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Spocket vs Oberlo: Which Dropshipping App Is Better in 2024

Nicole Martins Ferreira

Spocket and Oberlo are both dropshipping apps. While the two apps have several similarities, there are also countless differences that ultimately make one better than the other. The differences will depend on which ecommerce platform you use, what type of products you’d like to sell, and what brand image you’d like to convey to your customers. So, if you’re looking to start a dropshipping business but are unsure whether to use Spocket or Oberlo, read on to learn the pros and cons of each to discover which dropshipping app is better for you. 

What is Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping app available on various ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Ecwid and Square online. While Spocket is known for its fast shipping times and US and EU products, it also integrates with AliExpress to enable you to dropship products from all over the world. On Spocket, you’ll always know which products are trending as they’re under the “Premium” setting in the back-end. Ultimately, with Spocket, you’ll have more flexibility to choose which ecommerce platform you use, where products are manufactured, and how to brand your packaging with custom inserts available on most products. Spocket has a 4.6-star rating on the Shopify App Store, with over 2650 reviews.

what is spocket

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an exclusive Shopify dropshipping app that allows you to dropship from AliExpress. Unlike Spocket, you’ll be unable to switch ecommerce platforms. Plus, you’ll only have access to products from AliExpress. Oberlo has a 4.3-star rating on the Shopify App Store with only 2442 reviews. 

what is oberlo

Spocket Features

1. Suppliers from around the world

Oberlo allows you to dropship products from AliExpress. However, Spocket will enable you to sell products from suppliers globally. You’ll find suppliers from China, the US, and Europe on this single platform. So, if you’re looking to sell products made in America or want a supplier whose shipping times are quicker, you’ll be able to choose a supplier from your region of choice. You can still find millions of products from AliExpress if you’re looking for an affordable product. And, if you’re looking for a product that’s hard to source in China, you’ll be able to find it on Spocket. With so many suppliers from around the globe, you’ll find all sorts of products to sell. So if you’re looking for something to sell, you’ll find it on Spocket. 

spocket vs oberlo features

2. Premium products

When comparing Spocket vs Oberlo, Spocket makes finding best-selling products easy. In the Spocket back-end, you’ll be able to select “Premium” products. By selecting the “Premium” icon, you’ll find all the best-selling products right now. You can easily choose any of those products for your online store, so you can quickly sell trending products without doing much upfront work. Knowing which products will be winners is tough. Spocket makes it easy. So, you won’t need to go digging through outdated trending product articles or spend hours researching product trends. If you want a quick and easy way to find trending products, all it takes is a click of a button. 

3. Fast shipping

Both Spocket vs Oberlo allows you to dropship products via a manufacturer. The most significant difference between the two dropshipping apps is the speed of delivery. If you dropship from AliExpress, products can take two to three weeks to deliver to a customer. However, on Spocket, countless US and EU suppliers are local to your customers and can ship in only a few days. You’ll find many popular products with fast shipping speeds. The quicker people get their products, the fewer follow-up emails your support team will receive. Plus, customers will be happy to finally have the product they ordered to use. Fast delivery times mean that the customer is still excited when the product arrives, making it possible that they’ll share pictures with friends or their followers. 

4. Affordable shipping

In addition to shipping speed, Spocket also allows you to browse products with affordable shipping rates. For example, you can select “USA shipping under $5.” On Oberlo, you’ll only have access to ePacket shipping, which is delivered from China. Finding products that ship from the US is possible but not an automated feature. On Spocket, you can click a button and find low shipping rates for US products. That way, you won’t need to worry about shipping rates eating into your margins. 

5. Includes hard to source items

On AliExpress, you’ll find all your typical products ranging from fashion to automotive parts. However, on Spocket, you’ll also find products beyond what traditional Chinese manufacturers produce. You’ll be able to find organic beauty products, food and drink products, and other items that require more care to make. You can find branded products like LaCroix, too. So, whether you’re looking for trending products like shower steamers or organic mineral powder for your beauty routine, Spocket has it covered. You won’t need to worry about the product quality when it comes to products made in the US and Europe, as there is more red tape for manufacturer quality. 

spocket features

6. One-click import

Spocket and Oberlo both offer one-click product imports. When you browse through your Spocket product database, you can add products that make sense for your niche or that your customers would love. Then, all your products will be listed on your Import List. There, you’ll be able to edit copy, category, images, and pricing. In addition, you have complete control over how you price your products and write your product descriptions. Adding and editing products couldn’t be more straightforward with Spocket. 

7. Message suppliers directly

When comparing Spocket vs Oberlo, Spocket allows you to message your suppliers regarding your orders directly. Using the My Messages tab, you can contact suppliers on Spocket regarding your order. However, if you’re looking for a quick response, you can also reach out to the Spocket customer team who are well-versed on all questions related to shipping times, inventory levels, and any other topics of interest regarding your orders. You can email Spocket’s customer support team at ​​support@spocket.co or via live chat support for quick response times. 

8. Add your own branding

Most suppliers on Spocket allow you to add a packing slip with product details and your logo. Dropshippers looking to create a positive impression and build brand awareness will appreciate the ability to add a personalized packing slip with product orders. This feature is available on EU and US products unless otherwise stated. 

9. Recommended price markup

Setting prices for products can be tricky, especially if you’re new to dropshipping. Fortunately, Spocket offers a lot of support in this regard. You can set prices using two different methods available on Spocket. First, you can go to the “Global Pricing” tab under Settings, where you can set price rules. A typical price rule is 33% for a product, 33% for marketing, and 33% for profit. So, you can do a 3x markup by selecting “Multiplier” under Markup Type. Alternatively, you can follow Spocket’s suggested retail price for products on the listing page as a guide for a good market value price. 

spocket vs oberlo pricing rules

Spocket vs Oberlo: What’s the difference?

Spocket vs Oberlo: Pricing

When comparing Spocket vs Oberlo, they both have different pricing tiers. Spocket has four pricing tiers that allow maximum flexibility as you scale your business. New dropshippers who want to check out the product inventory available on Spocket can even access a free account. 

Spocket Pricing

Free - $0/month

Starter - $39.99/month

Pro - $59.99/month

Empire - $99.99/month

There are also yearly plans, which allow you to save costs on your monthly fees. The benefits of tiered pricing are that you get additional features like branded invoicing, access to more premium products, and more as you choose higher plans.

Oberlo Pricing

Explorer - $0/month

Boss - $29.90/month

In the early stages of running a dropshipping business, Spocket is a more cost-effective option for dropshippers. Plus, it offers higher tiers to allow you to add a higher number of products to your store to scale into a mega-brand. 

Spocket vs Oberlo: Branding

You can build your own brand using Spocket or Oberlo. However, there are some differences between the two platforms regarding branding.

First, you can add branded invoices to most of your product packages using Spocket. Some suppliers will add a product invoice with your brand’s logo on it as an insert when packaging your product. That way, your brand stays top of mind.

However, this isn’t the only way that Spocket impacts your brand. If you want your brand to be known for fast shipping speeds or high-quality products, Spocket has suppliers in the United States and Europe, which have tougher guidelines when it comes to product manufacturing, especially regarding niches like beauty or food. If the ingredients in your product matter to your customers, Spocket has so many suppliers that you can be picky about where you get your products sourced from. That means, your brand can add labels like organic to organic beauty products and so on. So, you can have a positive brand image and fewer customer complaints. 

Since Oberlo only sources products from AliExpress, it can be harder to find certain products or make claims. 

Both Spocket and Oberlo allow you to tell suppliers not to add their own flyers in packages.

Spocket vs Oberlo: Automation

Both Spocket vs Oberlo allows you to automate various parts of your business. You can add products to your store in only a click or two. You can outsource copywriting to other team members. On Spocket, you can also click a button to find only Premium products, US shipping under $5, and fast USA shipping. 

Spocket vs Oberlo: Delivery Times

Since both Spocket and Oberlo ship products from around the world to consumers, they have varying shipping speeds. When it comes to AliExpress shipping, both Oberlo and Spocket allow you to ship via ePacket, the fastest affordable option for shipping from China.

When comparing Spocket vs Oberlo, the difference comes to products outside of AliExpress. Spocket also allows you to sell products from Europe or the US. That means you can get local shipping too. Since Spocket has a ‘US shipping under $5’ option, you can find affordable US shipping. The added benefit is that those items can be delivered faster than international shipping from China. If you’re more concerned about shipping speed than cost, you can even find products with ‘Fast USA shipping’ by clicking a button, so you can have products shipped to customers promptly. 

spocket vs oberlo delivery times

Spocket Pros and Cons

Spocket Pros

  • More flexibility on where products are sourced from
  • Available on multiple popular ecommerce platforms
  • Higher app reviews on Shopify with more volume too
  • Great user interface with options for Premium products and more
  • Many products are available in hard to source niches
  • Branded invoicing available
  • Most of the process is automated
  • Easy to add photos, edit copy, and change collections
  • Pricing tool available
  • Fast shipping times available

Spocket Cons

  • Premium products require a higher price plan

Oberlo Pros and Cons

Oberlo Pros

  • Easy to edit copy and images
  • Pricing tool available
  • Automated processes available

Oberlo Cons

  • Shipping times can be slow with only Chinese suppliers
  • Exclusive to Shopify
  • Lower Shopify App Store reviews
  • No branded invoicing available

Spocket vs Oberlo: Which Dropshipping App is Better in 2022?

In the final tally, when comparing Spocket vs Oberlo, Spocket is the clear-cut winner. Not only is Spocket the preferred choice for dropshippers according to online reviews, it also has an abundance of features that make it superior to Oberlo. Spocket has suppliers from around the globe, not just AliExpress suppliers. It offers branded invoices on multiple products. It easily allows you to find products with fast shipping and low-cost US shipping so that you can improve the shopping experience for your customers. So, ultimately Spocket is the best dropshipping app to use in 2022. If you’d like to sign-up for Spocket to check out the products available, you can sign-up for free.

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Nicole Martins Ferreira

Nicole Martins Ferreira is an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur who's built online stores in various niches. In her spare time, she shares her experiences with others, so they can succeed in ecommerce too.

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