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The Art of Finding Winning Products
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Want Marc F. Chapon To Find Winning Products For You & Spocket to pick the right suppliers ?

Product research is exhausting & time consuming.

Moreover, product testing costs a lot of money. It also comes down to experience as every niche is different.

Finding the right suppliers is also crucial otherwise you might get scammed and lose a lot of money.

Spocket & Marc F. Chapon worked on an exclusive partnership to solve these problems & make your life easier.

Dropshipping Elite Gold is Marc F. Chapon’s new exclusive group where he personally do the research and select true potential WINNING PRODUCTS everyday just for you.

He does it following the exact same strategies he uses to find his 200K products.

Moreover you also get 1 on 1 messenger mentoring with Marc F. Chapon.

Each product selected by Marc will be available on SPOCKET.

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Marc and scale your business with serenity.

You also get access to the case study/store and the possibility to sell their current winning products.

However we don’t want everyone to sell the same products / compete against each other.

Therefore, seats are limited.

Once the group reaches 100 members, we will no longer accept anyone.

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