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Spocket Reviews

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"This is one of the best apps that I've had the opportunity to use. It has help me gain a lot of sales! :)"
-Emazeink Beauty Store
"Finally, a comprehensive solution to drop shipping. Spocket has loads of great products that are located domestically. No more having to deal with China."
-Man Cabin
"Great app! perfect solution from shipping to USA!"
"I like the unique mix of high quality products."
-The Candy Station
"This is an outstanding site. Wish I would have found it sooner. I am using several drop shippers and Spocket will definitely be one of them. They answer very quickly and are very helpful."
-Late in the Game General Store
"I really love that this app has suppliers from the USA and other places from around the world. I really hope they continue to add more USA suppliers, great selection of items."
-Every Escapade Co
"Aloha, Excellent app. there video tutorial, are easy to understand, setting up your products before transferring into your store is a breeze!! A must have, if your going to drop ship, quality products!"
-Spools Llc
"I like Spocket because they make it easy to dropship from US suppliers. On the pro plan, they even allow you to have your own branding on the invoice.."
"Spocket has been amazing for me!! I started my store just a few days ago, and added a few products to test, everything seemed to transfer over smoothly so I actually gave spocket a real shot. First I picked a niche that i thought wouldn't be too saturated and I pushed a ton of products over from Spocket. Then I decided to spend around 30 dollars on facebook ads, I actually received my first sale from the traffic! I know it's not much yet and I still need another sale or two before i'll start profiting but I am loving the experience, Spocket is GREAT!!"
"Totally loved it. It made the whole sourcing process simple for me. Can't even compare to the rest of supplier manufacture distributor lists I've come across from within Shopify environment - they are just not on. So tired of AliExpress dropshipping. Spocket is providing products from US/European suppliers and easy to add and import. Shipping seems to be fast too. I'll update my rating to 4 if I can't sell at least one product in the next 7 days. But great job everyone."
"I've been enjoying the app quite a bit. I have seen great value in the products they bring to the table and have available. If you not sure about it I suggest just trying it out. With the free plan there is really nothing to lose. Also, I have been in contact with customer service a few times and they have been outstanding in responding to me and helping with any questions I've had. 5* app so far!"
"So far I've had a great experience with Spocket. I've managed to fill out my store quite a bit and have been able to generate a good number of sales starting off. I was able to use a lot of the material provided on the site and in the Facebook group to help grow my business, as marketing was kind of my weak spot, but the Spocket community has been quite helpful in getting me my first 10 sales. A+ highly recommend Spocket to anybody on Shopify"
-Masters Of Our Universe
"I use Spocket mostly for the range of brands and products that it makes available for drop shipments. Even the free plan offers so much. Yet, I plan to jump up a tier within the next few weeks. Definitely recommended to add to one's plethora of tools and sources for drop shipping. Awesome addition to your toolset."
"What I noticed in this app that makes it to stand out:
1- Reliable suppliers (Seems to be very reliable suppliers from Etsy)
2- Fast shipping (They claim the average shipping is 5-7 days)
3- Products are handmade and unique(Great to add to your current shop even if you have other suppliers) "
I just started using them and their customer service is amazing! Super fast and helpful team of people on board to help with any questions I have. **UPDATE** So, I had to come BACK on here just to update my original review because I was so impressed with their EXCELLENT customer service. I was having some issues with variants and they went above and beyond to solve the problem extremely quickly. I cannot say enough great things about them. Each experience I have had with them has far exceeded my expectations. If you haven't tried Spocket by now, you are missing out my friends!
-Darby St Decals
"I have been using Spocket for over a month now and I absolutely love it so far. Though their collection is not as big as Oberlo, but the products from Spocket are high quality. I have been selling dresses and Kimonos which are selling extremely well and the customers are also loving the quality of the products. My favourite thing is the branded invoicing, which is very neat. My customer's get a printed invoice from my brand with my beautiful logo, which has helped me to bring many customers back to my store. Have not faced any issues yet so 5 star from me. I really look forward to new suppliers and new unique products on Spocket."
-Reppin Summer
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