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9 Super-Products that you need to keep an eye on: What to to dropship in 2019

Isha Mandloi

2019 is a revolutionary period for ecommerce--right from the GDPR creating waves to AR taking lead, retail is about to be changed beyond recognition as time progresses. In these changing times, you want to make sure that the products you sell are doing justice to the trends and shifts in the marketplace.

Worry not, because we have compiled a list of 9 products that are surfing the internet’s highest wave. We’ve seen so many entrepreneurs struggling to decide on what they want to sell, so we delved into some research and picked out products that customers are dying to purchase in 2019!

Without further ado, let’s do this! Here are the best dropshipping products to sell this year:

1. Beard Oil:

Beard oils and creams are one of the most popular products in 2019: ever since Captain America decide to grow out his facial hair, it seems beards have risen in popularity. Men all over the world have embraced the beard, and even created Beard products, right from beard oil, creams, balms and combs have been performing well-- the success of companies such as Dollar Shave Club should be enough indication of the appeal of these men’s beauty products.

Google Trends shows a steadily rising chart for beard oil, so you can rest assured that this trend is not going anywhere:

While the market might be growing saturated, this does not mean that niche stores with a strong proposition cannot make it: as the demand grows, the supply must meet it, and your store could provide the necessary products.

You can not only sell beard care products, but also throw in some beard merchandise such as mugs and t-shirts to create a store focussed on grooming and style.

Find grooming sets and beard care on Spocket:

Selling beard products online is not too complicated once you have your brand figured out: an online store that looks clean, minimalistic, with bold copy can easily hitch a ride with one of the many beard appreciation instagram accounts or YouTube channels: influencer marketing is in, after all!

2. Leggings:

Ever-useful, all-occasion leggings top the charts of apparel yet again! If you’re looking for a product idea that has high demand all year round, legging are one good product. Dropshipping stores often choose to sell leggings as going wrong with these products is tough: a wide variety is available, profit margins are great, and people are always ready to add another legging to their wardrobe, no matter the season.

Neons and high waists are predicted to be on the rise: with US citizens spending over $17 billion on Yoga apparel, equipment and classes, you can be sure that leggings are a key part of daily lives.

If you view the searches for leggings per region, it is evident that the United States is the right place to start selling leggings!

Yoga pants make up some of the best-selling products online: they rank as one of top products on Amazon as well!

Spocket has a great collection of leggings of all materials and sizes:

3. Backpacks:

Backpacks are one of the best items to drop ship in 2019. Travelling and solo-backpacking have been a consistent favourite activity all over the world, but the real highs for the backpacking niche surface around July-August: when school reopens. This finding is consistent with what Google Trends shows us:

If you can create a curation of amazing backpacks to sell online by July-August, rest assured that sales are going to be great. People buy backpacks based on the capacity, the material, the design, the number of compartments and the guarantee that the backpack will survive a year at the least. Make sure to mention all this information in your product description!

Add Backpacks from Spocket:

4. Phone Cases:

Phone cases are popular all year round--as long as phones are around, phone cases continue to be a trending product. Since the early 2000s when smartphones started getting popular, phone cases too gained traction.

If you choose to build your ecommerce store around phone cases, then Instagram will be your best ally. This type of product is cheap enough to be an impulse purchase and essential enough to justify the purchase. The profit margins that phone covers allow make it one of the best products to dropship.

Find products on Spocket:

The variants available for products are endless: from themed phone cases to clear ones, there are designs available for all genres. Even if you do not have a store dedicated to phone cases, and instead have a store focussed on dogs, you can have phone cases with dogs featured on them to your store, as an upsell!

5. Minimalist Jewellery:

Minimalist jewelry is in a league of its own: with influencers and Instagram stars choosing elegance over bling, this product is raging in 2019.

Brands such as Zara and H&M are replacing statement baubles off their shelves with dainty pieces, and people are waking up to the charm of delicate minimal jewellery.

While exclusive, high end brands such as Agnes and Beaufille are taking over the top portion of the market, small business store owners can cater to audiences with a mid-range spending power. Suppliers for minimal jewellery can be found quite easily on Spocket.

The best part about selling minimal jewelry is that there is no cap to the purchase made by a customer: if you are selling shaving cream, it is highly unlikely that a customer will buy 5 products at a time, but with products such as jewelry, all you have to do is market well and reap the benefits.

Influencer marketing with these products works really well!

Find the right pieces for your store here:

6. Athleisure:

Yoga pants are just a subset of the larger niche of athleisure, and this niche is here for the long term. Sports leisure has taken precedence in US apparel, with $9.6 billion in sales in 2017 itself.

This trend towards athleisure apparel has not taken a break since then: from fitness to fashion, this niche dominates all. The total market worth of athleisure as a niche is over $270 billion.

Athleisure apparel is more flexible, durable and washable, making it a favourite of all. And it is here to stay.

Owing to extensive celebrity endorsements (Kanye’s brand Yeezy, anyone?) and a shift towards comfortable clothing (denims are history), athleisure continues to grow. This niche can grant you quite a bit of runway, and it is fairly easy to find suppliers for the same.

Source: Adidas; Lululemon; Thomas Concordia—Getty Images

Add athleisure products to your store today!

7. Fairy Lights:

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? Whether it is Christmas decor or simply helping your room’s aesthetic, those tiny bulbs can immediately make the atmosphere festive.

And can we forget this iconic moment in television? Hundreds of people clamoured after fairy lights right as the TV show aired.

Halloween and Christmas see a huge hike in fairy light purchases: while a store that exclusively stocks fairy lights would be quite limited, stocking these products during the season would be a great idea! (Although, we do love ourselves a small niche product business).

Google Trends corroborates our statement, and agrees that stocking up on fairy lights by September is a wonderful strategy:

And the best combination (right after Peanut Butter and Jelly) is fairy lights and mason jars--so make sure you have both listed, and upsell them with photos off Pinterest!

Or, just add one of these from Spocket:

8. Essential Oils:

Global warming, politics and social media are enough to cause anyone a headache: and the perfect, accessible solution just happens to be a product you can sell. Essential oils.

In a variety of scents from lavender and patchouli eucalyptus, essential oils have just as many uses as they have flavours. They heal skin, relieve pain, reduce stress, enhance moods and even cure minor health disturbances. A movement towards organic and natural has increased the demand for essential oils.

This niche is a great business idea as is the industry booming: however, to adequately sell these products, you must have a thorough knowledge of their usage and contents.

You can find a great number of essential oils sourced from India as well as the US here:

9. Pet Supplies:

This probably comes as no surprise--millennials are choosing to be pet owners increasingly, and with great dogs comes great responsibility. Pet collars, cute clothes and raincoats, toys, beds, personalized bangles and goodies for the pet owners such as necklaces, coasters and frames are all the rage right now.

Thousands of pet instagram accounts have popped up and #dogsofinstagram is a hashtag that is not dying down anytime soon(not that we are complaining):

Giveaways with accounts such as these are a great way to get your brand out there--the number of likes and comments on the illustrative channel can give an idea as to how big the market is.

In fact, Spocket’s very own top retailer Marc Chapon created a successful business out of the pet niche. He made about $178,000 within just 3 months dropshipping pet products from US and Europe. He started an online store in December 2017, and within a few months, his personal experience as a pet owner and knowledge gained from internet helped him get enough sales to not only cover his living costs but also allow him to expand this business.

While dog food might be a difficult product to sell unless you are sourcing reputable brands, products mentioned above can be easily marketed by a skilled store owner for profit.

Spocket has a range of pet products perfect for your online shop:

These 9 niches are exactly what audiences are looking for in 2019--and if you can anticipate the demand, there are profits to be made and customers to be gained. Choose your niche and your products with thorough research and only of your heart agrees with the decision. In the words of Marc Chapon, ‘You cannot sell a product you know nothing about.’

It goes without saying that once you have the right products, the next step is to get marketing right. And the quick, but reliable method to stand out as a reliable brand is to use an influencer as your voice.

Influencer marketing gives your brand credibility while ensuring your product reaches a wide audience. Get started with it right now!

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Isha Mandloi

Isha is a content creator at Spocket. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. She creates insightful content focussed on ecommerce, marketing and growth.

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