience. 

High Heel Sandals - Spocket

Women's Heel Square Toe Slippers

This kind of product would appeal to a woman who values both comfort and style, so try playing around with the copy of your ad to really hammer this point home. 

Heel Square Toe Slippers - Spocket

Ready to Dive Into a Summer Niche?

If you're ready to branch out into a summery niche, then you won't go wrong with any of these three product categories. But, before you get going, have you considered using an app to help source products and upload product details onto your store? Check out Spocket, and see how we could save you a ton of time and effort.

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Rosie Greaves

Rosie Greaves is a professional content strategist specializing in all things digital marketing, B2B, and lifestyle. In addition to Spocket, you can find her published on Reader's Digest, E-commerce Platforms, and Judicious Inc.

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