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This December, keep your Christmas stockings ready. The extra profit is going to need that extra space.

Black Friday was just the beginning. December is here to finish off the year with a BANG. All fortune tellers and statistics show a projected $7 billion boost for December sales compared to November. Sure, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big, but December still towers over the year- the mighty holiday shopping month!

Get merry, for we saved the best for the last!

$119.99 billion

Total projected spendings for the holidays: it’s a festival of splurges! Grab your piece of the pie!

17-22% increase

In sales when compared to the rest of the year. December shines bright like a diamond!

64% shoppers

Check out online stores before heading to a brick & mortar shop. Catch their attention when you can!

50% shoppers

Purchased items through mobile devices on Christmas. Is your store still merry on mobile?

What should you sell this holiday season?

Warm, Cozy Winter Wear

Ugly Christmas sweaters and warm winter clothing are an obvious inclusion here. Millions of sweaters were sold in 2017- and the graph is predicted to rise this Christmas! Winter clothes are the top selling products every December, and we have a special supplier dedicated to just holiday outfits!

Get the best of winter-wear to your store, and celebrate the profits!

Fun, Christmas Toys

When Santa Claus is in town, who can say no to toys? Sell fun toys right out of Santa’s assembly line: from plushies and rubik cubes to dolls and jigsaw puzzles- Christmas is not complete without toys!

The best time to sell toys online in December is just one week before the big day: sales spike upto 26% in that period, so prepare those banners and paint your advertisements!

Coffee & Tea Mugs

Coffee Mugs are a popular item for sale anytime of the year, but Christmas season really brews up the pot- mugs make excellent gifts for coffee lovers, and who does not love coffee?

Custom mugs, colour changing mugs and mugs with motivational messages are THE best products to dropship this December!

Gifts to go under the tree

That is an obvious one- but if you are not stocking up on gifts, catch up Mr. Grinch! Spocket has a special collection, created just to help you add the best gifts to your store: from backpacks, watches, iPhone cases to jewelry, body scrubs and planters!

There’s a few weeks to Christmas- make the most of them!

What time is peak sales time?

The cheeriest times of the most joyful month happen to be the 23rd and the 26th December! Polish your site and your prepare for the holiday sales- as these two days will see the highest traffic for e-commerce in December due to last minute shoppers and discount hoppers!

Another profitable day for dropshippers is December 22, Free Shipping Day- you might want to jump on that and make a few quick extra sales!

4 Marketing ideas to help you sell more

Create gift guides and bundles

Breaking news- It is difficult to decide on a gift. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone told you exactly what to gift your mom, or your uncle from the neighbouring town, and delivered amazing products right to their doorstep?
You could be that Christmas helper to your customers! Create sections for different types of gifts and bundle up products that go great together. The best part? This works to your benefit as you as cross-selling products, causing your customers to buy more.

Post-Christmas binges

26 December gained the highest traffic in December in 2017: the period between Christmas and New Year is a sweet spot for dropshippers worldwide.
With a lot of impulse shopping abound, this is your chance to create a semi-viral marketing campaign and grab the spotlight! Shoppers are ready with holiday coupons in hand. Do you have what it takes to bring them onboard?

Send cards with your orders

Post a small holiday card to your customers, wishing them and thanking them! It’s the festival of giving, after all- exceed your customers’ expectations by going the extra mile and mailing cute thank you cards for your customers. Coupons and discount cards work great too!

People love buying from businesses that have a personal touch, and your cards could do the trick and invite them back to your store. Returning loyal customers can create a strong base for your company!

Try out some Youtube marketing

68% shoppers use YouTube to decide what they are about to buy. Product reviews, unboxing and haul videos hugely influence people’s choice of products to buy. Use this to your advantage- partner up with a YouTube influencer and air out your products!
With a wider audience that deeply cares about the YouTuber’s recommendations, you have customers guaranteed to purchase from you!

How to optimise your site for the holidays

The first step to holiday dropshipping success is a perfectly running site, facilitating easy conversions. Your site is going to be seeing a lot of traffic, and your e-commerce store has to be ready! Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

Is my store mobile optimised?

With more than half of the traffic coming from a mobile device, you have to be 100% sure that your store is fully fitted and dressed for mobile. The competition out there is shark-like, and if your store fails to load well on cell phones, you are about to lose a ton of customers!

Are my products discoverable?

Often e-commerce stores do not have easy to navigate menus, search buttons in place and the store is littered with products. Create clean navigation bars that make finding the right products easy: sort products into categories, and create special curations.

Is my checkout process wonky?

If a large number of customers abandon their carts, it could be a result of a difficult to follow check-out. Have multiple payment options, make shipping free if possible and test out a couple of ways to display the total cost. Add micro-copy that pushes them to complete the sale!

Does my store look reliable?

If your store has extremely long product titles that are irrelevant, lacks a return policy or an about page, you might want to brush it up. Keep your design clean, have enticing copy in good grammar, verified payment methods and you’re set! You can’t go wrong with this step.

Why dropship this holiday season?

 First off- why would you spend resources on stock when it is an easily avoidable expense? Partner up with our suppliers, and your customer’s will receive products, packaged and with a seasonal greeting! 

This will allow you to plan your marketing, streamline your store and offer great customer support to your shoppers! The importance of quality customer support can never be understated: make time for your customers’ needs while Spocket automates the rest. Quick shipping + Zero manual work + Happy customers= A pretty great deal, to be honest.

How to maximise sales this season with Spocket!

All Spocket products come with a 30-70% discount: Break the competition with better products and greater profits! Add your logo and a personal note to every order you get- build your brand with Spocket!

Christmas shoppers need quick deliveries- it wouldn't make sense if the product reached the customer 10 days post Christmas. Get Spocket and happy customers in one go! We automate EVERYTHING. Use the technological glory of humanity to fast-track your career- cut back on manual order fulfillment and shipping, and go make a success story for yourself!

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